Pedro sacking: this one is on the board – last chance saloon guys


So with Pedro Caixinha finally gone from Ibrox, attention turns to his replacement.

Actually, no it does not.

Attention must first of all turn to Rangers’ board who appointed this absolutely awful manager against the wishes of just about every Rangers fan, staff member and legend associated with the club.

Rangers’ board have now made two absolutely appalling managerial appointments, and on this occasion it has cost the club not only potentially millions in the pay off, but more valuably time.

Yet another eight months have been wasted, another transfer window has been ruined by another manager who did not know what he was letting himself in for, and the board members who appointed him must look in the mirror and ask themselves why they did it.

Why did they appoint Mr Below Average who was clearly out of his depth? A man with zero quality managerial pedigree behind him and who had not a clue about what managing a club the size of Rangers takes.

They have done the right thing now, but they refused to listen earlier this year and now the club, the fans and the season have cost us dear.

We know a number of the board did not approve this appointment – as we said before, it split the members down the middle and our information is it came to one deciding vote.

That is not good enough. We cannot appoint a manager the board does not unanimously agree on, and we certainly cannot appoint a manager with not an ounce of knowledge of the Scottish game.

Rangers board – this one is on you. You made this call in contrast to what we all wanted – and it has cost us yet more time.

This really is third strike. Personally there is a strong shout that the board members who chose Pedro should go now (we did suggest after Warburton that the next appointment was massive and board members’ futures rode on it), but if we are to be generous, VERY generous, this next appointment really is last chance saloon.

Appoint someone who knows Rangers, or the SPL, or preferably both. A signing the fans can trust. Someone we know. There are enough valid options.

We can salvage this season with the right choice. And if it is to be Kenny and Murty for now, so be it.

Good luck to the new managerial team, whoever it is – but it must be the right one.


  1. Agreed 100%. Whoever picked Pedro shouldnt be allowed a say on this appointment. Definitely need an established, trusted name we all know. No gambles! I like the sound of allardyce but I don't know what his knowledge of Scottish football is- or his salary expectations! When he took over from Advocaat at Sunderland the 1st thing he said was "the players are not fit enough" I bet whoever takes over from Pedro would same about our squad!

    • You took the thoughts out of my head regards the fitness angle. As Kris Boyd pointed out the other day, we're brilliant at conceding second half goals. We could do with a couple of army drill sergeants to help with training. Time now to look forward and get the right guy in place. Happier days ahead. Mon the Gers

    • Aye definitely a fitness issue within the squad. Pedro seems exact opposite to Warburton- remember all the late goals we scored in his time? But under Pedro we got worse in 2nd half and always seemed to be hanging on. Sergeant Allardyce our club needs You 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Not many i hear you say BlueBear you will hear them if we do not win games you see we pay big money to players that are only average players and there are much better ones playing for Scottish Teams will Murty get his war chest and buy in Scottish Lads i do hope so.

  2. I would like to wish Pedro all the luck in the future.
    He loved our club he said we were the best supporters in the world and he gave 100% every single day for the club.
    It's not his fault he should NEVER been given the appointment in the first place, I actuallu feel sorry for him he was in WAY WAY over his head.
    The BOARD and the BOARD alone tarnished the club and Pedro himself by handing a man So So far out of his depth the appointment.
    The fuking idiots that made the appointment should be walking out the door not after Pedro but before him.

    Pedro UR welcome at Ibrox any time U love Rangers of that I have not 1 doubt!!
    God bleed and take care..

  3. I strongly agree with everything said. And even more so with the statement we can salvage this season. We have decent players but a new manager MUST instill a more aggressive impact on our game and get confidence running right through this team.
    Tavernier, Windass, Nemane, Dalcio, Pena and Herrera pumped.
    Moult, Walker, Mclean in on Jan 1st.

  4. I thank the board for sacking Pedro, he was truly useless. I know they wanted to give him as long as they could and last night was the final nail in his coffin.

    I didn't think they could do anything else and they didn't

  5. Only 3 men in the race for me. McInnes. McLeish. Allardyce with Tommy Wright a dark horse.

    Not Billy Davies as, again, that would be a gamble and right now we need a Manager who will bring a known quantity to the table.

    McInnes because he's right in amongst it and doing a very good job at Aberdeen.
    McLeish simply because he's been there and done it and knows what its all about.
    Allardyce because of his undoubted experience.

    Also Allardyce wouldn't take any of that media nonsense and would happily take Sutton around the back and give him a kicking. I doubt though a) we could afford him and/or b) he would work under such a limited budget BUT he might fancy the challenge to turn Rangers around and put himself back in the frame for a return to England in a few years.

