Why THIS must never die at Ibrox

Why THIS must never die at Ibrox
 Article by: Ibrox Noise

If Rangers fans are not a stranger to something, it is hard times. Quite frankly, the hell of 2012 lingers to this day, with a weak and dishevelled regime at every level of the Club now.

The deeply worrying concession of where Rangers are seems to have permeated throughout the fanbase, with frustration and helplessness when it comes to offering a solution.

Because, the truth is, we all have our hands tied behind our back and unlike the EGM of 2015, this time the fanbase is powerless to effect change.

And yet, what do we have here? Excitement? Yes. For as long as I can remember, whatever is going on at Ibrox, whether it be our club brought to the brink or a regime we do not trust, or a team that simply appears hopeless for the task at hand, we still love our club as much now as we always have.

I am as excited for Ross County on Sunday as I have been for every match Rangers have ever played.

The team is mince, the manager appears not to have a clue, and our latest signing is yet another ‘prospect for the future’ who is said to be aimed at Academy development. The board seems to have absolutely no plan to get us out of this mire, and we sit 6th in the table.

Yet we still love our Club – we still get as excited as we always did for every match, because it matters.

It matters what the XI is. It matters what the formation is. It matters how we play. It matters if we win. It matters how the defence copes.

Everything matters, and everything always will.

The most worrying day would be when it did not. We might be arguably the worst top-flight Rangers side there has ever been, and we might be going backwards from an already hideous regime built by Mark Warburton, but the day we accept where we are will be a sad, sad day.

In our heads, we do – we know by our normal standards this Rangers machine is creaky and missing a bunch of cogs. It needs a complete overhaul.

But in our hearts we still expect the moon from it. We cannot go the route of, with all due respect to the following, Leeds, Forest, Wednesday, and many others who now ‘know their place’ and find themselves permanently etched in the lower leagues of English football.

We are Rangers, and while we know in our minds how bad we are, we must always believe in our hearts that, like Huddersfield, we will rise again one day.

Right now we are essentially Glasgow Hearts, albeit with a stadium too big for purpose and we expect too much. But the day we do not expect too much the last flickering ember of what it means to be Rangers is seriously at risk of being doused.

We will never die, we will always be the people, and for as long as the supporters believe in what Rangers means, that will remain the case.

And that is why Ross County this Sunday is as exciting as any Rangers match. It will be rubbish, no doubt, and the usual suspects will play poorly and our manager will take positives from another woeful loss of points – but we remain embedded, enshrined in the values of being Rangers.

As long as we keep them, we remain us.

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  1. Things have improved for a start we have a board who have the clubs best interest at heart because no one investing in Rangers are going to make any money out of their investment so profit is not a motive. Mistakes have been and probably will be made in the future by the board but for the first time in years we have invested serious money in players with fees in excess of a million pounds. The boards biggest mistake was appointing Pedro but as we have seen from other clubs a change of manager can make a huge difference to a team. I believe Pedro whilst being unable to manage has brought to the club more technically gifted players than we had last year and a new manager will have a solid nucleus from which to build. Football is like pendulum one minute you are up the next your down. Did we as fans ever think that during nine a row that our success would ever end not a chance. As Big Marv said Keep Believing.

    • Big Bear 🐻. Perfectly Put.
      We have a better squad although we have to get new defenders and a battering ram with heading abilities and a foot with composure. A striker who attacks the ball ⚽ and if take heads up with the goalie and ball in the net Good
      And get a Goalkeeper Rangers Where's Andy Gorams love children ffs

  2. Success dosnt come over night and we are only 3 games into the season lets get a grip on reality!Pedro might turn out to be useless but you need to give him some time with his own sighning and then judge him and his team fairly.

  3. We are a joke just now. And that's the stark reality. Only since the start of this new season has it actually finally dawned on me that we are just not the same Rangers we used to be. We expect to be successful like we once were but we're miles off achieving that now and yes there has been positives with DK ousting the Fat Rat. That was outstanding news. But they've really let themselves down especially Robertson' with being fooled into thinking Pedro is our answer. I would get rid of Robertson as he's made two big mistakes in a row with manager choices. It's ruined us for the pat three years. I for one actually don't expect a win most times we play now. It could be either win lose or draw ??? That's the deal now. That's where our club is and yes Ibrox Noise we actually seem to have little direction. We missed a big one in Derik M.

  4. I have been saying this for months now some people think it's acceptable to accept mediocre SPFL players as potential signings managers like Tommy wright to come to the club and us to aim for second we are rangers and we don't expect anything less than wining everything and coming first all the time the day we accept we are like the rest we will be finished

  5. Would you swap this team for the warbs team? Of course not, so we are moving in the right direction.
    The current team WILL click into place as they are all quality players.
    Everything takes time…..

  6. Good article, however, I personally no longer get excited ahead of our games anymore, but my die hard love for the club will always burn brightly and want us to get back to the high standards that Rangers are associated with.
    When I walk to ibrox for the game, I just hope and pray we click and start burying our chances and put teams away, but time and time again, we fail to do that. Therefore, I go to games anticipating the same old tippity tappity bollocks whilst failing to take our chances, then gifting the opposition points. After the game I then walk to my car giving the old muttley growls (for those who could remember that dog:) raging we have given away vital points again and making lower teams look good.
    Does that stop me going next week, hell no, albeit it's not going to plan, but I firmly believe one day it will. When that day does come, it will be all worth the toil and pain in the end. I will criticise our players, manager and board when things are not going right, but I will never turn my back on them or stop supporting my club.

