January double deal – Rangers linked with clinching SPL duo


With the embers of the Jamie Walker saga still very much remaining alight, speculation has grown in the media amidst reports that on top of clinching the Hearts’ winger’s signature in January on a pre-contract, Rangers intend to secure Motherwell’s Louis Moult too.

The Steelmen’s star striker rejected a contract extension just like his potential future team mate did, and like Walker Rangers have been long-linked with his services, with a number of national publications recently claiming Steve Robinson’s marquee player will be similarly signing a pre-contract deal this coming winter for the switch to Ibrox next summer.

There is said to be significant competition for Moult’s signature though, with the likes of English cracks Blackburn, Millwall and Neil Lennon’s Hibs all mentioned as interested in acquiring him.

But if Rangers can beat all three of these to the contract and bring the protracted Jamie Walker to its desperately-needed conclusion as well, January’s transfer window could certainly start off with a bang for all those connected with Govan.


  1. Even better if we can actually get them in during January too. Motherwell I think would do it if a 50-100K carrot was dangled. Better something than nothing. Hearts might prove trickier but if Walker is dragging his arse over the next few months they might be prepared to let him go for a nominal fee and at least get something for him.

  2. Truth is that the ball is that high in the air at Ibrox at the moment that to attempt to judge who's in and who's out at Ibrox in the new year is a complete waste of time as it is extremely doubtful Ped, will still be here and if he does manage to survive that long then the board most probably wont want to invest 30 bob in his name, exactly as they did at latter stages with The Loaf

    So basically a waste of effort and time to print and publish this story, particularly when we have all been bored to tears in recent months with the exact same speculative, in the know?, nonsense, so please give it a miss going forward as it serves no good purpose

    This is not a witch hunt against our hapless, inept current manager but is a common sense conclusion based on performances, both on the park and in his media dealings thus far, particularly the spat with that prick Sutton where Ped, DECIDED TO BASICALLY CONFRONT THE PANEL OF PUNDITS ON LIVE TV and the bottom line is that it could have went tits up and done us no good at all, which in reality was completely unprofessional and symptomatic of the Walter Mitty UXB, character that he undoubtedly is

    Christ we can pick them!!

    Onwards and ….. Onwards

  3. Doubt motherwell would sell to us for a paltry fee like that considering however much they sell him for 1 or possible 2 other clubs will be due a cut of the sell on fee

  4. IF both players come to Rangers on a free next year, then we have saved a fortune. It's a win win. Win if they turn our great for the club. Win if they are crap as they were took on board with minimum expense and not over inflated transfer fees.

  5. Get The Spaghetti 🍝 Western mudslinger. Padre Cock 🐓 Senior tae fuck
    Get some good deals on the park

    Or Get the hell out of Ibrox and take 1872 with you
    Craig Houston looks too much like Horse 🐴 Cartwright in Bonanza. Stupid looking twat. Too ugly and thick to be a Protestant

  6. More bullshit again. As I said before window closed our penny pinching tactics would hinder Walker coming. If he and Moult have a decent start to season. Then in January we'll find it even harder as teams e.g. Charlton. Sheffield Utd or whatever will again pay higher wages therefore we should forget and focus elsewhere as that's how bad it's became. If the mighty Glasgow Rangers can't stump up cash for these guys and tbh it was a fair price. It irks me this shit. It was in our hands and again we fucked it.

  7. Bottom line, the elephants that are our money issues, our unbelievably cr.p manager just wont go away. If we got the players, would they help, might do, however if we were able to sign Bale and Ronaldo, it is still might do, what happens when Ped gets his hands on them would be anyone's guess. J

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