Rangers in “three-way battle” for English midfielder; reports

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Rangers have competition from Cardiff and Sunday’s victims Sheffield Wednesday in Pedro Caixinha’s reported pursuit of the amusingly-named Wigan midfielder Max Power.

The creative midfield spark, said to be similar to Graham Dorrans with a hint of Jason Holt in style, is alleged to be seeking a departure from the ex English Championship side, now relegated to the ignominy of League One, and claims are being made that Rangers seek a further midfielder to complete their set.

Quite how credible this claim is given Rangers are blessed with the aforementioned Dorrans and Holt, Mexican Carlos Pena, the resurgent Josh Windass and Niko Kranjcar remains to be seen, but the speculated price for the 24 year old, who, incidentally has never represented his country at any level, is sub-£500k.

However given Rangers’ recent past with Wigan players, such as James Tavernier, Rob Kiernan and Martyn Waghorn, this is a move some fans are cautious about to say the least and a number wonder why their side has been linked with yet another midfielder.

In truth the lad’s general career is nothing to write home about, but if Pedro wants to make a move for him, you will hear about it here.


  1. Sorry to talk all electrically, but I think Max Power is highly rated. Whether he's any better than our current players, I don't know. His ability has probably been amplified because of his name though…

    I read last night that Newcastle are prepared to sell Grant Hanley. Birmingham are apparently interested. Don't know if he's affordable, but he'd be a very decent signing for us maybe?

    • I'd try for a season long loan of Hanley if possible with option to purchase. Said for a while now that he'd be good for us…

      If Pedro is looking for another central midfielder then it would make me think he has doubts about Pena already. He hasn't featured much at all pre season and arrived with a reputation. Is he homesick already, is that why Pedro wants another midfielder? Hope not.

    • Absolutely mate, Hanley would be a great addition. Yeah not sure whats happening re Pena, you could well be right!

  2. If we bring in Max Power and his Korean step-brother Min, we should be able to regulate games properly.

    (I really need a job…)

  3. pretty good at circuits I hear at 500k not exactly an overcharge more of a positive energy in midfield there again we have had negative signings from Wigan lol

  4. I think you lot are wired to the moon. This lad is obviously a bright spark in the midfield. He is 1.8 meter in height and has the capacity to do well at Rangers but I don't think he will make the switch from Wigan at this point as I think they will charge to much! :))

  5. This story could easily be overblown and in short another leakage from an Ibrox source that is known for its vulnerability.

  6. This will come as a shock to no one, but apparently AC Milan and DC United are interested in him…

    • I also got a lead that the lads main ambition is to join Rangers and asked his agent to make a connection and flex his muscles to get a deal. I'm sure if the lad keeps plugging away and conducts himself well, he will be successful.

    • That's right, Jimbo, he comes from a good family too. His grandfather was a bus conductor and his father is a wiry old copper by all accounts. He said the call from Rangers came as a volt out of the blue, but that he's always been a Gers fan. And his hero growing up was none other than our legendary striker, Fusebox Durie..

  7. AC Milan and DC United could use his positive energy, but want his conduct to be less shocking and need some more power from him – shocking. There is a plus to signing him, but then again there may be a minus to it as well. He is like lightning and that is not a negative type but his signing could blow up on Pedro's face. Who leaked this source anyway. (ha Ha)

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