Is it time to give Kenny Miller a rest?

Is it time to give Kenny Miller a rest?

The last time Ibrox Noise broached this topic, as in, discussion about this player, we received no end of abuse.

While some agreed with our assessment of the situation, many misinterpreted the article as an outright attack on the man, which it was not, and accused us of slandering a good Rangers stalwart.

And he is. Kenny Miller is a good Rangers man and no one will ever question his commitment, professionalism and dedication to Rangers’ cause.

His contribution has been undeniable and any criticism any Bear makes of his performances should be done so with a heavy heart.

He did not have to come back to a backwater league like League 2 when he had a well-paid cushy gig in the MLS for the Whitecaps. He did not have to come to the wind and rain of Govan when he could stay in the plush cool sun of Canada.

But he did. He gave up a lot. And anyone who smears his ability or attitude can answer to the fanbase and sites like ours for their opinion.

However, sometimes you have to try to remove the sentiment for the best interests of the club and the situation, and while last time we got a tonne of criticism for airing a few of Miller’s weaknesses, it seems to us that more and more supporters are in favour of resting him and using his services more sparingly.

At the age of 37 and fast approaching 38, Kenny Miller cannot be used as a player for the future, to build the attack around. Doing so is unwise for obvious reasons. With guys like Pena and Herrera waiting in the wings, Rangers do have solutions for the number 9 slot Pedro likes using.

Furthermore, with heavy interest still linking Motherwell’s Louis Moult with that position, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is one eye on the evolution of Miller’s role, with his giving way to a younger protégé.

But fans are increasingly vocal about wanting him benched sooner rather than later. Every time his name is included in the XI these days, the reaction from the majority is “Miller eff eff ess”.

Whether this is fair or not is not necessarily for me to judge, but it is sad to see a guy who has given so much being lambasted, even only mildly. And if we are to be honest, his displays on the pitch are of someone who is now creaking past his best.

He was exceptional last season – a major reason we managed to clinch third place so comfortably – he was the main man in the Old Firm exchanges and represented the club with the class and dignity he always has.

But there does come a point where one has to consider what is best for the team. Maybe Pedro is right – maybe Miller starting is in the team’s best interests. We are winning right now, after all.

But there will come a point when it definitely is not and his modest form may just deteriorate further.

We assert – this is NOT a slight on Miller. Few appraise him as highly as us – we have enormous respect for the man.

But there comes a time when it is time to call it at least a half day.

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  1. Yes, i dont even need to read the article, the title was enough. its a polite way of saying we need to move on and we have better players that need the game time.

  2. I agree, We should give someone else a chance, and bring Miller on as an impact sub. I would even risk with Pena to start , the boy needs game time to build his confidence.

  3. Spot on with your assessment. Kenny has pulled us out a few holes over the years but its becoming painful to watch him struggle with his touch, and he tends to wander now, so yes its time to move on with one of the new boys

  4. Yes Kenny is getting on a little and may not be be as quick or reactive as he used to be . But he brings lots to the games ..both in interplay and goals …he will score tonight if he plays ! I agree also though that he does some times slow the tempo and hold on when he should let go …Great Servant to the Bears …We need to keep him and add Barry Ferguson to create a Rangers Coaching and Mentoring Team for future kids

  5. Think Kenny can still do a good job , whether it's coming on from the bench or just playing part of the game from the start . I'm sorry to see that Jason Holt seems to be slipping further out of the picture , as this lad always gives his all for the cause . In many way's he reminds me of Doddie , the legendary true blue and i think it would be premature to ditch him . I'd like to see him getting a try out in that troublesome left wing/midfield spot , as he's always a threat when playing further up the park .

  6. Yes. Morelos and Pena will be a pairing that will be difficult to move. Pena's timing for runs into the box are a big part of his play and should bring Rangers a barrow load of goals.

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