Jack sees red (again) as Rangers wilt (again)


Another Rangers match, yet more chaos. In truth Rangers were not absolutely 100% horrible tonight, although not far off, but once again another opponent bullied us and deserved their point.

Sadly this has become the norm for Rangers now – to play like this, fail to take chances, and lose discipline.

Ryan Jack has had enough chances now – he is not a silly boy with lots to learn, he is an experienced pro who has not delivered on the pitch anywhere near enough to compensate for his new hobby of picking up red cards.

While the wily old Kirk Broadfoot clearly did wind Jack up, Jack’s kick out, just like Bruno’s, was another case of a Rangers team disgracing this shirt.

These guys are unable to walk away from provocation – and opposition players and managers get under their skin so easily that reaction is predictable.

Broadfoot was mischievous, but clever – and Jack bit. Oh how he bit.

And it has cost Rangers again.

In the past two fixtures we have received three effective red cards. One retrospective.

Pedro’s claim the players embarrassed him on Sunday backfired as most of the players really did embarrass us all tonight.

The only four to gain passmarks were Wes, Ross McCrorie (sorry Kirsty), Jason Holt and Daniel Candeias. In fairness to these four, all of them were better than good, particularly Holt.

But alas the rest were hideous, and Jack’s inability to stay on the pitch just keeps costing Rangers points.

Another ugly match – another ugly result, and surely Pedro cannot stay in the job any longer. But at least tonight he is not the only source of blame.

Cannot quite believe that is a plus point?!


    • He played very well. Did not deserve to be sent off. Broadfoot stood on Jack's toes three times. Jack tried to back off, Broadfoot stepped forward. Jack pushed him away and Broadfoot hit the ground for no reason. These are the facts. No way should that red stick, no fkn way. Lay off Jack. He played well and covered every blade of Ibrox.
      I would also add that Kilmarnock finished the much more energetic and fit team. How often have we heard that lately? Yes big changes are needed but Ryan Jack ain't one of them.

    • Got to disagree Alex. 1st he should have walked away from Broadfoot and you would have thought he would have learned from the hibs game, we were just about to hit the spot kick meaning Candeias had to wait and the nerves got the better of him. The red at that point in the game should not have mattered justified or not but he cost his team again with school boy stuff. He has not had a good season so far, slowing things down far to much and passing sideways or backwards. I am not overly impressed with Jack who has been playing Scottish football for 7 years.

    • Martin, passing sideways or backwards is the Caixinho way. No different from Warburton. Many players are curtailed by this system and were emphatically much better players prior them coming to Ibrox.
      A brother of mine played lone striker for an SPL team. Some games he wouldn't get a kick of the ball. It was awful to watch. When asked why he didn't play a different game he would shrug his shoulders and say. I am doing exactly what I am paid to do. The manager calls the tune.
      Just like Kilmarnock under Clarke I truly expect the new manager to come in and get a huge response from our players.
      In my opinion they do have enough players to show a huge turnaround with a new confidence and tactics. I strongly believe that.
      Caixinha was a horrible appointment for Rangers.
      I am sure Ryan Jack will go on to be a Rangers great playing under a different manager. Walking away sounds too simplistic and I know too well because I've been their myself and ended up walking to the dressing room just like Ryan and just as often.

  1. Jack is an ass for getting involved he should have walked away,he is a absolute numpty,killie fully deserved a draw they were the better team in the second half and could have scored 3 or 4 before they equalised,pedro should be sacked but sadly that probably won't happen.

  2. Absolute joke! Definitely can't take anymore. Pedro is gone tomorrow surely?- he can take jack, windass, Pena and the rest of the embarrassments with him! Dave King- we need action NOW!!!!!

  3. Not a Pedro hater and never one to jump straight on the same k the manager bandwagon…but Sunday really was the last straw for me. I've watched many poor Rangers displays over the years but I don't think I have ever witnessed a Rangers team giving in so meekly. Tonight just another example of the mess we're in…the Pedro experiment has not worked and we should be put out of our misery now…the problem is who will take the likes of Pena off our hands…never mind cover the reported £2m plus transfer fee we laid out to get him?

    Derek McInnes or Billy Davies for me..get a bit of pride and commitment back.

  4. It was a ridiculous gamble by the board when they gave Pedro the job and it has backfired! It's time to sack him and his backroom staff and bring in somebody British. My first choice is Big Sam, but as long as it isn't another ludicrous gamble on an unknown foreigner that's the most important thing!

  5. If Pedro is still in place for Saturday's game and Hearts win then there will be a near riot at Ibrox to "welcome" the team bus home. At what point do this bunch of directors finally get it! We've gone from that disgraceful debacle against Celtic at Ibrox, handing the Sheep their first win at Ibrox in decades, the shambles that was Progres Niederkorn, losing again to the thims who hardly had to break sweat to do so and now in the space of 4 days being outmuscled and swept aside by a Motherwell team who would barely give an English League 2 team a competitive game and now drawing at HOME against THE TEAM AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE in a shambolic farcical fashion. ENOUGH. Get Caixinha out of there ASAP.

