The top ten men in the running to be Rangers manager


So the manager hunt is underway in earnest. Make no mistake about it, this upcoming appointment is the most important one in Rangers’ history. Not since Walter returned in 2007 has a manager needed to be able to turn around a desperately ailing Rangers side – today’s win over Hearts was a welcome boost in the arm, but it also papered over the cracks of the previous regime.

No one believes a fine win at Murrayfield means our ails are solved, hence getting this decision right is absolutely critical. Rangers fans do not deserve yet more wasted time and will protest with their pockets should a weak and uninspired choice be made.

So with that all said, Ibrox Noise brings you a full lowdown on all the main contenders, so we can all chew the fat over who we want.

Derek McInnes:

He is the early favourite and many media sources claim he could well be courted next week, citing uncertainty over how much he would cost to free him from his recently-signed contract at Pittodrie. Many fans are unsure about McInnes, and do not feel he is good enough to be Rangers manager – many fans said the same about Walter in 1991 so that aspect is not overly reliable. Ibrox Noise does not have him as the personal favoured choice, with none of our staff choosing him. But most of us do agree he is a more stable selection than the last two. McInnes himself is interested, make no mistake. There are also questions of his ‘anti-Rangers’ comments in the media – well, if we look at them closely, they are actually rebuttals to Pedro mentalism, rather than smears on our club. In short, McInnes attacked Caixinha, not Rangers. And frankly who can blame him? We will see over the coming days how much this one hots up.

Tommy Wright:

An Ibrox Noise preference, Wright has been keen on the job from the get go – and has shown his ability to work with meagre resources and get more from them than the sum of their parts. Rangers, by our standards of old, are meagre, and a well organised group under Wright’s management is a stick on for second place, with January additions in tow. He would not cost the earth and he is a safe pair of hands, quite literally.

Billy Davies:

We are only including him as the bookies have, but the ex-Derby boss is not understood to be interesting Rangers’ board at all, despite his own desire for the job. We agree with the suits. This is not a manager we would want in the slightest and we would borderline object to the appointment.

Alex McLeish:

Always gets linked at times like these and has confirmed he has not been contacted by the club yet. Just like last time, he was not courted to start with, then engaged an informal conversation. We imagine the same again, albeit we know he is favoured by high-ranking men inside the club. It just is unlikely anything will come of it.

Sam Allardyce:

Big Sam has had a varied career – his peak was at Bolton, making a strong group of lads hard to beat. But he was poor at Newcastle and patchy at West Ham. He probably would not be the worst choice but we are extremely wary of any manager who has not experienced the SPL. It is a big ask as the past two can testify.

Walter Smith:

Yes, he is in the running. There are rumours of ill health preventing him from resuming full time management, but even if untrue, do we really want to ask yet more from the man? He is a legend, our joint greatest manager ever, and a hero. But he has given us so much it seems unfair to ask him again.

Graeme Murty:

Does a great job when we need him, but just is not good enough long term – he has shown that overall, and Rangers need a strong-willed man to really patriarch over this squad. Murty is not that kind of chap, but he does speak well, and carries the position as interim wonderfully. And that is the auxiliary we prefer him in.

Frank de Boer:

This is a no. He does know SPL, and he knows Rangers, obviously, but has struggled in every management gig outwith Ajax. Rangers are tougher than anything he has done before, including Ajax, and if he fails at Palace and Inter Rangers is not the place for him. But he is a contender.

David Moyes:

Some outlets claim the former Celtic player is in the running – we do not see it. He has been a complete failure in management since his patchy Everton days when one season would see a strong finish, and the next he would fight relegation. Utd, Sociedad, and Sunderland were all dreadful under him and if he cannot cope with a weak Man Utd coming to terms with losing Sir Alex, Rangers is not the place for him. He also does not know the SPL, seeing as his career has been outwith it since (and before) he left Hamilton in ’93.

Michel Preud’homme:

Surprisingly still in the running, Bruges’ Belgian chief has a CV the envy of many, and with a glut of UCL and NT experience the guy really is at the top of the football tree internationally, but domestically his experience is mostly Holland and Belgium. He would not have a clue what hit him at Ibrox, and as respected as he is in the world of football, it would be a gigantic risk.

So, who would you guys choose of these?

