You were right Kris, you were right…

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Scottish football fell all over itself to smear Kris Boyd when he prophetically told of Ian Cathro’s inappropriateness to manage.

Not just manage Hearts, but manage. “It is not FM on a laptop”, Boyd stated, and everyone around him, including many Rangers fans decided the guy was an idiot and did not have a clue.

Indeed, some Rangers fans actively canvassed for Cathro’s appointment at Ibrox, fans who believed the youngest top-flight manager seen for as long as we can remember would have the Gorgies playing like Barcelona, because he was a coach at Valencia and ‘discovered’ Ryan Gauld when at Dundee Utd.

But one freak result against Rangers aside, to call Kris Boyd vindicated is an understatement.

Ibrox Noise is not big on discussing other teams, but we felt we had to defend one of our own in the form of Boyd who took absolute pelters, frankly aggressive abuse from the game north of the border for daring to express an opinion.

He was right, simple as. Cathro was a disastrous appointment, and a lot of people owe Boyd an apology.

Being smeared just because he did not buy into the appointment as progressive or radical, but just wrong.

Rangers players who go into the media often become pariahs to the support when they express opinions fans dislike – and Boyd has become sadly maligned for daring to be honest.

But his biggest opinion, Cathro, got him the most abuse, and his forecast has been completely justified.

I suspect few will admit he was bang on the money with it.


  1. Thank God we didn't make Ian Cathro our manager. God is good.

    "I don't say anything." – was his quote this week. Is the guy from Dundee or Tijuana? He's clearly spent too much time with Steve McLaren.

    Having said that, he'll probably end up at AC Milan before the season's out. And I think I know what he'll say to any Scottish journalists in the future –
    "Ah donna say naffing!"

  2. Boyd def knows what he says. I actually think he could be a very good manager. He's a very strong personality who could organise a team well. For all he was a bit of an idiot in the past, he's def grown up and knows his football better than most, especially those ex Celtic players who always have an opinion

  3. I'd say Cathro's biggest strength is his ability to waffle. No more exemplified than in this interview (he's fine up until the 1 min mark, and it goes downhill from there. It gets so bad that the video editor cuts him out at 1:46) –

    Poor guy, I do feel sorry him. He'll still go on to have a good career I reckon, but his interview skills, man-management and hairstyle all need a serious makeover.

  4. To be fair Boyd was in a no lose situation, he either nails it and is considered a prophetical pundit or, is wrong, and carries on with his statutaory and well earned title of "balloon."

    Terrible time to sack a manager all the same.

  5. I wouldn't say it's bad news lets look at the facts.
    It was Levein who tried to hand Walker a terrible offer to stay that led to his father speaking out at Levein.
    HTynecastles redevelopment is £1M over budget and supposed to be done by September to sell tickets, it's clearly way behind on work. Hearts have large Bull inside Tynecastle (a piggy bank) begging bowl asking fans to chip in. On top of that they now need to pay off Cathro's 3 year deal, potentially have to pay comp for their new man and fund his plans. Walker will be Blue.

  6. Top clubs should hire top managers. Experiments should happen in the lower leagues where you learn and ply your trade. It didnt take long for the Hearts challenge to fade. No wonder Scottish teams don't sustain and do well in Europe. Let's hope our board made a wise sustainable choice with Pedro. WATP.

  7. Boyd's an idiot. Slaughtered Gers on many occasions too. Scatter gun approach is due to be on target once. He should shut up and leave out the comments on Gers. Clown of the highest order.

  8. Not keen on this post and I'll tell you why ! Cathros record is not much worse than our own punt of a manager in Pedro and results have not been any better for Pedro than Cathro, and we may be rudderless ourselves if first three games of season don't go well , fk other teams we have our own worry

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