  6. King must act now Pedro nice guy but like mw can't handle the job time to go his transfers have been poor u don't get time on the ball in Scottish football have to hit the ground running after europa he has been given time but no improvement press conferences have been poor to say the least out of his depth like the board members who employed him.

  7. when your manager acts like a loony is it any surprise your players do? jack is a clown but when it comes down to it he isn’t good enough, i agree with most of your article but have to disagree about candeas being good, he is awful! he works hard but has no quality, mr king it’s time to step forward and lead!!

  8. Ok enough – get rid of the manager now. Hanging on at Ibrox for a draw against the bottom team in the league is pathetic. If the ref had played the full injury time we would have lost. The players are unbelievably unfit. Enough.

  9. Go now Ped , please ! Give a new manager a chance to weigh things up before the January window . Don't be looking for much in the shape of compensation , you should be paying us for the millions you squandered and the trauma you've caused us all !

  10. Shambles !! and Jack should visit a Shrink before he plays his next game. Bring Kenny & Morales on together and IMO we will start to see Goals again. Wind Ass!,. I don't see what the Manager sees in him. I`m rapidly losing faith in Pedro. Is he a Bullfighter or a Bull Sh*^% er ??????

  11. There were numerous reasons tonight for not collecting all three points, but I will highlight, in my opinion the four main contributing factors in no necessary order of importance, as they all count.
    1. Pedro brought on two second half substitutes Nemane and Barjonas. He removed Windass and Moreles and changed from a 4-4-2, which wasn’t exactly perfect, but we had the 1 – 0 lead, to a really defensive 4-5-1 dropping the defence back onto the 18 yard box, putting us under unnecessary pressure, but for the 18 minutes or so we struggled but kept a clean sheet.
    2. Somehow we managed to get a penalty; Herrera was bundled softly in the box, looked very close to me whether the ball was out the box or not from the goal kick, but hey great I thought, we have a soft penalty. Then after the melee from Kilmarnock players hassling the referee and a consultation with th the linesman, still gave the initial award. So another plus, then Ryan Jack and Broadfoot face up to each other; why we will never know and from my position in the Sandy Jardine stand, there was a clash and Jack definitely gestured his head forward, from other angles shown on tv looks like he pushed him and there was kicking too. Jack should not have reacted.
    3. The referee then issued Jack with a yellow card, all around me were dumbfounded to say the least, but happy. Candias the after hearing the referee blow the whistle Tom take the penalty, was immediately stopped, for the sending off of Jack.
    4. Candias, who had originally been challenged by Herrera to take the spot kick, was now under immense pressure. A decent captain, at this point should have stepped in, removing the ball and giving the kick to someone else or just calming the situation before allowing the spot kick to be taken.
    These reasons and arranging the defence better after Jacks dismissal old have stopped them scoring. Shooting the indirect free kick into the wall instead of the lay off, as seen by many other teams awarded free kicks ends up with most goals, as the merest of touches by any players is all that’s needed to register a goal.
    However, when we look at it as fans, enough is enough, the manager must now go. Ryan Jacks future with Rangers is now in tatters, like most fans, if these sending offs were double yellows for hard tackling, we’d be sympathetic but his acts of stupidity shows petulance.
    The crux of the matter is, Pedro has had time to bed-in the players he brought to the club and so far very few have shown consistent return.

  12. As I said if he's getting bagged that decision has been made and some sort of intrim manager been identified but wait till Monday.
    We shall see if that will happen my money's on the board shiting it yet again there spineless.

    We're a fuking laughing stock,nobody and I mean nobody fears playing the RANGERS, never thought I would say that in my lifetime. So Sad!!

    That's our season basically fuked and it's not even Guy Fox.

    Anyone got any ideas for the top of the Bonfire???!

  13. A man as arrogant as Pedro is never walking away from an easy pay day, and what we need to realise is the money isn’t there to sack him, let alone bring in a top level manager.

    No one is going to do it for the love of the club. They’ll want paid, and well for one simple fact, there’s a good chance their reputation and stock are going to be damaged by the shambles that we have become.

    Everyone celebrated the appointment of Dodgy Dave, a man who is a convicted criminal, a man who done a deal with the tax man (because we need more of that, right?) and, as I’ve been previously attacked for saying on here, cannot get any of his money out of South Africa by legal means.

    He’s a liar and a crook, so stop calling on him to do the right thing. The rest of the board need to stop ploughing money in on his behalf so he finally walks and we can hopefully get someone with a mindset like a Anne Budge in to save our club.

    We had four years to get this right, to build a club properly, instead we flung money around that, once again, we couldn’t afford to waste.

  14. Jack has now picked up 3 times as many red cards in 3 months with Rangers than he did in 3 years with the sheep. Why is there a sudden change in his attitude, how can someone go from an excellent disciplinary record to a dreadful one over night? There's more going on behind the scenes at Rangers, that's for sure.

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