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  1. The list of possibles misses the best candidate of all _ Steve Clarke. His original background may reflect sympathies with the other side of the city, but remember Jock Stein!

    • Stein was an ex Celtic player and there was never any issue with 'the other side' for Celtic in playing or managerial staff.
      Davies is maybe the obviuos candidate, no compo involved, many of the others , Smith etc, wont fancy going head to head with this Celtic side

  2. How about Alex Neil? Solid experience at Hamilton and Norwich.
    For me it should be him or Tommy Wright, or stay with Murty.

    • We've been down to the lowest position in the league fought our way back and now we are setting our sites on ….the manager of St Johnstone. Never in the history of the club have we ever coveted the manager of St Johnstone. No harm to Tommy Wright but is he a rangers manger?

  3. Derek McInnes has won nothing, is flattered by mediocre opposition, Nigel Pearson has shown he is capable as long as he doesn't bring his son .

  4. The list doesn't include Guardiola, Zidane or Mourinho either. I think of the three I'd prefer Guardiola as he's not only a proven winner, but could probably bring some of the best Man City players with him (and maybe even tempt Messi and Suarez from Barca). Zidane would be good but he has no experience of British football and most of the players he could bring from Real Madrid don't either (although Bale would probably be a more than adequate replacement for Windass)so he'd be a risk. Mourinho would be an even bigger risk as he might not get on with Kenny Miller. Just think of a midfield of De Bruyne, Messi and Holt with Aguero, Suarez and Miller up front. No-one seems to be talking about that possibility.

  5. I voted in the poll for McInnes, but I would like a mentor to guide him for a season or season and a half and I would like to see Murty moved in some capacity to be involved in the first team, as when asked, he has taken a disjointed squad of players and got much more than the previous holders of the job managed.

  6. So difficult to choose. I don't envy the guys making the decision…but it's down to them for screwing up the last 2 appointments! Every manager listed has good points but question marks. (Apart from Walter) . None completely convince me. Murty getting the win maybe buys us a bit more time to get it right and buys him time to stake his claim…if he gets it he better get the suit and brown shoes looked out. We have standards to uphold! Whoever gets the honour will obviously get our full support! WATP ��������

  7. Tempted to go for a big name but who is out there ? big Sam, would he come ? Walter, Alex ? Bookies favourite McInnes, has done well but his team are hammered by the scum every time they meet.
    Based on this, and after todays game. I honestly think we should give Murty another few games.
    He would cost 1.5 million less than McInnes and anyone who can get Windass to play must have something lol

    • Windass didn't play. Either side of the goal he was completely anonymous as usual, except when he messed something up/

  8. Think McInnes is the most likely candidate assuming the financial package to transfer him in includes a decent level of finical backing. Not sure who would fund that. Probably the main stumbling block is money to fix things that need fixed. Personally I think the best two candidates that club would probably be able to afford and maybe even as a pair manager and assistant, would be Billy Reid, ex Hamilton Manager working miracles in Sweden apparently with Jimmy Nichol as his right hand man. Nicole knows scottish market very well and also must know Northern ireland international candidates well. Im sure both are big Rangers men at heart, and both have had decent success with smaller budgets. The experience of Nicholl for me thinks he should at least be approached for a role of sorts at Club.

  9. how about, fuck me, WALTER SMITH i must be mental. Naw guys am no! but c'mon ad luv deek but WATTY can't be messed wae. c'mon GERS

  10. Your comments about many fans being unsure about McInnes displays your own prejudices I think. From the poeple I've been talking to and the fans forums he is the undisputed favourite. Even your own poll demostrates this beyond any doubt.

    • Hi Andy,

      You misunderstand. We personally have no issue with McInnes, in fact Ibrox Noise is happy enough with him as manager. That not all staff members have him as first choice is another matter. As for many fans being unsure, just take a look in the comments – there are a number of cautions about him, many of which we accept.

      But let us put it on record – we would be in favour of McInnes as manager even if we are naturally uncertain of just how well he would do – but that also applies to any new manager.


    • He will buckle under the pressure of the job…not strong enough. Been at Aberdeen 4 years, played selic 20 times and only won 3…thats not what we need.

    • Blue Blue Rangers have beaten Septic 4 times in the last 20 times we've played them with a lot more cash than Aberdeen

    • Fair do's IbroxNoise.

