Anti-Rangers media agenda resurfaces – Rangers star doesn’t bite


In a scene more reminiscent of a court room drama than a Rangers press conference, media PR chief James Trayner was required to slap the wrist of a journalist (who shall not be named) who tried to bog down the presser with more EBT nonsense.

Speaking about the upcoming trip to Firhill, Wallace expressed his satisfaction at how things appear to be developing at Ibrox under Pedro Caixinha, and how form appears to be improving, only for said journalist to accuse Rangers of being liquidated.

“You’ve been at the club a number of years. What do you make of the wrangle between the SFA and the SPFL over the events that led…”

Wallace cut in with a “sorry?”

Before the hack repeated his question:

“You’ve been at the club a number of years. What do you make of the wrangle between the SFA and the SPFL over the events that led to the liquidation of the club?”

Wallace did not bite.

“I don’t know what that word means and I wouldn’t know anything about the situation you’re talking about.”

Before Mr Traynor cut in too:

“Incidentally, the club wasn’t liquidated. That’s quite wrong and there’s no point asking questions about that.

On the day after Celtic get gubbed in the Champions League and the SFA and Aberdeen confirm the EBT nonsense should be closed, some hack with an agenda tries further to keep his lot out the paper by ensuring nonsense with Rangers gets more import.

Good on all for not rising to this and if anyone needed any idea of the agenda Rangers often have to tolerate, there you go.


  1. What the hell kind of a question is that? And one directed at a player! I mean, what was that journalist hoping to hear?

    'Uh, gee. It was grand, and I think we should do it again!'

    Seriously? Seriously?!

    If a competent journalist if going to go down that path (which is kind of an oxymoron to begin with…), that line of question should be directed toward Dave King or someone on the board. What would a current member of the squad have to say about it that would be informative?

    Good grief!

  2. I would like the dispute between Rangers and the BBC resolved. I find it pathetic all this stuff. I really enjoy listening to journalists talking about Rangers on podcasts etc. I like to hear about our club, the BBC podcast is pretty rubbish because they aren't allowed to cover Rangers. We should put it all behind us and move on, EBT's, Bans, the lot.

    • To be quite blunt Joe (fuck up). We do not and should not give these bastards a platform to attack us, which has been happening from many Angles.We must never forget or forgive, we must fight back. We need to let these venomous bastards that we are the anti venom and we're Goni cancel the bastards out if it's the last thing we do.

    • I totally agree with you 'Hate them back', the BBC banned themselves, not us banning them. Rangers banned Chris McLaughlan, no other BBC representative and they decided to withdraw all of their employees from Ibrox.
      In case you have forgotten why he was banned, at Easter Road we had absolutely destroyed Hibs 6 – 2 and he was the reporter who did a summing up at the end of the match and I can almost quote what he said, it was nothing to do with the game. He went on to say Rangers fans set off a flare and accused them of sectarian singing, he then went on further to say he spoke to the SFA representative, a personal friend, who said he would be submitting a report on the Monday about both incidents.
      The SFA rep broke their rules in speaking to the media, I wonder if he was reprimanded for it? McLaughlan made no report at all on the game, so until he leaves the BBC as far as Rangers football club is concerned, he is persona non gratis at Ibrox.

  3. "Hear", "Hear", James Traynor, under very difficult circumstances, re yourself, you have dealt "Admirably" with the Media, yes and many legal `auspices`, in your sojourn, at our Blue Haven. This latest is just more "vitriol".
    Please keep it up!
    "Aye Ready"

  4. Aye it's all over are certain septic website but I have to admit every time I have felt at a low point these spiteful people bring back. We are and always will be The Glasgow Rangers no matter what and I am proud to be a member of such a fantastic support.

  5. Time to fight fire with fire here.I want the Penn State case laid down as a reference point to have a review,purely for the victims and the on going well being and integrity of Scottish football, to ensure apologies are made,compensation awarded and responsibility accepted for those heinous acts poor kids were subjected to.We'll have no lessons in morality from that prick Lawell and that shower a shite.

  6. Watching psg rip the scum a new one.
    I thought I heard them shouting for neymar but I was mistaken it was.
    "NAE MARE"…

  7. Scottish msm have had an anti rangers agenda for as long as I can remember ' remember souness's comments what 30 odd year ago still ring true today hence why I wouldn't buy a paper or read they're online biased blogs

  8. You would have thought by now they would understand that this only brings us closer together as a club. Media bias is worse than ever with their love of all things St Brenda. No mention of Armed Forces day and the lack of it at Parkhead. Sutton constantly having a go when supposed to be objective as a pundit. Don't worry about it. Remember who we are and what we represent.

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