These four players could be in trouble with the new manager


When a new manager is appointed following a disastrous predecessor, immediate reaction from fans is to see how the new boss will either galvanise the troops or completely rip up the old framework and install his new vision on proceedings.

When Uncle Walter came back in January 2007, he galvanised the troops with a mere three additions, and instantly Rangers were back to their best.

Times have changed though, and that was 10 years ago. When Rangers’ new manager is appointed (sooner rather than later it seems) there is a definite feeling a number of big stars are vulnerable to the chop, and Ibrox Noise takes you through four of the most significant and obvious ones.


This is an easy one. Dalcio’s few appearances in a Rangers shirt have bordered on the comical. The signing of this kid on loan (whose CV reads like a nobody of Portuguese football) was symptomatic of the incompetence of the previous regime, and his displays backed that up. Thankfully he, as mentioned, is not on our books and unless the new manager thinks he can turn Dalcio into Ronaldo, that is a loan which will be up.

Carlos Pena:

This goes down as a huge costly mistake. £3M splurged on the Mexican who produced one very fine display against St Johnstone and that was it. The guy does not fit the team or the sport north of the border and we really cannot see any manager thinking they can turn this guy into something major. Sure, we had him as ‘undroppable’ after the Perth win, but we get it wrong now and then. He reverted to type v Motherwell then disappeared from Murty’s match day squad entirely against Hearts. Hopefully he now disappears from Govan.

Bruno Alves:

We have been told off before for ‘writing this guy off’ so fast. Not really sure why he is being cut slack by anyone – he has been a horrid signing, with one good display – curiously enough against St Johnstone too. We were told ‘his CV shows he cannot be rejected’. Well, the SPL and Rangers have been the ending of better men than Bruno Alves – pretty sure guys like Basile Boli, Roy Keane and others have flopped horribly in Glasgow. So while we were 100% certain the guy would be a success, yeah, we got that one wrong too. He is no leader, and while he is a lovely guy in general, so was Rob Kiernan.

Fabio Cardoso:

Does not suit our game either, even though he had a bright start and outperformed his more esteemed partner. Past two months he has struggled with the physicality and the pace, and is a fish out of water. A manager familiar with the SPL and Rangers would know this lad is not the right stuff for the club.

Honourable mentions to Aaron Nemane and Eduardo Herrera. Which ones do you agree/disagree with folks?


  1. Bit harsh on Alves I'd say. He will be kept. Still got hopes for cardoso, I was impressed with him the first few games, I think he could improve. The rest you mentioned wouldn't be missed. Hopefully Pedro signs them for his new club! – if they guys are in trouble what do you think the future holds for our loan players? Ohalloran and halliday in particular? Another chance?

  2. Don't agree about Alves. You can't seriously compare him to Kiernan. He hasn't been the world class player we expected (yet) but he's better than anything we've had in the last several years. Cardoso has shown ability too. They are both better than Danny Wilson. One of them needs to be there to partner McCrorie at the moment and my choice would be Alves.

    The rest can go and I will pay their fares myself. Pena and Dalcio are useless. Herrera isn't much better and why we signed Nemane is beyond me. He's a wee boy who might be good in a couple of years. Or might not.

  3. I disagree about Cardoso. Remeber he his young and can make mistakes like McCrorie, but folk seem less forgiving probably because he came with a fee.
    But the lad Nemane from Man City is a definite to send back. Non existent at Hampden and the lazy way he let the Kilmarnock hit the byline for their goal last week was criminal.

  4. Morelos is about the only one of his 11 signings I’d keep plus Declan John as for the rest wouldn’t miss any of them. . Total waste of air

  5. Alves used to a top player but is not suited to Scottish Football ..If we can move him on in January we should. The guys I'd keep John Morelos Candialls Id recall Forrester The rest pish…Fire Sale Again ….

  6. In the main I agree with your observations on Dalcio & Pena (would not like to be in the trenches with them!) but I would say that you have got Alves wrong,in my opinion he has been a superb signing and is indeed the glue that holds us together at the back,and leads by example and has encouraged our players not to be such a soft touch and can play out from the back,as for your remarks on Nemane,I would say you are overcome with unwarranted optimism and,before you look for a level of expectancy which I fear will not be realised,just put it into context by evaluating this —- Man.City loan Celtic Patrick Roberts. Man.City loan Hibernian Brandon Barker—– and Man. City loan Rangers Aaron Nemane so if rating the 3 of them I would say that we got the 3rd best player.

  7. Christ a thought was on a Tim's page"" way to harsh on alves ? Definitely not watching what I've seen"" ps right about pena obviously but even that st Johnstone game you gave him to much credit take his 2goals away And it was another below par performance"" to think we could have had moult, McLean n walker plus change crazy

  8. Thank God nobody on IN is in the hat for the manager's job.
    U must be watching another Bruno Alves from me he's by far the best defender & organiser in the squad and should be our captain.
    Our new manager will decide over the next few months who he can work with.
    Nemane could be worth 50M in 5 years ffs!!!

    • Totally agree with the fitness thing- we have run out of stamina in pretty much every game this season, with some players looking totally knackered.
      Completely unacceptable and something I hope is being fixed right now.

      I still think all players deserve a clean slate.
      Pena has skill, but zero stamina.
      Alves has had a couple of dodgy moments, but you just need to watch him marshalling others around him- he has command and presence. Even I think he will benefit from Pedro going.

      I refuse to jump on the "Dalcio is shit" bandwagon. It's a joke. He has had had three fleeting appearances in blue. How anyone can condemn a player from that is beyond me.

      Cardoso is young and learning and improving I would say.
      We have really not seen enough of Herrera, certainly not in a position where he has had any service for a target man.

      So no doubt fans will hound most of them out because fans are clearly the best judges of a player's ability and skill.

    • Doug.
      For me players need to be 110% fit in our leauge and as U said after a hour they look as if they have done a marathon.
      Nobody knows what any of the players mentioned will be like when totally fit and with the leadership of our new management team. NOBODY!!
      Pardew & McCall#2 is the best pairing I've seen so far by far!!

  9. Have to disagree with all. New manger and new chance. Just look at O’Halloran at St Johnstone. I believe a lot of these players have sometime to offer, it will be up to the new manager to get the best out of them, and then and only then if they don’t preform it will be time up

  10. I agree with 50% of the article in moving on Dalcio, who is only on loan. Pena has to be sold for as much money as we can get for him, which means Rangers taking a financial hit. Nemane is also a loanee so can also be returned to his owner club.
    Alves has been ridiculed in the article, he is dominant in the air, his distribution is good and clears his lines. He has made errors, but you have to take into consideration who plays with him. Cardoso is borderline in my opinion, his lack of pace is a factor that impacts Alves, as the centre half playing-alongside Alves has to have pace, Wilson, Bates and Cardoso don’t have it, McCrorie seems to but has to gain experience.

  11. For goodness sake, give the players a chance under a new manager.

    After all was the problem the manager?

    Rodgers has mainly the same squad as Delia had and look at the difference.

  12. Mainly agree, still have a hope for pena if he becomes fit. He showed that he can score goals and he has a build that should be tough enough.

  13. EVERYBODY gets a fresh start under new manager. We can't afford not to.

    I remember Papac was mince under Le Guen and became a different player under Walter – It can happen to any of our current squad

  14. I would think any new manager coming in will move on 70%of the playing staff to bring in his own trusted friend or friends then some new faces.

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