      Blue Blue, there is risk with every manager but of all the names linked so far my preference would be for McInnes. As for only beating that mob 3 times, that's more than the last 4 Gers managers put together. I'd also point out that all of those wins came before Rodgers and what has been a domestically unbeatable Celtic team. Seems to me he has done better than other manager who is apparently in the running.

  11. I have disagreed with I.N. on their views of Pedro but the man has left and we have a massive void to fill.
    The 10 names mentioned "Walter" aside are NOT!! What our club need at this vital time.
    I bought into the last experiment and still believe given time it would have came good but a new experiment is the last route we should go down.
    We need a "name", we need someone who has a track record and can get the best out of average players and make good players better.
    My choices in no particular order would be.
    1.Chris Coleman- Good track record in the premiership and has over achieved with Wales, think he would jump at the chance at club management once more.
    2.Michael Oniel- On the brink of second qualification with N.I. for a major tournament and knows Scottish football very well.
    3.Ronald Koeman- Excellent pedigree and record that has been dented of late as he has fell foul to "premiership" sacking syndrome with Numan as number 2.
    4.Tony Pullis- We would be organised and very,very hard to beat (Walteresque) not pretty at times but pretty is the future, results are paramount

    Now the next 2 will be met with ire and blinkered views and would be treated with the same or worse demonstrations as "Wee Mo" signing but pause for a moment and think of the BIGGER picture.
    5.Martin O'Neill- Winner,motivator and excellent track record
    6.Neil Lennon- As above
    The last 2 names would do two things they would bring a tough,winning mentality to our dressing room but probably more importantly on a psychological note it would be a massive, absolutely MASSIVE kick in the teeth to the Lawell brigade.

    Let the circus commence!!!!

    • FFS this is the worst comment yet? Are you trying to be controversial or something?
      Using your numbering:

      1. He wouldn't touch us. He'll be walking into an EPL job
      2. Where's the SPFL experience? The trophies?
      3. Sacked as the worst Everton manager in memory
      4. Plays the worst football I have ever seen from any team. Ever.
      5. Wee shite who shouldn't be let within 100 miles of Ibrox
      6. See 5

      It seems the circus has already commenced with at least one clown out there

    • You seem to be quite condescending and disrespectful with your opinion of me and my opinion.
      You seem to have an opinion on everyone else's post and views, yet you attempt humour by suggesting …………. for the managers post.
      It is "my" opinion we can not make another mistake and the candidates mentioned by I.N. are not "Walter" aside the answer for taking us forward.
      As I said the latter 2 would be met with ire and derision. But I disagree with your findings on the first 4.
      yours sincerely
      "Cocco" the controversial clown.

  12. As I said before, I am not sure at all. I know who I don't want and I think Uncle Walter is a pipe dream, we should let him enjoy his retirement. I do think he should be invited onto any interview panel, though.
    Moyes, Allardyce, Davies and McLeish do nothing for me.

    Similarly, Tommy Wright- it's low level, I'm afraid and his St Johnstone team are awful at the moment.
    De Boer? His rep was damaged at Palace, no question and I am not sure of his long-term management future.

    That leaves Macinnes and Preud'homme. The latter is left field, definitely, but looking at his CV it's impressive. He took Brugges to a title. Still questions about the whole "mentality" issue that comes with the Ibrox hot-seat.

    And Macinnes? The more I think on it, the less I dislike the idea, though it is a gamble. He carries himself well and has very much a "Rangers" demeanour. Whether he can play with the big boys, I don't know.

    Whoever it is, I do think we should be adding some Gers into the backroom staff. It's quite amusing to think that Novo, Lovenkrands and JJ are in there now. Rangers men, but foreign Rangers men. 🙂

    I would like to see a place for Kevin Thomson, Alex Rae or (ducks behind the parapet) Barry Ferguson….

  13. For me we need a manager who is a gd all rounder, can steady the ship,can organise a team, knows the league,knows the expectations, knows the magnitude and the pressures at the club n the most important is not use to spending lots of money on players. So for me that would only leave wright and mcciniss.
    I would have liked to have went for a more house hold name but I think all things considered either 1 of they 2 would b the right fit.
    If the club was in a more financial state n was steady then I would have liked to go for redknapp n lampard as coach.

