Rangers should restore 63-year old axed ruthlessly by ex-manager


With goalkeeping coach Jose Belman exiting Ibrox along with the rest of his Portuguese colleagues, is there a strong case for a return for one of Rangers’ most loyal servants over the past 30 years?

Jim Stewart was one of the first casualties of the diabolical Caixinha regime, the reliable 63 year old Rangers stalwart whose duties at Ibrox were part of the fabric of the place, and he was as appalled as anyone at being cut out in the manner he was.

A fine touch from the Rangers board would be to reinstate the man who did absolutely nothing wrong in his time at Auchenhowie and give the goalkeeping coach role back to him, at least on an interim basis.

Like so many at Ibrox, Stewart was treated terribly under this out-of-his-depth manager, and the lack of respect shown to the old lieutenant by the new coach was disgraceful – a fine act of grace from Rangers in contrition to him would be to welcome him back and get the morale boosted again.

We are already happy seeing Murty at least taking charge of the seniors, and Johansson as his right hand man – a further fillip for this changing time would see the old coach back in place too.

Over to you, boys.


  1. He's under contract at another club, we cannot afford to pay for someone just because they were with us for years…Time for change, not going back to the old days.

  2. Pedros downfall was his complete lack of respect for the players both currently at Ibrox and those that recently left. These were/are players that gave there best. To tell players like Miller, Kranchar and Wallace to stay away was appalling. I must say I couldn’t believe his man management style and that set off a chain reaction amongst the players and that was reflected in the performances on the pitch.

  3. The new management team will pick there whole backroom staff.
    De Boer Alex Rae.
    Hope we head down that route.
    If not Sam

  4. Ally McCoist is a Rangers man – that didn’t work out for us. What the last three coaches all lacked was a track record. That is what will make the difference in the end.

  5. Absolutely Scott…. A voice of reason. We shouldnt listen to all these Rangers Fans who bang on about hiring "Rangers Men". They tend to forget it was "Rangers Men" who ran our club into the grubber, it was "Rangers Men" who were involved in helping hand over Rangers to a chancer, the forget the "Rangers Men" who were crap managers e.g. Sally, the fact that it is "Rangers Men" who have not delivered on there promises and are taking us back to the grubber with all there law breaking etc AND it was "Rangers Men" that hired Pedro. THAT is all conveniently forgotten in there "Rangers men" diatribe.

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