Has Lee Wallace just taken a big risk?


Lee Wallace is no stranger to putting his neck on the chopping board. Back in 2012 he essentially sacrificed his Scotland career, and frankly, career as a whole to help Rangers make their way slowly back to the SPL.

He gave up the best years of his career for what clearly is now his club – and mostly likely an increased salary at a cushy English Championship club.

So, when Wallace talks, it is usually with his heart, and his club’s interests at heart.

No one will forget that incident with the hack at the presser, and that is the kind of dignity we generally expect from the man.

So it was with no surprise that he spoke honestly yesterday about Kenny Miller, praising his contribution to Rangers, to himself, and hoping that the ‘situation’ with him and manager Pedro Caixinha can be resolved.

Unfortunately for Wallace, by inadvertently admitting the Miller scenario is a ‘situation that requires resolving’ rather than an innocent injury as his manager claimed, he has opposed the Portuguese’s account and cast huge doubt on the affair.

And, as we know, any player who defies Pedro or who the ex-Nacional manager takes a disliking to for whatever reason finds themselves exiled.

In every case it is the beginning of the end and said player either ends up in the youths, loaned out, or just plain dumped.

And there is a strong case here that Wallace’s strong defence of Miller, lack of defence of Caixinha, and testimony that it is indeed a ‘situation’, could well land him in the same place as the Millers, McKays, O’Hallorans and Forresters, to name just four.

Pedro is the boss, and the boss decides. And these guys have found to their cost if he does not fancy you, you are out.

And in the increasingly controversial Miller case, if you back Miller, that has to be interpreted as an indirect slight on Pedro and his decision.

It would be extremely sad for Rangers if Wallace endures the same fate as the (former?) vice captain and frankly he does not deserve it, but Caixinha will have observed his words closely and yours truly would not be shocked if Lee Wallace now never plays again for Rangers.

I hope I am wrong.


  1. It's clear from today's presser that Ped doesn't want to discuss the matter and isn't backing down. It's impossible to view this as anything other than a "situation", so hopefully it will be seen as Wallace stating the obvious. Mind you, Ped does seem to be a spiteful wee bloke He needs to be careful he doesn't lose the home based continent of the dressing room.

  2. The board need to sort Pedro's attitude to certain Rangers players out – NOW!

    Resolve the situation and stop talking rubbish period or leave Pedro.

    Try and win 3 or 4 games in a row before Christmas, if you are to stay at the club for longer.

    • I think pedro does need a good bit more time to sort things out here he is going in the right direction and hes not only getting resistance from within the club but externally too my feeling is he needs to be allowed to manage in the proper fashion complete control as our previous managers have had by tradition.Finally miller Wallace and anyone else trying to get pedro sacked to show their influence on a struggling team need to be kicked out of the club like the rest of the dead wood permanently because no one will improve anything tolerating grumpy wee boys who are passed it! .it does,nt make any sense listening to the frenzy of the media the real rangers men in the crowd and in the boardroom need to support their manager properly..Pedro has bought into making this club a force again. and he will do what it takes to push on hes not a coward anyone can see that! give him his 3 years after that if hes not cracked it then p 45 for sure.Pedro must get his chance its only fair that he does and you all know it..

  3. Richard honestly what a schoolboy error by Wallace, as U say he's contradicting the manager's statement just days before a SF.

    Not many of the breadmans players left now and counting!!!

    • Wallace has made his statement due to the principled individual that he is. It is an honour to have him in our team. He would not be able to live with himself if he did not stand up and be counted as far as Miller is concerned. So come what may he will accept his fate rather than stand back and do nothing. He is the man.

  4. Kenny Miller has been a wonderful servant for Rangers over several years. Without his goals last year we would have finished even further down the league table. He works hard, always, and is a model professional and coach to the younger players. He may not deserve a place in the team on the basis of his indifferent form this year; but in no way does he deserve to be treated in the manner he is currently experiencing. I agree the manager should select and manage the team, and should be allowed more time to prove himself (though his results to date are actually worse than Warburton's** in the equivalent games in the first half of last season), but that should not give him the right to mistreat a loyal, dedicated Rangers servant. The Club Directors should sort this out behind the scenes. [** this year: P 9 Pts 17 Goals For 20 Against 11; Warburton in same games P 9 Pts 20 Goals For 13 against 6]

    • I'm laughing my head off here !!!! km has been a wonderful servant to the club over several years and celtic and English clubs he even went abroad chasing the bucks then came back to rest on his laurels at rangers hes been a servant to himself my friends not to anyone else stop being deluded by tripe like this.

  5. If the club know who the apparent leak from the dressing room is. They should make it public. Instead of all this cloak and dagger stuff. If it's Kenny then come out and say it's Kenny the supporters need clarification on these matters.

  6. As a supporter who has watched the situation at Rangers unfold from a distance, the recurring issue which has struck me since, say, 2012, is that the team has consistently been unable to be consistent on the pitch, with points being dropped in the most improbable of places, and new players never being able to achieve the potential which they seemed to have when they were acquired.
    Much has been written as this pantomime has played out, and there isnt much to be achieved by going through the details again. It spelled the end for Ally, Mark Warburton, and could yet do the same to Pedro.
    The current Kenny Miller drama does raise the question of whether there is something rotten in the dressing room at Rangers, with the something in fact being someone.
    That a teams performance falls short of the apparent sum of the parts under a particular manager happens often enough. That it continues under a second manager who makes numerous changes is much less common. That it happens with a third manager who has made yet more changes is downright unusual. Perhaps instead of focussing scrutiny on the manager and the new players, we should be questioning the things (ie people) which have been consistent throughout this nightmare?
    I am part of the jury which is still out on Pedro, but if the current rumblings suggest that he is trying to drain the swamp, he deserves our wholehearted support.

