Pedro to be fired this afternoon – reports


According to reports, Rangers’ board are set to have a meeting this afternoon at which Pedro Caixinha’s Ibrox future is to be decided.

The absolute circus of the past month beginning with Kenny Miller’s exile has escalated out of control, and Rangers’ chiefs are said to be finally discussing the situation and ‘making a decision’, presumably.

How they can arrive at any conclusion beyond sacking is rather beyond us, but anything is possible and we will know more later.

There is of course the significant problem of the payoff – unlike Warburton who made it easy by resigning, Caixinha has proven to be an incredibly stubborn man who is about as likely to quit as he is to win the league.

Hence Rangers would be forced into paying off his deal, and that could run into multiple millions for him and his assistants.

But Rangers’ best interests are at stake, and Pedro is not in them, so we will see over the course of the next 24 hours what happens, if anything, at Ibrox Towers.


  1. Please let me put the oil on the caravan wheels and feed the barking dogs. Been holding my breath since Sunday. Mon the Gers

  2. Sack him now and put Murty in complete charge until the end of the season, he can and will steady the ship. He will make a good manager,he knows the whole coaching set up well from top to bottom, is respected by the players and will return football sense and dignity to the Club we all love!

    • deluded. murty had a lucky one off draw with a celtic side who failed to play that day. any other day it would have been another 5 or 6 goal defeat. unless real money , not loans, become available prepare for 5/6 years more of dross, instability and mediocre displays.

  3. squad ratings

    foderingham 5/10 so/so
    tavenier 5/10 flatters to deceive
    Hodson 4/10 why bother
    John 4/10 not wanted by Cardiff enough said
    Wilson 4/10 potentially an average player
    Wallace 5/10 over hyped
    alves 6/10 hyped hyped hyped payday retirement fund no better than Hill
    Candeais 4/10 average SPFL player at best
    Dorrans 5/10 average over hyped ex international
    Cardoso 5/10 average SPFL quality
    Windass 4/10 the rating is in the name full of WIND & an ASS
    Holt 5/10 can run can tackle can do nothing else
    Pena 3/10 ran off on sunday quicker than any other time during game – dinner on table?
    Morelos 5/10 all bluster, fire and no longevity
    Miller 5/10 poor season but better than the above
    Jack 4/10 related to ian black by any chance?

    pedro 1/10 caravans, barking dogs, howling at the moon
    DK 1/10 has fooled the people not just some of the time – but ALL of the time

    5 years of indecision, 5 years of mis-management, 5 years of poor signings, 10 years of out in the cold ( at least )

    • How has dk fooled people ? He said rangers would be ran with out huge debts. It is, the only money owed is through soft loans not real ones. Plus they put up the money for the biggest summer spending we’ve had prob since the 90’s. Can only blame the board for choosing a poor manager, the worst mistake was not to give mcoil a full season

    • a soft loan is still DEBT!The fact that there is no money in the till tells you nothing has changed. almost every club in scotland is spending within their budgets, not borrowing millions from board members as soft loans. the summer spree is undisclosed fees only inflated by the media loyal to the DK cause. Wake up.

    • You, Stuart, are exactly the problem. Soft loans are still debt but you bury your head in the sand. If any of the directors that have loaned money to rangers decide tomorrow to call it in then the club is screwed. Debt is debt is debt.

    • Celtic have soft loans they can’t pay back! But no mention of them being in debt. The same people here shouted how unhappy there was no money getting spent and now there unhappy there was. But there also the same people wanting a manager paid off (which the club can’t afford with out another soft loan) so do u want these soft loans or not. Make ur minds ip

    • Soft loans are only repaid in shares in the club when they get the opportunity to do a share issue so doesn't cost the club anything.

