Factfile; everything you need to know about major contender for Rangers job

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Current Aberdeen manager until 2020 is 46-year-old Derek McInnes and he has definitely done well at Pittodrie over the last 4 years. Admittedly, he only had Celtic to compete with except for last season when Rangers were in their first season back in the SPL, with the underperforming Mark Warburton at the helm.

McInnes was appointed manager of St Johnstone on 27 Nov 2007, after the previous management team of Owen Coyle and Sandy Stewart had been head hunted to Burnley. He was already on the playing staff at the time and they felt that McInnes was showing managerial promise and it was also the cheapest option available to Perth side, so he got the job.

Lo and behold, what did he do, McInnes in his first full season as manager, on the 2nd of May 2009, secured promotion to the Scottish Premier League for St Johnstone, ending their seven-year stint in the First Division.

During Derek’s learning years at McDiarmid Park, he managed to retain their status in the top league for two more seasons – another great achievement. In the 2009–10 close season, McInnes was linked with the managerial positions at West Bromwich Albion and Watford, but didn’t get either job and he remained at St Johnstone and in Oct ’09, he signed a new contract with the Perth club.

McInnes was granted permission by St Johnstone to be interviewed by Bristol City for their managerial position, alongside former Barnsley manager Mark Robins and another unnamed candidate. His managerial record with the Perth club was 177 games in charge, where he won 71 games, drew 53 games and lost 53 games – a decent result for a substantially small provincial side who couldn’t attract big crowds on extremely low wages and very poor TV revenue.

McInnes was appointed manager of Bristol City on 19 Oct ’11, when the club were adrift at the bottom of the Football League Championship, but he guided City to an eight-game unbeaten run that secured their league status. Derek was delighted that he managed to keep them up in his first year in the Championship league.

Despite keeping them from relegation in 2011-12, Derek was unceremoniously sacked by Bristol City in January 2013 with his unfancied side sitting bottom of the Championship table. He was so sad and disappointed having worked very hard with no money to spend and that is why he took it so bad that Bristol City were not seeing his planning for the future taking shape.

He felt he just needed some more time for all his plans to fully develop and his team to reap the benefits that he imposed on the side for the benefit of a brighter long term future for the club, alas it wasn’t to be.

Brighter days for McInnes were indeed just round the corner when in March 2013, he was appointed the manager of Aberdeen. They could tell that he was a manager with potential and he certainly has not disappointed the Aberdeen supporters since he arrived.

McInnes made history as he led Aberdeen to the 2013-14 final of the Scottish League Cup against Inverness Caledonian Thistle, becoming the first manager to take the Dons to a final in 14 years.

Aberdeen won the final after an extremely boring, sluggish, poor excuse of a cup final in the 0–0 draw and a 4–2 penalty success that saw them lift their first trophy in 19 years. He has been very good for Aberdeen, but has McInnes actually done well enough to merit managing a side the size of Rangers, with all the history and the expectations that goes with the job?

He has managed 216 Aberdeen games, has drawn 35, lost 55 and that my friends is an average of 58.33, I rest my case.

I have some reservations against him and I will give you a very good example of why he may not be the best choice for managing Rangers at this point in his career.

I taped the recent Aberdeen v Celtic game expecting the ‘Dons to make a hellava game of it – it didn’t materialise. Celtic rested their whole front line on Wednesday night at Pittodrie and still sailed through the experience without Aberdeen getting close to a good result. It was men against boys with players rested for this Tuesday’s Champions league match against Bayern Munich at Celtic Park.

Patrick Roberts, Scott Sinclair and Leigh Griffiths were all rested and ex-Aberdeen left-winger Hayes was just back from injury and wasn’t right to start the game, so they played James Forrest, Callum McGregor and Moussa Dembele as their front three and still won 0 – 3 at a canter.

I have given you the facts – it’s now up to your comments once you have studied my article in full. I look forward to reading them!


  1. Him with Murty as his 2nd and Miller as 3rd, would be a good management to lead us on, think it would be similar to walter, McCoist and mcdowel

  2. Aberdeen have a mental block against the Tims. An inferiority complex. That will never be the case with Rangers and I think McInnes is the man to sort us out, with Murty as his assistant.

  3. Let us be clear McInnes is not good enough to be manager of our great club. Why a bit like Pedro he has not really cut it at a big club and his only experience outside the goldfish bowl which is Scottish football was failure at Bristol City. I want a British manager like Pardew or Allardyce or McLeish who have experience at a top level and that certainly is McInnes.