  7. You have obviously never ran a successful business. It takes time. You need right product( we are a great brand) The Craig Whyte / Charles Green fiasco set us back as many years as theHMRC fiasco( we will never be told truth on why we were singled out). We have to start living within our means. Get into the black and attract new investors. Getting world class coach and players is beyond our mans at present. I hope Pedro is right guy. We have to compete in a league where we, and Celtic, get kicked to pieces every week. In Europe we have to play different style. No doubt Pedro bought players anticipating we would be in Europe this year. Celtic have money to mix and match. We don't . Yet. I am not Dave Kings greatest fan but the guy already has lost£20m and continues to underwrite our needs. As do others. Unlike Whyte, Green etc. I have just placed a bet on Rangers to win league at 20/1. 20/1 in two horse league. Celtic have just earned £30m but now have far more games to play than we do. We were unlucky against Hibs , there is a long way to go. Hiring Scottish managers who have been successful kicking shit out of everyone is not way forward. Get behind new players. Big change for them remember. Last year I was very pessimistic when I saw our first game. Not so this year. We are stronger.We will finish 2nd at worst. You columns have been very negative recently. If we had £100m given to us now what would you do? Best Rangers or Celtic can offer any top players is Champions league football. We can't even do that yet. Celtic are not first choice for any of their big signings.So let's give them a run for their big money this year. Next year will be different story. WATP.

    • Excellent post Alan Calder spot on summary and analysis of where we were and where we are now you are correct Rodgers has an easy task at The Midden cause he had no bench mark …McInnes I think not !! The whole Whyte Grenn HMRC thing nearly done for us but we are back and getting stronger in lots of areas ..and the team could end up better ..I agree Alan we won't challenge them this year but we must try to get closer and further from the rest .Next year we may be able to do another share issue and attract more investment .WATP

    • Well said Alan,I often wonder whay goes through some of our fans heads. Do they really expect us to just become world beaters overnight. Improvement has been made all over the club and serious investment in the playing squad but yet people think we are a shambles and our board should be sacked!!!

      No-one in Scotland can compete with Celtic at the moment so our only hope is too many games or a freak breakdown in team chemistry if we are to challenge for the title. Our focus should be European qualification preferably in 2nd spot and continuous development with the aim to stopping 9 or 10 in a row.

      Or maybe we should just sack Pedro after 3 league games…..

  8. I think that we have to take stock and remember where we were and how far we have travelled.

    Compared to Greig and the Barcelona Boys, this team is crap. Compared to Souness' team, the 9IAR boys, Gascoine, Laudrup, Super Ally, etc, etc, etc this team is crap.

    Compared to (no disrespect intended to honest pros) Ian Black, Kevin Kyle, Cribari, Mohsni and a host of people whose names I would rather not type – we are Brazil on steroids!!

    I believe the relevant question is – have we improved the squad from last year? Are Jack, Dorrans, Pena, Alves, Cardoso, Candeias, Herrera, Morelos et al better than last years crop?

    I think, and happy to hear dissenting views, that with a couple of possible exceptions, we have a vastly better squad. I would have kept McKay if he had signed a new contract and been more consistent. I would have liked to have seen Halliday given a chance in a role further forward with better teammates, because we all love a fan in a jersey. Nobody else who has left was wanted. O'Halloran is on fire, but suits counter attacking football, not massed defences parking busses.
    I liked Waghorn's commitment and enthusiasm and would have kept him if he had signed a new contract and accepted he is a forward not a striker. Can't lead the line, cracks under pressure.

    The jury is still out on some of the new signings. The manager has benefited from some of Warburton's bad luck re Rossiter and Kranjcar. BUT, he has improved Windass. Unlike the Hat, he has realised Kiernan's value lies elsewhere.

    Structurally, our defence is a million miles better. Supported by quality in holding midfield. We could do with more quality and more options in attacking midfield, but this time next year Walker will be here, with McLean. Nemane may or may not be any good, but no cost to us and free to sign next year if it works out. Manager spent big money on Pena, if he was right that will improve us.

    Up front we struggle, but I hope Morelos will come good, he is better than anything we had last year. I would like Hardie to get a run and see if Dodoo can earn his song:-)

    In conclusion, I think we are massively improved on last year, on the last 5 years and we are still on a journey. Whether Pedro survives or not, I think the basis of a team is there and with a couple of additions and a couple of our youth players replacing those who fail to rise to fill the jersey, I honestly think that 18/19 will see us attack them. We may succeed, we may fail, but we will attack and keep doing so until we win.

    If I was going to surrender, I would have done it 5 years ago. Whatever his failings, and they are legion, Super Ally kept us alive. With the help of McCulloch and Wallace, we clawed out way back. If we didn't quit then, we are not quitting now.

    No Surrender WATP

  9. A positive post from Alan Calder, not enough of them on here. The negative posters, could they be the some of the fans that left ibrox after 65 mins in the teams FIRST home game of the season ? Who knows, but Derek Mcinnes, Really !! Sacked by the the football giants of west brom & bristol city. I can't believe people would swop pedro to take yet another gamble on Him. No give pedro a full season with his own players and if we're no further forward try to get investment into the club & do what THEY realised they had to do & get a premiership manager in. But be warned it will take serious cash & still might not work. Do we want to be back where we were 5yrs ago ?.

  10. Wats the point in this page it should be called Rangers critics page get behind the team and Pedro we will come good and so called fans that keep slating Kenny Miller get a grip the guys a legend there's not a team like the Glasgow Rangers no not 1 and there never shall be 1 wrtp

  11. I am beginning to doubt this is a Rangers forum so much negativity it time people acknowledge the reality of our situation. Talk of sacking manager after three games get real. Also talking about getting Scottish manager who? I am also amused by all the rubbish talked about understanding Scottish football what's to understand its crap it is time we moved on and started to look at playing proper football not just lumping ball up park and kicking anything that moves. Give Pedro a chance to turn us around get behind the team the management and stop being so negative

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