Ten times the money and double the time – half the results


While us long-suffering Rangers fans continue to pore over the wreckage of Sunday’s capitulation at the hands of Motherwell and last night’s dismal Killie draw, there is a matter of fact which Ibrox Noise has alluded to regarding the Steelmen’s manager Steve Robinson, and which appears to have been completely ignored by Pedro Caixinha’s staunchest supporters.

Now, before we continue, I am miles off comparing Rangers’ standards with Motherwell, we expect more than Fir Park’s finest do, but that, ironically, is half the point behind my argument.

In short:

Pedro took over in March. That is eight months ago. After a poor season run in those who believed he would come good advised the doubters to give him time and build his own team. He did exactly that in the summer.

Pedro signed 11 players at a cost of around a minimum of £10M. He spent over half of that sum on three players in total (Pena, Herrera and Cardoso).

End product – his Rangers mess sits uncomfortably in fourth place, a distance behind Aberdeen (again) and one point behind of Motherwell, having being colossally gubbed by them on Sunday.

Now, let us compare Steve Robinson:

He took over at Motherwell one week earlier. Yes, he took over at Fir Park on February 28th. Eight months ago. After a solid run in his Motherwell managed to escape relegation by a distance and then he proceeded to sign 14 new players in the summer at a cost of under a million.

End product – his Motherwell sits comfortably in third, one point in front of Rangers, and have a League Cup final to look forward to.

In short:

Pedro gets 10 times the money, double the time (Robinson made a difference instantly, Pedro was given extra leeway till summer), less players to need to ‘gel in’, half the results (by expectation comparison) and loses every big meaningful match, but he deserves yet more time?

Can any fans of Pedro explain why he ‘deserves our backing’ despite underperforming by direct comparison with the mighty Steve Robinson’s Motherwell who had to actually bed in a greater number of players?

And before anyone comes out with the ‘foreign’ argument, of unfamiliarity with the Scottish game, that was a problem in the first place, not an excuse that should be used to defend an incorrect appointment; but if I humour it, Robinson himself had never even played in Scotland far less managed in it. So, forget that one folks!

It is so sad that I am looking at Motherwell as an example of what Rangers should be aspiring to.

And that might just be the saddest sentence I have ever typed.


  1. I am a very sad blue nose last night and this morning. What makes me so sad and angry?

    I have been telling our board and fellow Rangers supporters for MONTHS NOW – Pedro is a joke of a manager and MUST go today.

    Graeme Murty and Kenny Miller as interim manager / assistant, until we can fill the job with a first class British style manager and certainly not a Las Vegas style gamble manager (Pedro).

    I told you yesterday we would end up being 4th in the league soon with this buffoon running us. I was thinking of Hibernian catching us quickly, but now it's Motherwell in 3rd and Hibs will be in 4th place soon – and then what?

    It surely has to be sorted out today to let us prepare properly for Murrayfield against Hearts.

    The 1st thing we have to do is get the team fitter, so we can do better in the 2nd half of matches.

  2. Mate my hearts bleeding just like yours, our clubs in tatters and a laughing stock in heartbroken me.

    The fact King never fuked off back to SA on Sunday as per normal, Is that the biggest sign yet that he's finall going to step up to the plate and be a chairman and get rid of this circus at Ibrox.

  3. As the late great Jim Reeves sang, "He"ll have to go" – one for the oldies out there! Only a deluded fool can fail to see that Ped isn't up to the job of managing Rangers. Simple.

  4. Caixinha is destroying the name of Rangers piece by piece NOW he has banished Lee Wallace, no matter what anyone thinks about Lee Wallace he stood by our club. That action alone should be a concern for any board member that our manager is unstable and needs to be removed. Thats 2 maybe 3 very experienced pro footballers that have been sent away from Ibrox.

  5. Young, hungry, homegrown, passionate, energetic and robust players.
    There's a reason Holt looks good among these lot- he's a hungry, determined wee dynamo.

    He should be the role model for Dorrans, Jack et al.

    I've said it before, but pretty much every game this season we have run out of steam and the players look tired.
    Something is wrong with the training. And if story is true that Miller, Kranjcar and Wallace were told to stay away from Ibrox last night- that is a fatally stupid move from Ped.

  6. Pedro may get 10 times more money,but like (Robinson} both are still small time managers with wages of around a few hundred thousand or eight hundred thousand a year what Pedro gets,Top managers wages are starting at around 4 million.
    But we must stay with what we got or we will just get another small time manager with big dreams.

    • First piece of reality posted. All you get rid merchants tll me who are we going to get? You need a reality check. The club has no money so called big name managers cost millions. Question how much to bag Pedro? new managers wants his own players how much to get rid of what we have and how much to bring in new players.
      Where is the money for ths?
      It is very sad to have to admit but we are no longer a big club where managers and players would gve their right hand to manage play for us. We play in a rubbish league so please tell me who would want to come here and manage play for us?
      You all go on about getting Scottish players who understand Scottish football. Whats to understand its rubbish if it moves kick it.
      We got so called good Scottish players Dorrans and Jack what have they done and what passion have they shown.
      There is also the on going situation with a number of legal issues still being resolved.
      Who is paying for all this.
      All I hear is get rid of the manager and his useless players get rid of the board get rid of the tea lady. Get real people. We are in a fanancial crisis the board and the management and players are doing their best which might not be very good but please tell me a realistic alternative.
      United we stand divided we fall
      Get behind the team and give it a rest with the negativity

  7. The alarm bells were ringing after the Progress result and again after he sold Barry Mackay for peanuts. It has been one questionable decision after another followed by little of no vindication on the pitch. He has to go now.

  8. I hope you don't mind I've shared your link re PC on my twitter feed. You have made some very good points there, thank you. Hurting Bearette 🙁

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