Pedro Caixinha’s agent makes extraordinary claim


While Rangers’ search for a new manager is underway in earnest, a surprise spanner has been thrown in the works with the claim, indirectly, that ex-boss Pedro Caixinha is still technically Rangers manager.

The Portuguese was dismissed last week following a wretched spell in Govan, but his agent this morning has claimed that his client is unable to pursue other avenues of employment because Rangers have failed to finalise severance, meaning, for now, the contract still holds.

Caixinha’s salary was unknown, but the speculated sum to pay him and his staff off is in the region of £1.3M, and as yet his agent claim that has not taken place and as of now the full parting of both parties has not actually materialised.

Nuno Batista said:

“We cannot talk to anyone (else) until we reach agreement with Rangers.”

In other words, like with any legal contract, Caixinha cannot seek employment with anyone else until all paperwork is fully completed at Ibrox, and that appears to centre around severance and the payoff.

He went on:

“We are still trying to finalise the details with them and that is our priority for now.”

While Rangers are free to go ahead and appoint a new manager, it appears one remains technically on the books until the details are ironed out.

A club having several managers on the books for this reason is nothing new; AC Milan recently had Max Allegri, Clarence Seedorf, Christian Brocchi and Pippo Inzaghi all on the books due having fired all four but not having agreed full payoff packages, so there is precedent.

But it would be better for all concerned if Pedro is paid off ASAP and we can fully move on.


  1. Pedro being paid off is a matter between him and the bean counters. The only impact on football operations is budgetary and should continue as if he was already paid off.

  2. Will be down to pay off. Personally put him on gardening leave and let those “interred clubs” come for him. Then there’s no pay off. Looks like they are trying to line there pockets even though they may have another job lined up, smells like warburton again

    • If you think this guy's gonna walk off into the sunset without his contract being paid in full, you're nuts. Having no prior connection to the club and just been fired, he will be in no mood to walk away empty handed. We'll just have to pay up and put it down to experience, theres no other choice really.

    • I don’t think he will go for nothin. But the English clubs seem to get other clubs to pay for manager doing this. So why can’t we, it will go into the pot for his money

  3. I have no doubt at all that Pedro seen the writing on the wall 5 or 6 weeks ago and was involved in talks about returning to Mexico , whilst nothing can be proved. If he is after the full salary due then any payment should stipulate he cant join another club until the original term has passed (similar to big Sam) however if he is desperate to get to a new club a much smaller pay off could be agreed between both parties.

  4. Don't agree. If there are lots of other clubs who want him, and he us still contracted to us, then tell him he stays on the books. He can resign, no payoff, or they can buy him out of his contract. We will not be hard to deal with.

    But I don't see why we should pay him to go away if he has another job to go to.

    Stand your ground, Rangers

    • Hi Scots,

      We must disagree on this one. Our board made a dreadful call in the first place, and they must pay for it. If he is legally entitled to his pay off, he must receive it unless he doesn't want it – whether he has another job to go to is completely irrelevant. This bizarre need from some fans for Rangers' board to 'stand their ground' after being the ones who botched this up in the first place bewilders us.

    • IN

      I understand your point, and I am not saying we should refuse to pay. I am saying that we still employ him and can put him ongardening leave while continuing to pay him.

      That way, if he wants to go somewhere else, or someone else wants him, it is in everybody's interests to come to a reasonable agreement. As things stand, he can demand payment in full on Friday and sign a new contract elsewhere on Monday.

      So we end up paying him over a million to go away for the weekend, then pay the sheep over a million to talk to McInnes? £2M out of pocket? I understand that we have to pay for McInnes(I wouldn't, I'd go elsewhere) but if Ped has offers, they can support him. IMHO

    • I agree exactly. If he had a new club and wages lined up then he doesn’t need the money from rangers. It’s purely trying to line his pockets with extra cash. Let them buy him,

  5. Millions here, millions there, millions every fkn where….football management is the biggest circus show in town….."your shite your fired, here is a million for being shite, fck off" ….."oooh we are looking for a manager, come to us, here is a million to start, no it doesnt matter you were pish in your last job, come here"…."no come here instead" … must be the only entertainment industry where you make millions for being gash!!!

    His contract will be watertight, Im pretty sure our last attempt at getting rid of, another shite manager, ended up quite unsavoury, so Pedro will have everything above board and locked down, maybe thats the problem, we really cant afford to honour his contract, wouldnt surprise me if that is the case which will mean more and more money disappearing because of pish decisions by our board sadly all too common.


  6. OK if it cost 1.3 million a year with 3 years is 4.2 million now pay them off and lets move on mr king.

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