Rangers’ ex-manager won’t want to see this…


Eduardo Herrera today celebrated restored Kenny Miller’s fine second goal today in a manner ex-manager Pedro Caixinha will not want to see.

Following the saga that punctuated the past month before the Portuguese’s dismissal, Miller stormed back into the reckoning with a pair of goals and an assist, and it will have been Herrera’s passionate celebration of Pedro’s former mortal enemy which will have summed up just how poor the whole act was.

Add that to the fact Herrera is very much a Pedro signing, and it will make it all the more acrid for the outgone boss.

Many reading might say ‘forget about it, move on, Pedro is in the past, concentrate on the present’ – we say this: you learn from the mistakes of the past, for they are the only way you correct them and get it right. Forgetting them is the worst thing you can do.

And for one of Caixinha’s major signings to celebrate Kenny’s goal in such a fashion really does sum up Rangers’ past mistakes.


  1. I hope those who wrote Miller off and sided with Pedro feel embarrassed, they should actually feel ASHAMED.

    I noticed Herrera passionately celebrate and it was good to see. He needs more time and a run in the side before people write him off prematurely like Miller.

    I do have concerns over Pena, but he too needs more time and a chance.

    Windass is another player that needs support not jealous criticism from bitter fans. The lad is simply not a wide player and every time he is played more centrally he looks a far better player.

    Jack seems the one who criticism has effected the most. He looks frightened to make a mistake and as a result is not bringing much to the team. Let's get behind him and support him and hope he gets some form back.

    I'm not saying we have a great team, we don't, but I really don't see what getting on players backs will achieve.

    On the plus side good performances from mcrorie and Holt as well as 100% from morellos again.

    Let's get behind the players and give the new manager the best possible start.

    • Agreeing again with pretty much all you say here. Lots very quick to write players off.

      Doesn't mean we can't have our issues with them, but some of the abuse is rotten.

      Looked solid today for the most part, once the confidence grew second half. Morelos was immense, Holt a dynamo. Good platform to build on.

    • Well said and I do think confidence will play a huge part for the rest of the season. The fans were unbelievable again today. Credit to Murty and his team. We all play a part and whatever is said about Ryan Jack he proved again today he will put his foot in where others fear to tread and we got a goal from that attitude today. He is a winner.
      Quite simply a better display than Kenny's today will not be seen this season. Miraculous pass on that third goal. C'mon the Gers.

    • People jump to fast down players atm. Only a few months ago everyone wanted holt sold, then they wanted him bk and everyone else sold. A good manager at the helm and maybe we will see continuous good players rather than sparks of what they can do.

    • Totally agree. The donkeys gone, great. I dont think the are too bad now lets see what a proper manager can do with them. (If we get one)

    • Great to see the team unity is still strong. A blind man can see Kenny links up well with Morelos and the later will start getting the goals again now that Kenny is back in the team.
      As for feeling ashamed E-Chef do I bollocks. I supported Ped as I wanted the Club to be successful and didn’t like the negativity that was constant on here…Not one player or manager is bigger the Club. That said the abuse Kenny got on here by some was over the top. I can bet they cheered and fist pumped the air when Kennys second goal went in just like the rest of us…

  2. The question is was there ever a split in the dressing room, or was it Just Miller standing up to ped?
    Btw all those that have been bad mouthing Miller since it started better hang there head in shame

  3. At last, a post match managerial interview that I could understand, although the word "transition" was used. Even Kenny used the word "process", so Pedro did leave a legacy!

  4. Nah yer alright Graham, calm yer jets mate … McInnes is the man we need long term but Murty will steady the ship for now, glad Kenny is back!

  5. Got to be said that ball from tav was sheer quality, Miller took it well but it was all about the cross. Miller looks fresh maybe the month off will do him and us good in the long run, really Hungary today.watp

  6. If we sort out our biggest weakness (defence) with pace & real quality,throw moult up top with morelos and we won'tbe far away this season.

  7. Miller is a natural striker, and is wasted when played in midfield. He needs to be up front with Morelos – the two play well together. He not only sees and scores goals from half chances, he makes them too. I counted 18 goals (including Linfield) and 8 assists last year, 5 goals and 5 assists so far this year. His pass through to Windass for the third goal yesterday was sublime. Yes, he was off-form early in the season, but it's great to have him back. Pedro, you lost me the moment you excluded Kenny.

  8. Kenny miller and the rest of the senior players and members of the board should hold their heads in shame including murty senior players inclouding the skipper are suppose to help the manager achieve his goal but not at ibrox when things go wrong they throw their teddies out of the pram and rebel against him to many clubs are quick to blame the managers for the errors others make the eleven players are as culpable as the manager but owners directors media fans all jump on one man's back if players play poorly they should be dropped no player is bigger than the club miller should accept his career is coming to an end he claims to love ranger's butility has put in piss poor performances in key matches just because he is no longer number 1 as for mcinnes he is still to green for us right now let's get Walter back to steady the ship with murky as his number 2 send Jonathan to work with the youngsters with Lee and Kenny just like we did to durannty we need a strong manager and must get the backing of 100% of the board and the players we are the laughing stock of scotish football with the help of so called professionals not giving 100% in every game of the season so far .we having been suffering the same fate for the past two seasons instead of getting rid of the personel that have failed repeatedly we get rid of one man making him the scape goat when we pay players to give their all for what they get paid we expect them to perform 100% not 2% as they have because their egos are bigger than the club .

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