  4. I agree that McInnes is not, and should not be seen as, some kind of saviour. For me the next manager should be given 18 month contract to prove himself. Take it or leave it. Options would be McInnes, Wright at St Johnstone, McLeish or Alex Neil. But player sales/buys should be Director of Football territory, with input from manager of course.
    January 1st, put Moult, McLean, Walker and St Mirren winger Lewis Morgan on pre contracts. Then offer £300,000 for Moult but the rest can wait.
    New manager can be told to get the best out of the team and bring youth through, but Director of Football will look to sign promising young players, Scots or foreign, with resale value. If interviewed manager is not happy with this, go to next on list. there are a lot of people who want to come, but I think we need to define a style and get a coach to work within that.

    • Well put and totally agree. I’d go with Tommy Wright over DM just simply because he’s had less to work with and had better results against Celtic. That said TW is old school and would he work with DOF? I actually think Hoskins at Livi should be a contender more than FDB as his record is rank wrotten.

  5. No, McInnes is not for me. He seems settled at the sheep and i dont think he is quite right to be the next Gers manager as per your comments. Very pleased with the result today, Murty and the players gave us all a bit of enthusiasm back but i also think that Murty is not the man to manage Rangers. I will wait and see what other names appear before i comment further on who should be our new manager but definately not the above two.

  6. The biggest challenge the new manager will have is getting shot of most of the players Pedro brought in . It makes me sick to think of the team we could have had for less than half the cash that he forked out for dross . It could have been , in 4-2-4 format , Fotheringham, Tavenier,Heneghan, Berra, Wallace , Walker, Jack, Dorans, McLean, Moult, Lafferty . I think that side would have made a fist of it versus Celtic . Whoever we get as boss , i hope he takes on Murty as his assistant
    as i think he'd do a great job and could possibly be a Gers boss in the future .

  7. OK, I get the interest in the Aberdeen manager but I am puzzled by the hype, what has he actually achieved while the Rangers have been away and since we have limped back into the top league? what has he done in Europe? Why are we the people not or, the people in charge of our great Club for that matter, not taking a much closer look at G. Murty's qualifications? He is doing and has done a terrific job with the youth set up and has come in at a minute's notice to oversee a minor transformation on two separate occasions with the first team squad!! The senior players would appear to have great respect for him! Lets calm down about diving in for McInnes. Anyway there is now a Director of football who should have some valuable input to the final decision, he must have seen Murty at work and his input to the entire set up. Well done today all of the Rangers people, staff and fans alike !! By the way, JJ must stay.

  8. Mcinnes is good but not great. We should go all out for David Wagner at Huddersfield. Outstanding young coach that plays great football and can attract top quality.

    • Why would an EPL manager want to come to Rangers? Where would we find his wages? You are deluded, as are the idiots talking about Allardyce, Moyes, Pardew, etc. We won't pay the money they want and we can't buy the players they'd want.

  9. McInnes for me would be a poor choice. His team are bottle merchants the only time they give Celtic a game is when he’s given them 3 goals of a start. He’s never worked for a big club and he shouldn’t be anywhere near the ibrox hotseat. He’s a poor choice in my opinion. I’d give it to pardew or big Sam these guys are proven in England the best league in the world.
    Also McInnes is working so he already has an opinion on the squad so he will be pickin on reputation the others on the other hand don’t so as a player they need to impress to be picked on merit.

  10. Guys just a suggestion!What about new york manager patrick vieira??He's very highly rated as a manager,has already had a very close working relationship,with our DOF mark allen,at manchester city??

  11. Sorry we need to stop this McInnes nonsense now. If we don't we will all be back on here within a year looking for the next manager because he is not up to managing Rangers. He is simply no were near strong enough in character to handle the pressure that will come. Ask your self does McInnes think under his management Rangers could win one game against selic this season…his answer would be not without a load of money and new players. We don't have these resources to hand. He has been managing the sheep for 4 years and played selic 20 times and only won 3. That is not good enough. Also all this about him getting the sheep to be second last year…that was Warburton and Pedro that did that because they failed to put up a challenge.
    McInnes would probably cost around £500K in compensation.
    We have someone waiting who knows our club inside and out, who would restore our standards and I believe would win at least on OF this season….Alec McLeish – his Rangers record is Played 235 Won 155, Drawn 44, Lost 36 and won 7 Trophies …all when they had the blessed Martin at the helm. Now you ask McLeish "do you think we can beat them this season" and it will be a YES! He's been there seen it and done it for us. We will not be celebrating a 'great victory' over St Johnstone like we were a few weeks ago…he will have us beating everyone and then take that lot to the edge and beat them at least one…maybe in a final!
    Today showed our players are not as bad as they have look but welded together and motivated like they were today with Rangers men around we will get on the tail of that lot before the end of the season. We need a Rangers man and we need him to start on Monday!
    Finally, well done today to Kenny Miller…thank you for being such a Rangers professional during your crazy time with Pedro. You reignited the team and the bears today, thanks Kenny!

