How Rangers could be in danger of losing out in the January window


As most fans will know now, on-fire Alfredo Morelos has attracted the vultures a mere six matches into his career at Ibrox.

Topping the SPL scoring charts on his own, the Colombian hitman has been an absolute revelation – scouted by Finland and ex-Rangers striker Jonatan Johansson, the 21-year old is making the SPL look like a cakewalk, scoring all range of goals.

His head against County was incredible, and his clinical grass-cutter against Thistle on Friday was on point too. Despite no goals, and one near miss, he also had a fine match last night. This ex-HJK goalgetter is becoming, quickly, Rangers’ prize asset and by some distance our best player.

Unfortunately the downside is he is gaining unwanted attention from an increasing number of English sides, all of whom can likely offer considerably more money to the striker than Rangers can.

Aston Villa, Barnsley, Bristol City, Derby County and Reading are said to be interested so far, but if he keeps his prolific scoring up, you can be quite sure English Premier League sides will join the hunt.

This could already make keeping him in January very difficult indeed.

It is a vicious circle. Rangers want him to keep scoring and doing what he is doing – but the more he does, the more attention he will attract.

For his part the forward has kept his head down and let his football do the talking, and talking it most certainly has done. Rangers can ask little more than the contribution the Colombian youth international has made, and now the question is when the serious bids likely start to arrive in January, will Rangers be tempted to sell or keep their prize asset.

Obviously us fans want to keep our best players, but when the English giants come in, it is hard to fend off. Naturally Bristol and Villa do not quite qualify as ‘English giants’ but it is the start of the period when bigger and richer teams will start to join the queue and bids of £5M and onwards will be very hard to reject.

But let us hope we are in a position by early next year to dismiss any interest in him, and let him keep on scoring in the colour of Light Blue.


  1. If he keeps going and keeps banging them in from now till end of season forget about all they diddy mobs you just mentioned and also should be looking at fee's of minimum of 10 to 15m

    • if you want that type of money then he must score in CL games going price for a player in Scotland who can score 29/33 goals is only 1 million 1.5 if your lucky they look at the scottish players as worthless

    • No need to worry about the Championship. If he continues to improve and continues to score, by next summer the Premiership will be looking at him.
      But we can offer European football and a better, bigger stage.
      The problem will come in Summer 2019 – if he has not signed a new, improved longer contract we will have to let him go then. Even if we have, the money and clubs may be too big for us or Morelos to turn down. But he is not going in January to a Championship club – he is already better than that.

  2. He could bang them in from now until eternity and would still never be worth anywhere near £10million – seriously who's gonna spend that on a striker operating in the SPL. He would have to be doing the business at a higher level(i.e Europe) to increase his market value significantly. Unfortunately we fucked that up good and proper for this season, and I can see him being sold for 2-3million in January to help balance the books(if we have any books that is!)

  3. Absolutely right Jmf. Would be a travesty if he was sold in January (unless, of course for a really stonking fee!).

  4. In January make a deal to sell but only at the summer. Any English club isn't going to require him from jan-jun, they would pay for his potential.

  5. This is a catch-22, but there’s no downside for the Gers here, unless of course he stops scoring.

    I’ve been a big critic of Pedro on this forum, but I have to give him credit for finding Morelos. He’s a gem, and even if we end up flipping him for £5m+ after 6 months at Ibrox, it will be the best bit of business we’ve done in quite some time.

    Also, Pedro and the new DOF need to be looking at potential replacements right now, and if possible, get one committed before we sell Morelos. Of we wait to finalize a deal until after Morelos is sold, we’re going to be screwed. If that happens, the selling club will know we don’t have a striker for the 2nd half of the season, and they’ll also know we have a big pot of cash to spend – meaning the asking price will double or triple if we wait to find Morelos’ successor.

  6. If 2 EPL teams come in we will get 8 or 10,
    He won't be going nowhere this January but if he keeps hitting the net summer looks likely.
    Me I would have is agent in tomorrow and get him signed up for 7 years with a clause if anyone bids 15M your allowed to talk to them.
    Then put follow on's when we sell him on,
    Now that's fuking good business and stops any speculation, EPL put up or fuk up simple!!!

  7. Yup sounds great, downside, he's not really scored against anybody that a big name down south would start to really notice, perhaps if he scores on Saturday and continues, otherwise pie in the sky I'm afraid, fingers crossed as we do need money big time, ticking bomb about to go off J

  8. I dont understand why most of you guys want to take money for morelos…you have in the past before he came to ibrox screamed for someone who would put the ball in the net and now that it looks like we have that you want to drop your knickers like a whore to sell to english loadsamoneys…we should tell them he is not for sale and offer him better terms to keep him here as long as he is doing what we bought him for

    • So true and we now have some one who can put the ball in the net i say keep him,even if and he will go through a spell where he will not get goals so we hold on to him we need him.

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