Rangers confirm surprise assistant manager


In a slight surprise at Ibrox, the predicted managerial replacement team of Graeme Murty and Kenny Miller is only half right, with the interim coach indeed making his way from the youths to take the seniors till a permanent manager is found.

But the rumours of Kenny Miller as his assistant were slightly wide of the mark, as Fin Jonatan Johansson keeps the role while the entire Portuguese management team is ousted along with Caixinha.

Helder Baptista, goalkeeping coach Jose Belman and Pedro Malta all move on, and Kenny Miller presumably will simply return to the senior squad and be available for selection on Saturday as part of the playing staff.

Johansson, who had been a surprise selection himself as the ludicrous ‘Local Assistant’ nonsense from back in the day (remember all that chaos?), has nevertheless gained enough popularity from his role and his general esteem from his playing days, and he is the one member of the old management staff we are happy to see stay on in his position. He also scouted Alfredo Morelos, albeit the Colombian’s form has currently dried up a little.

He will assist Graeme Murty on Saturday and we wish them both well in what will hopefully be a new and profitable era for Rangers.


  1. There is only only one manager. #MartinO'NeilforGers forget sectarianism, he is the best manager possible. Get with it Rangers fans. Can you imagine a manager winning a title for Rangers and Celtic? Wow! From a Leicester City fan who remembers the great Jock Wallace

  2. Certain first team players should be ashamed of themselves they cost a man his job with playing below par it's high time clubs started punishing the player's when they fail to perform now if these individuals start to perform then they are hypocritical and dont deserve to wear the blue jersey their are certain senior players who should be ashamed of undermining their managers authority and do the decent thing and leave their careers are over . They disgust me as a long rangers supporter and fans who agree with what they did should be ashamed no player is bigger than the club
    Bring back Walter as manager and goughie as his no2 no to mcleish no to Davies no to barry we now we need a strong manager,

    • Sorry mate but most of the clowns he brought in were playing to the max – I've never seen such utter bloody rubbish signed for real money! And most seemed to buy into this crap, happily waving goodbye to the likes of Garner, Waghorn and McKay. They weren't exactly Bergkamp, Muller and Cooper but they were a bloody sight better than Herrera, Pena, Dalcio and some of the other footballing halfwits who have disgraced the shirt since the summer………

  3. First thing on the agenda Murty get the fat MF"s fit.
    U have 2 weeks after the game Saturday to beast them up and down sandhills!!

    Don't know what the reaction from Bruno and Pena and the rest will be like after Pedro going??
    Suppose Saturday will tell us!!
    Glad JJ got the job, happy for him.

  4. Bruno not avail on Saturday – banned
    I suggest the penas, candeais etc will down tools now el patron is dispatched. no one there to fight their corner. only here for a payday unavailable elsewhere. Prepare for park the bus football with attempted breakaways to try steal the points, even though there is no pace available – ooops Ohalloran gone. Project Damage limitation is launched.

  5. Kenny M turned down a full time coaching position within the club in the close season. He still prefers to be playing til the end of the season, at least. Is wee Nacho still involved? Mon the Gers

  6. Am so tired of listening to all the non sensical calls to bring back popular ex-players etc. THAT is NOT what we need. What we NEED are people who know what they are doing!!! Alex McLeish?? Are people having a laugh??

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