  6. Sorry to see him go but it was for the best in the end. I hope they kept big JJ as a coach as he can help with any transition with new manager.

    I liked Pedro a lot but the only two names I would now accept are Derek McInnes or Michael O'Neill one ex rangers but both know the Scottish game and get the best out of players and are good managers.

    Forget the rest of the deadwood being quoted we don't want has been's or not been in the game for a few years. Please get it right this time.

  7. Yes agreed good luck to mad Pedro!! He could not believe his luck getting the job !! His bullshit completely fooled Robertson et al who stated that "Pedro was the stand out candidate " , I would love to know who else he spoke to ,the important thing now is to get it right with king involved in the process (just heard he's on a plane back to South Africa) our problem still is finance to compete with that mob across the city!!!!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. Murty will steady the ship and get the players together again until a new gaffer comes in. I also wish Pedro all the best, ha had a passion for the Gers but didn't understand the politics and intense scrutiny that comes with EVERY game. We need a scottish manager like Davis or Mcleish because they can handle the tabloids and pressure pot of the game. I actually think we have a good number of players and only 4 or 5 good signings can get us on track. Well done to DK who stopped the direction the club was going again. WATP

  9. Struggled at palace but de boer? Needs to prove himself and knows the club.
    Big Sam – proven manager but would cost a penny one suspects…
    Then there is derek mcinnes – would he leave aberdeen? Ita the beat that they can be (no hope in catching celtic but at rangers he would be able to….in time?)

    • De Boer would be like watching Warburton all over again. He will want to play possession football but won't get the money required to purchase players who can make that work.

      That's why Big Sam is attractive as he plays for results rather than statistics and knows how to get the most out of a limited bunch. My only concern is that he has never really won anything

  10. First things first, I am actually more relieved than delighted that this chancer has finally been shown the door, it should have happened months ago.

    I agree 1000% that we the fans, as the real Rangers family are now obligated to a massive extent and perfectly entitled to keep the current and thus far inept blazers, who masquerade as the board & custodians of our famous and once proud club under a microscope in the immediate future after the previous two complete balls ups re- managerial appointments

    Once can be credited as unlucky, twice can only be described as inept and careless, but for it to potentially happen for a third time in a row is, in my view, a very real possibility because they are not going to add to their apparent lack real concern for our club and its future or gain any additional and sadly, thus far, absent brain cells overnight

    A third balls up simply wont be tolerated, with the possible exception of the Ped must stay brigade, and the current board will very quickly learn what its like to be the guy who farted in a busy phone box and be forced out

    But as of today the slate is now clean as it should be but for the very first time in our glorious history the Rangers board itself will be in the dock along with, and even more so, than the new manager, who ever that may be and if they don't realise that fact now then hell mend them

    Absoloutely no disrespect intended, just calling it as it is as The Rangers are bigger than ANY past, present or future club official and I sincerely wish them all the best in their attempts in getting it right, just for a change

    Naebody said it would be a short road back, but Feck me!!


  11. I think big sams out of our league,but i think that is the type of manager we need now, maybe not the type of football we all like to watch but the man gets results and talks common sense. He would be my number one choice. Here's hoping. WATP

  12. Caixinha was gash n that's that no amount of time would have change it, he was clearly losing the dressingroom, Time to move on n put a manager in place with some pedigree n a proper c.v. Not just someone that can talk the talk but can't walk it.

    For me I wud like redknapp n his nephew lampard as a coach n maybe Barry ferguson in ther with them, that's pedigree for me not an unknown.
    Think it's pole time again ibroxnoise.

  13. If as likely walter refuses, big eck & Mc call together 4me. both have also worked on the international scene. helicopter sunday part 2 @ a place near you, MAY 2017,see what i did there!

  14. My wish list for NOT being manager or even involved in the management team….. McLeish…. Squad won titles despite him…. Has little or no clue about signing new players. Every club he has been at he has followed same pattern.

    Ferguson…. No experience

    De Boer…. No track record

    Davis…. Just no… too much of a gamble.

    Rangers Man???? UNLESS he is a very good manager with a good track record, please forget that mentality…. We need a very good manager with a good track record… To hell with the "Rangers Man" smoke and mirrors.

    • there's only 2 with good track records n world football fergie and pep, enough said. mark my words i have followed rangers over 40 years, big eck will give brenda a run for his money.rodgers has the easiest job in world football.

    • Okay tell me what "Eck" has ever done with a team he brought in himself…. NOT what he has done having taken over a team with good players?? We won leagues under Eck where there were already good players and squad. At Hibs he took over, did well then started having to replace players… Result Failure!!! His other clubs… smae result… If he is soooooooo good how come he has been out the game for so long.
      Eck couldnt wipre Rodgers' ass.

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