    • What? No, a soft loan is one given at a lower interest rate than available in the market. They can still be recalled. And converting to shares isn't an option any time soon

  4. It is time for real exRangers playing people to come to the fore and work on minimal salaries to get our club stable. Pay off Pedro and his staff, a new management set-up I am positive could get more out the squad of players we have at our disposal and with the winter signing on in just two months, gives the new management team if not the ability to bring players in immediately, at least have them sign pre-contracts with Rangers. McLean of Aberdeen, Walker (Hearts), Moult (Motherwell) and Naismith (Norwich) plus the possibility of all 4 defending positions. This is a hard situation should Caixinha be dismissed.
    Who they place as his successor must be the right man, we find our club in crisis yet again, should those who have hired our past two managers also be sacked? The consensus of opinion with my fellow supporters agree heads should roll at board level.
    My choice would be to appoint Alex McLeish as general manager with the provisi that his successor be appointed by McLeish himself and operate as his assistant. Others I personally want back at the club in some capacity, whether coaching or representing the club are in no specific order Barry Ferguson, Neil McCann, Alex Rae and Kenny Miller.

  5. Let’s do it the English way and put him in gardening leave, and will only cost his wages and then if and when he gets a new club then we won’t have a big pay off

  6. It was Tavernier's man (ex Ranger Chris Burke), who scored the last minute equalising goal. I have pointed out for months how inept he is at right back, he is either right-wing-back or out of the team.

    In fairness, other supporters have finally discovered that Tavernier is a big weakness in our defence.

    One of the few things Pedro got right was that the Rangers supporters are the most loyal fans in the world and we don’t deserve to have to put up with this current situation.

    We have been put through far too much since 2012 and we can stand together again after the despicable gamble of Ped the Ted failed so miserably. We will survive this crisis and march on to the next one. When will it all end?

    Every manager runs the risk of failure, but Pedro was a disaster waiting to happen with his promise of bringing Portuguese and Mexican players with him.

    All the signs of FAILURE were there for all to see – almost from the start of his reign.

    Had the board acted sooner we may still be competing for 2nd in the league and still in a cup final.

    In their hearts they MUST have known he was the wrong appointment – you couldn't help but notice he was rotten at Rangers.

    I went out on a limb on Ibrox Noise several times and got dogs abuse from some of our regular contributors, but I simply didn't care, because I KNEW I WAS RIGHT. Trust me I wanted Pedro to prove me wrong, but I didn't hold out much hope.

    If the board fail us today – they will fail us forever!

    • It beggars belief the goals we have lost in similar fashion with Mr. Tavernier. But it has been devastating to the team and ultimately the club. And from the beginning of his tenure has been sickening to watch. Mr Windass is another example of square pegs and round holes.

  7. Things will never get better if we don't support our club through thick and thin, there's still plenty of time to turn things around but naw heads must roll again. Some set of fans we've got

  8. Much of above is sadly true. However do we have a replacement plan? No. Warburton and Pedro tried to play football. They brought in own players. This is normal. Scottish heavyweights kicked shit out of them and refs did nothing about it. We have been lightweight for last three seasons. Worst thing that happened was Barry McKay scoring that goal against Celtic. We thought Warburton and his tip tap lightweights were answer. We , and Scottish football, haven’t learned. Look how useless Celtic have been in Europe. But they have spent a fortune just to out heavy the SPL teams. So what do we want? Re Dave King. I am not admirer but he has lost at least £20m in Rangers and he helped get rid of the crooks who made a fortune.( and I don’t exclude Ally McCoist who has made a fortune out of our demise).So what do we and Scottish football do? Refs have agenda against us but we should be above it.

    • jeeso, refs have an agenda against US. are you serious? what part of rubbish players don't you get. rangers are a mid table team with big ideas way above the standard of player on show. Aberdeen are number 2 yet they don't talk the way rangers do. inflated egos driven by an inflated media and ridiculous expectations from the stands make it worse. the 4 years in the wilderness wasn't used to build back up to the top league. each year a new team was made for each division. pathetic leadership from DK and clueless management on the park. where is his £20m? where is his nomad? where is his plan? where is his leadership? rumour is the board is split. the dressing room is split. the fans are split.
      fool us once shame on you. fool us twice shame on us. fool us everyday – we deserve it . hearts will never get a better chance to look like world beaters

    • Scottish football is thriving, and Celtic are doing well in Europe (in last year's CL they only lost 3 games, and this season are likely to be playing after xmas). You're kidding yourself on.