    • thats a huge IF. Club is smashed, broke in more ways than one. A manager alone, regardless who he is can n ot fix a poorly structured , badly run business. Itll be a while yet before Rangers are a thorn in Celtics side

  14. Very unsure about Derek M. I just don't see the winning mentality there but can see why he's popular. If Michel Proud'homme would take a 6 months trial contract I'd be happier. Unlikely I know. Mon the Gers

  15. I see the papers are touting this Belgian guy who's apparently met with the board – have no lessons been learned with the last failed foreign experiment? Apparently has a good reputation – le guen had one and he was a disaster. With the exception of wee Dick, every foreign manager has failed. Time to get back to basics and get McInnes in. For all the gers fans who claim he's not good enough, look at the fact he has Aberdeen 1 point behind that mob and will likely get another 2nd place finish this season if we don't get him.

    • You don't think his 2nd place is more to do with Warburton and Pedro than his own efforts. He's been there 4 years, played selic 20 times and only won once. We need someone who knows how to beat them, McLiesh it is then. He beat Martin O'Neil so I think he will been Rodgers.

  16. Can nobody else see the parallels with where Rangers is now and where Celtic was when we had done 5-6 in a row?

    Celtic sacked Brady (Warburton) and went left field with Macari (Caixinha) which was a short disaster. They went for a safe pair of hands who would get them competitive again with Tommy Burns. He almost won them the league, playing superb football and handed over to Jansen who did win the league.

    We need to learn from how they did it. Tommy bought the best young Scottish players and added two or three good foreigners and built a team of players who's best days were ahead of them and with a good resale value too. He had much less money than Rangers so he had to do it this way.

    We need our our version of TB and need to follow the strategy that was successful for them in stopping 10 in a row.

    For me, McInnes is our Burns.

    • Walter had money and settled squad, same as Brenda has now. We have very little money and a shambles of a team, same as Celtic had in 90's

      I agree, a Walter would do great but trying to illustrate the similarities between where the Old Firm was in 90s to where we are now and it's almost identical story with roles reversed so we need to learn lessons from this…

  17. Rangers have said that there has been no talks with the Belgian and unlikely to be any this is all the crap that the media spin to sell papers etc We cant afford to get it wrong again Murty has shown he is more capable than Pedro would ever be lets not jump in again and keep the board members who were responsible for Pedros appointment out of the selection process

  18. "Make no mistake about it, this upcoming appointment is the most important one in Rangers’ history"
    Now… how many times have we heard that in the past 6yrs?


  19. Whats the rush? Why do people think we need to run a book to select our next manager? Didn't you watch how hard the team worked and how hard they fought, playing as a team and not 11 individuals chasing a ball….Murty knows them, knows what buttons to push and I see no desperate hurry to appoint anyone right now, especially just because the media has begun the circus…. take a chill pill guys… we have no rush the season is over and only 2nd place in the league is a realistic possibility…. let Murty work with what we have, whats coming up through the ranks and see where we are for next season….panicking and rushing into something like this just doesnt work … look at our last two appointments to figure that one out….


    • I agree. Let the drama queen's at the Record and barking Bookmakers do their snake oil salesmen chatter.
      Mark Allen and the Directors would be well advised to sit back in their chairs and see what the next five games offer (Partick, Hamilton and Dundee then two games against the Sheep)with Graeme and Jonatan in charge.
      The duo looked pretty cool, before, during and after the game at Murrayfield.
      That's three wins in a row for GM achieved on two occasions in the direst of circumstances.
      He is a terrific motivator and praised Morelos, Ryan Jack and Jason Holt in particular for their heavy work in the engine room that can go unnoticed.
      Hardy, Barjonas, McRorie finished the game with Miller and Wilson giving their all and more after long payoffs.
      Above all he connects with us fans as was obvious after the game yesterday. Mutual respect.

    • How the hell can you say the season is over? Only 11 games into league. And a scottish cup to try win.
      And only 6 points behind Celtic..5 behind Aberdeen. Season is far from over.
      Get Mcinness n try win the league fs.
      Got decent enough squad to do it.

  20. As long as the DOF & King between them pick the new appointment we should be fine.
    Just keep the board away from that scenario there not to hot at it!!!
    Have reservations over Derek and I honestly don't know why.
    Interesting times ahead need to get thus bang on!!!

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