  7. I'm going to bore everyone but this is more for Guido and some of the stats he's pulled on how we compare to last year which are quite interesting.

    This time last year we were out the Semis of the cup with Warburton when we can potentially be in the Final come Sunday so we should watch this space on that one mate whether Pedro fails or doesn't in comparison to Warburton.

    However, our 1st 9 games last year we only took 15 points we did not have 20. And this year we have scored 20 – 1 less than Celtic – compared to a measly 11 goals scored under Warburton's 9 games last year. (Which you say we scored 13 and conceded only 6?)

    I'm taking these from the BBC/SKY.

    Rangers 1 – 1 Hamilton. 20 shots 4 O.T
    Dundee 1 – 2 Rangers 9 and 6
    Rangers 2 -1 Mothereell 18 and 3
    Killie 1 – 1 Rangers 19 and 7
    Celtic 5 – 1 Rangers 6 and 2
    Rangers 0 – 0 Ross County 16 5
    Aberdeen 2- 1 Rangers 11 3
    Rangers 2 – 0 Partick 12 5
    Inverness 0 – 1 Rangers 15 5

    Shots: 126
    On Target: 40 (31.74% Accuracy)
    Goals conversion 11gls/126shots = 8.73%

    Shots: 107
    On Target: 34. (31.77 Accuracy)
    Goals Conversion 20/107 = 18.69%

    Fair to say as a Coach he has improved us on Warburton.

    In NONE of these games last year did we manage to score more than 2 goals under Warburton the attacking maestro but we have done that already 4 times this season with Pedro in recent league games. (Dundee twice, Hamilton, St J.)

    We've conceded the same amount goals this year as we did last year – 11 goals after 9 games. But considering we had a goal difference last year of -0+ and this year it is +9 in 3rd place it is improvement compared to under Warburton who had us 4th last year behind Hearts after 9 games (Hearts at this stage last year were claimed to be doing "very well" by the media but surprisingly in 2016 they held the same results as us this year in 2017 at the same stage) Played: 9 W:5 D:2 L:2 G.D +9 17PTS.

    Now, Aberdeen at this stage last year after 9 games were in 2nd on 18pts G.D +9.
    Celtic 25pts G.D +19.

    (This year they are both joint top on 23pts with Celtic G.D now only +16 and Aberdeen slightly better on +10)

    To summarize, Pedro has improved the team with better quality compared to Warburton in terms of the goals we now score albeit not so much our defence. The St Johnstone game however gives me encouragement that after 20 corners we didn't concede. Last year under Warburton this would have easily been 1 or 2.

    What to point out is how Celtic in theory have gotten easier for opponents in the SPFL to play against and Aberdeen's surprising improvement.

    I for one will hold off judgement on Pedro because we are not even a quarter of the season in. He has a run of fixtures now in Oct/Nov which are favourable Killie (h) Hearts (a) Thistle (h) Hamilton (h) Dundee (a) Aberdeen (h) 29th Nov. I think in the next month we could determine his future in the performance's and results which are getting better. After November ideally we would want to sweep us as many of these points as possible and be ahead of Aberdeen, closer to Celtic and in a Final and if we can get to that point we will have all forgotten about Kenny and Pedro buys himself to the end of the Season.

    Let's get behind Pedro.

  8. FFS Coco my nappers burst after all That,
    Can I put my socks & shoes back on now.

    Defo twice the team of last year and only at 80% potential more to come and hopefully new faces in January.
    Winning our next 3 games would be a giant step forward.
    WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  9. So now our captain is supporting Kenny Miller and indirectly our club. He obviously feels that Kenny's points are valid and are correct for the club. We all know Mr Pedro is only a few defeats away from losing his job and no one will miss him. On the other hand Miller & Wallace will be still sitting in the stands supporting Rangers when they are in their 50's with their grand kids…because like us they are Rangers supporters.

  10. Hard to watch. This Rangers team crumbled. No wonder the Motherwell bench were GLOATING at the end. Moult buried Rangers, absolutely buried them.
    The Motherwell team kicked rangers players out of their way like the lumps of soft shite that they are.
    Outthought in tactics and make no mistake this team surrendered.

    • Worst game I have ever attended, watching my 12 yo boy in tears was the final straw for me. You are correct we did surrender and that is unacceptable. We are being bullied in every position of the pitch. I understand a lot of anger will be directed at the ref and pena but Alves, dorrans, jack, windass and tav have a hell of alot to answer for. Not one leader on that pitch today, no movement, passing slow and shooting bloody awful. We filled 75% of that stadium and to repay us with that performance is unforgivable, getting beat is one thing, lying down and being shagged to a man was down right embarrassing. Rangers were terrible but that ref should be sacked in the morning, at least 3 assaults on our team not to mention Alves who should also have been sent off. Pedro sent out that team but he was the only person representing rangers who showed a bit of heart though ultimately this is his fault. A bad day

  11. Pedros attitude to certain Rangers players will never change do we need a new manager or is it the players we have are just good ones not great players and any manager of our club will fail to cut it just now it is going take years to get back to the top in Scotland we could sack pedro but we will not get any great manager to take over with the players we have and what money we have to spend on new players and there wages,so i think we stick with pedro let him run down his time and maybe we will move forward some and maybe get a cup that would be the way forward,we must walk before we can run.

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