      Why don't you do something about it instead of moaning and begging others to help?

      If the refs had an agenda then Alves would have been sent off at the weekend, as it was a clear red card. Yes the referee should have sent of a Motherwell player too but he didn't, that's because the refs are crap but it's not an agenda – you can't pick and choose.

      Dave King has 'lost' nothing in Rangers. That's a lie.

  9. Solution to the mess:

    1. Give Pedro ultimatum that unless we are above Aberdeen and in 2nd by christmas or he goes.

    2. Get a proper scouting network in place immediately using willing ex players. Several including Mols and Human have already suggested this. Scout lower leagues and youth leagues across Europe.

    3. End the current boards stranglehold on the club. Take required action to allow club back into share listing exchanges to enable outside investors to buy into the club. This is our only way to raise the capital required.

    4. Director of football Allen needs to show why he is at the club. A clear player development policy needs to be put in place and the vision needs to be shared with the fans. So far all of heard are empty words.

    5. Club needs to develop a long term improvement strategy to improve every aspect of the club with a realistic pathway to doing so. What is our long term aim? To one day pip Celtic to a title or to reestablish the club as a major European club?

    6. Take serious and effective action to rid club of bigots and racists that do nothing but damage the club. This element has gone unchallenged since the administration and this must change. Technology exists to help identify culprits and we should work with authorities to implement it. These racist bigots are the biggest obstacle to growing the club in forgien markets and improving clubs revenue

    All realistic, all achievable.

    • I like your comments normally but reestablish the club as a major european club??????????? The football has moved on during the last few years and never ever will a club from a small country be anything else other than a bit player. The PSG side that beat Celtic had a front 3 that cost £400,000,000' Teams all over Europe buy player that cost more than Celtic or Rangers entire annual turnover, teams that were unheard off a few years ago are spending 15/20 million on a Brazilian Striker. Clubs from Scotland have now play 4 qualifying rounds just to get to the group stages and then end up with Real, Barca, PSG, Man City etc,

  10. We have been far too lightweight since Warburton arrived and Caixinha hasn't been much better! We need a pragmatic manager who will cut out the tippy tappy rubbish and play aggressive football. We don't need another idealist whose playing style is easy on the eye, we need to win ugly if that's what is required to get back where we belong! We need Sam Allardyce! His salary would be cheap at the price because you get what you pay for and we need a top manager. It will cost far more in the long run if we appoint another cheap option numpty!

    • yea right lets nip down to the money tree and nick a few million from it. managers in EPl get millions in wages and millions on players. Allardyce got a £2m bonus to keep Palace in the league !!! rangers don't have £2m, when are the fans going to get real and understand this ?
      wait n see who is next now Pedro has gone – Eck, Rae, Davies, Bomber, Ferguson (barry not Sir Furious) all cheaper options cos that's the only option on offer.£1.5m would have signed all the 'missed' targets in the summer so how can a TOP manager be recruited on a shoestring budget ?
      Not going to happen.

    • I'm not suggesting giving Allardyce a budget for players equal to the player budget at an English Premier League club, because we cannot afford that and we don't need to spend anywhere near that amount to win the league in Scotland. I'm suggesting offering Allardyce an attractive financial package to use his expertise to try to make us winners again. It is much better to find the money up front for a proven manager, than to have to find the money to get rid of yet another cheap option flop! As Big Sam is currently out of work we wouldn't need to pay a compensation fee to his current employer, unlike McInnes or Wright. Aberdeen and Saint Johnstone would both demand a huge sum from us if we take their manager from them. Therefore Allardyce isn't necessarily the most expensive contender for the job. Rangers have a massive profile around the world and Allardyce might fancy the challenge of trying to win a league championship, instead of firefighting against relegation for a change. The board will be negligent if they don't ask the outstanding candidate if he is interested in taking up the challenge. It would make celtic a lot less cocky if we can get him!

  11. Come on guys, Pedro has failed..simple as that. I would accept stability, hard to beat, small steps etc etc. I don't see it!! Occasionally flattering to deceive, but mostly rudderless and too easy to play against and to beat.

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