    • Deluded. McLeish won those games when we had money and players and Septic weren't a million miles ahead. What has McLeish done in the last 7 years? Sacked from Villa, Forest, Genk and an Egyptian mob. No thanks, give me McInnes, Wright or Michael O'Neill

    • Deluded Fulham John…no need to start with insults we all have the right to an opinion. Just so you know he wasn't sacked by Forest he resigned because the owner was a big problem and he was right to was away. His experience is, in my opinion exactly what we need right now. He knows the club, he knows what the fans need and most of all he will fancy his chances at beating Brendon. Do you really seriuosly think McInnes believes he could be Brendon as the Rangers manger…I don't.
      Ours is a massive club and we have seen the last two managers come way short of whats required just to take the pressure it brings. Its noticeable that the first match against selic in the last two seasons has caused lots of disruption, Warbs sending Joe home for arguing we should be fighting harder and Pedro sending Kenny to play U20's because he said the same thing…more or less. What does this show us…these men could not deal with the pressure of playing and losing to selic. They had no idea what to do about it so picked a fight with high profile players to show 'how hard they are'? They need to be hard against Brendon not our own players. McLeish is very familiar with this pressure and can sure handle it as he won most of his trophies when they had the blessed Martin in charge. We need his help now. He will bring the best out of the Scottish faction and will help the foreign lads adapt because he know the territory. Under McLeish we can beat them this season and easy finish second…in my opinion.
      Finally, we the great and might Glasgow Rangers are considering Tommy Wright the manager of St Johnstone…I'm sure he's a lovely fella but never in the history of our club have we coveted the manager of St Johnstone…never.

  12. I agree I have my doubts about mciness but who else can we realistically get ??? The thing with mciness is you would be guaranteed to finish 2nd and weaken Aberdeen maybe once mciness makes us better the next manager could take it to the next level. I do think we should start giving managers a one year rolling contract so that if it doesn't work out it doesn't cost much or anything to replace him

  13. not mcinnes hes not had a good word to say about gers ,leave murty in charge until january lets see what happens .i think we have got right man under our nose murty guy gets everything out players brilliant with press .if murty doesnt do it why not big butcher

  14. We need McInnes to do for Rangers what Tommy Burns did for Celtic. Although Tommy didn't win much, nobody can dispute the fact he laid the foundations for a higher calibre of manager to come in and win the league.

    If McInnes gets us competitive again, developing good Scottish players and he ends up leaving in a couple years to allow a Frank De Boer or someone to win us the title then I'll sign for that. Especially if it stops 9 in a row…

  15. I don't see Many people backing Derik on here.

    This club needs stability right now! We can't afford to mess around any longer. I think Derik would give us that. He puts together consistency at Aberdeen and has done for a long time now. He will have bigger budget bed he doesn't mess around.

    Also Big Sam would be an exceptional capture. However he doesn't know the Scottish game and may actually be a gamble. He's still an unknown in Scotland. So Derik is the safe bet. And we need safe, stability.

    • Martin, do you honestly think McInnes thinks he could beat selic as Rangers manager this season? Think about it, google his picture, does he look like he is a Rangers manager? He lost 0-3 to them on Wednesday and they dropped their front line of players. He is not the answer, he will fold under the pressure in less than 12 months!

  16. Lets not go backwards, No McLeish, No Walter. Definitely no Big Sam or Pardew what have that pair achieved other than notoriety for failure!

  17. all deluded comments. a team who cant afford moult, walker etc you think they can now afford pardew and big sam and the £50-100k pw player they would want …. get real. this a poundland operation at the moment. hearts were shocking today. thistle would have beaten them. next 3 games are thistle, Hamilton and Dundee – win all 3 and murty will be hailed as a genius but he doesn't want the job.
    realistically big eck will be there – solid, available, been there done it.

    • I'm with you – Big Eck. Been there, seen it , done it and won't cost a penny. He will get us moving forward and we will beat Aberdeen two weeks running – guaranteed.

    • yeah. been there done it. finished 3rd in his last season. was manager when Celtic won every game in a season. we sacked him and he has been sacked by every club since. big Eck would be a disaster

  18. No thanks He only gets so far then nothing. We can't go through that again. How about a laugh and get Lennon in. He might be up for the challenge!!!

  19. Please , BoRd. ! Don't rush into anything
    Take your time to get the right man. In the meantime let Murty settle the dressing room.
    Mon the Gers

  20. Defo a no in Pardew or Big Sam those that have suggested them must be on the Buckfast. Their records are just as bad as Peds and that’s no joke! Why does it have to be a British ( English ) Manager because it’s Rangers? I’d give Murty the job before FDB all day long that said I think Murty would be an excellent No 2 not Manager…

    It’s got to be a manager that’s willing to work with a DOF and not many old boys would be willing to do that either. It’s a big call for the Club on who is going to be next. Supporters & fans we must be patient and realistic and support the Team & Manager. Onwards & Upwards 🔴⚪️🔵

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