Rangers fans have had enough of failed Warburton experiment

Rangers fans have had enough of failed Warburton experiment

If Rangers fans seem to be running out of patience with Josh Windass, it is with good reason.

This 23-year old forward has occasionally flirted with some half decent performances; at the start of the season, he gave a good 25 minutes from kick off at Fir Park, then again in the cup match v Dunfermline.

On both occasions the winger was bright, and looked like he could do real damage, but on both occasions he faded dramatically and by half time was anonymous.

Sadly that really is as good as it has got for Windass this season; despite his incredibly underwhelming (some might say ‘poor’) displays for the Light Blues, manager Pedro Caixinha has persisted with him – he was strangely heavily used by the-then new manager last season against all expectations, and has remained resilient, being selected more often than not.

But following yet another weak and unconvincing display in Firhill, fans have had absolutely enough of him.

The site receives frequent comments critical of his contribution, and it really is not hard to see why.

For all the promise he seems to have, he simply cannot deliver on any of it. The ultimate example of this failed potential was when given an essential open goal, Windass proceeded to miss. Unlike Candeias who did similar, Windass had produced little else to compensate for such an error.

Fans are basically out of patience with him – he has been at Ibrox since last July year, arriving on that infamous pre-contract with Matt Crooks. Yet for all those claims that injury was the problem and he just needed a sustained run – well he is certainly getting one and doing nothing with it.

Rangers do have an issue on the left wing – the options are Windass, Niko Kranjcar, Aaron Nemane, Declan John (if Hodson plays left back) and Dalcio. It is far from great, and Kranjcar is out injured as it stands.

If Windass is the best option, it only shows how poor the others are. Furthermore in light of Ross McCrorie’s inspired display last night, perhaps a risk on on-loan Nemane, himself also only 19, might be worth it.

What is for sure is Windass has surely used up all his chances at Ibrox. He has not done it for this club, and for many fans, this Warburton experiment is yet another failure.

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  1. And yet aren't you the people who bad mouthed Pedro when he criticised Windass after the Motherwell game? Windlass hasn't got it. But he is playing out of position. He was brushed aside in last game against Celtic. We need fighters at present. Windass will be on huge wages so Pedro is stuck with him. Next summer before Pedro has his own team. Get behind the Gers. It's a long season.

  2. Wish I had any answer on this but honestly I'm beat!!
    How can he pass players like there status one minute then next game he couldn't pass the salt ffs!!!
    PC or JJ need to sort this one out, install confidence or mindset to bring consistency to his game.
    God only knows I'm beat.
    Magic 2 Tragic.
    Hope we get a MAGIC with bells on Saturday!!!

    • robbie…ive been thinking about what you've said and i think if his father dean would just stop unintentionally meddling with his confidence then perhaps we would see the real josh windass…I think he could be a very good player for us if his dad just let him get on with his job!!!…lets face it this guy can show a lot of class on a football pitch.

    • I Richard what's that about can't afford a passenger against septic ffs??
      It's not a stone he requires to lose it's a decade I'm afraid.
      Get that young boy from Man City on.
      He's the fastest on there books well if there's one thing that unwashed defence hates it's pace.

  3. To me, this all goes back to not having a consistent plan that has been vetted and approved by the Board and DOF regarding transfer policy.

    The playing style of the squad and the attributes each player should have (which can vary depending on position), should be stated by the club at the highest levels, and the manager should be expected to implement it. If you fire one manager (Warbs) and replace him with another (Pedro), it is incumbent upon the board to ensure that the club’s policies and philosophies aren’t radically altered. Following such a strategy would negate the need to totally rip apart the squad and replace it in one or two transfer windows, and instead allow the new manager funds to make significant, targeted investments into a small handful of players.

    Signing the latest and greatest manager and giving him a budget and carte blance to do what he pleases is not a strategy but a recipe for long term mediocrity. The minute the manager is fired and replaced with someone else, the new guy will rip apart all the work done by the old manager (whether good or bad) and spend all the resources finding competent players across all positions rather than excellent upgrades at a handful of positions.

    If we’re ever going to stop 10-in-a-row, we have to change. We don’t have unlimited resources, and what resources we do have are dwarfed by those on the east end of town. We need to invest our resources to with purpose, intent, and consistent with a long term plan irrespective of who occupies the dugout.

  4. At the end of the day he just doesn't measure up as a Rangers player and I wish him all the best in the obscurity of the English third division where he will end up and frankly he belongs there.

  5. For me and many, many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of Rangers fans can ALL see that Windass is such a poor player. SO WHY is he still getting games before others who Must be better than he ?
    This Nemane Must be worth a shout to run at the slow one-paced RB for septic ?
    As long as John is fit to play then he will do just fine against the boaby-flasher OR roberts, quite easily in fact.

    If we can start with Herrera, who looks lean, fit and mega hungry as solo striker cos he is Good at bringing others into the game with him, strong and no a tad mental as our Morelos hero is fast becoming but no runner… keep Morelos for fireworks when needed (if needed) ?
    Five players across the midfield could well be the youngster from Man City 'Nemane', Jack, Dorrans, Cadeias with wee Holt (I know, I know, he's not great) but he can fetch and carry for the others easily.

    Play John at LB, Alves, Cardoso and Tav at the back, I'm sure both will make it.

  6. I defended Pedro after the Motherwell game for criticising Windass because he was anonymous after 30 mins of excellent play. It's the fact that Pedro hasn't been able to sort the problem but persists in starting him that makes me angry. Windass just can't seem to focus for longer than 10 mins at a time. Pedro is openly aware of this but keeps starting him! Surely he brought in Nemane on loan to give him game time yet we're coming up to the biggest game of our season so far(lmo) and we've yet to see the youngster. What about Barjonas? He'd be more productive than Windass without doubt. I just hope Declan John is fit for Saturday. He was excellent on Tuesday night. Even letting Candeias drift to the left would be better than starting Windass. I'm really impressed with the work rate and passion of Candeias. Windass could learn from lhim. Mon the Gers

  7. I would put Kenny Miller on the left wing from the start on Saturday. Windass has lost confidence and should be dropped for now. Mcrorie and Herrera can start for me. I like Pena's runs into the box but he isn't fast enough for me. Must keep the back line tight and boot it high and long for Herrera's knock ons for Morelos. No dickin' around at the back. Turn the opposition and quick about it. In their faces from the first whistle until the last. C'mon the Gers.

  8. If Kenny or Niko start Saturday were fuked big time. Can't afford passengers against the unwashed and there last 25 min players at very very best.

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