Pedro confirms O’Halloran axe – under him

Pedro confirms O’Halloran axe – under him

Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has effectively confirmed that on-fire loanee Michael O’Halloran, currently setting the SPL ablaze at St Johnstone, has no future under him at Ibrox and is not the kind of player he or Rangers needs.

The Portuguese, speaking at the pre-Ross County presser, asserted that O’Halloran’s form was essentially irrelevant and he would not be part of Rangers’ plans moving forward.

The manager said:

“He is not my type of player. He is not the type of player Rangers need. That’s what you need to understand. In my opinion he does not have what you need to play for Rangers.”

In light of O’Halloran’s blistering form over at St Johnstone, where he has essentially picked up from where he left off in late 2015, this claim is something of a surprise given the manager signed Dalcio – and it also begs the question of what ‘kind of player’ he defines O’Halloran to be.

With Rangers’ form currently a touch troubling, and another tricky trip to Dingwall upcoming, it seems more than a little odd that the SPL’s most in-form player has been rejected outright. Especially given he is on a long-term contract at Ibrox and has now been told under this manager he will not be welcomed back.

He went on:

“A recall? Not with me. He’s not my type of player. He’s not the type of player Rangers needs. You need to see that sometimes if you take the same person to different contests, is he going to give you the same? The reason is up to me and him to discuss it and I’m not going to discuss it. I’m just telling you that in different scenarios he will have different answers and you are seeing that at the moment.”

Echoes of the McKay disaster are starting to ring out here.

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  1. Who is letting this guy in front of the media? Embarrassed and raging is the best way I can dèscribe how I feel. Caravans and dugs, rubbishes MOH which no Rangers manager would do publicly and openly tells the world that the players need a break…..mentally. This can't go on any longer. Regardless of result against Ross County he has to go….fruitcake!

  2. I'm all for giving our manager time like i've stated on here previously,but i do agree with GMan that a glasgow rangers manager SHOULDN'T be saying these sort of scathing things in public as regards michael o'halloran!!Whether caixinha rates him or not,he has to bear in mind that MOH is still a glasgow rangers player and under contract for another 3 years or so!!My personal take on this is,if he continues to do well at st.johnstone,then he has to be brought back!Thats part of the way a player going out on loan works!I rate o'halloran and think he's not been given a proper chance at rangers!!Pedro should think before spouting these things in press conferences!!

    • moh got plenty chance at rangers did not burst a gut for us the way he does play for stjohnstone .bhoy did not want to play for rangers good riddance

    • With the spelling reference I would guess you have suspicions that he did not try possibly because of previous allegiance? I did also allow this to pass through my mindset, however if that was the case he has been stupid, as his newly found form can only mean a bigger transfer fee for us.

  3. I thought Pedro was being looked out for He's a loose cannon !!! Can someone please get hold of this fella ..its not acceptable

  4. Pedro keeps it real with what he is saying tbh…. MOH was pish for us and Warburton saw that aswell, he has found his level at st Johnstone….. I have every faith that the gers are going to be a decent team this year and with decent I mean finishing 2nd in league and beating Celtic at least once! Now I know that not where we need to b but at least it's a sign of the right direction!!! Wish this site was not so negative at times🇬🇧🇬🇧✊️

    • Maybe, but the question is why he was lousy under Warbs and Pedro but playing great stuff beforehand and now again since he returned to the Saints. The bhoy thing doesn't wash. If he didn't want to play for Rangers he didn't have to.

  5. I agree with the manager that O'Halloran is a counter attacking player and so unsuited to Rangers, with the exception of Europe away and Celtic Park. It is not worth keeping a player for so few games.

    BUT, I think it is unacceptable for a Rangers manager to be publicly slating a contracted player without evidence of grievous misbehaviour, which is not evident here.

    I suspect O'Halloran may be at Rangers longer than Caixinha! Unless Pedro turns into a miracle worker, in which case we will all end up loving him 🙂

  6. The Rangers board must take action and keep this idiot away from press conferences MOH is not in his plans but why castigate the guy Pedro is a total nutcase embarrassing our club every time he opens his mouth as I have said before its time for us to get shot of him he is even talking about possibly playing Pena on Sunday against Ross County a place where you have to fight and dig in to get a result I dont think Pena has that in his game

  7. Is Jim Traynor still at Ibrox? Someone needs to educate Pedro on what to say at press conferences. Most bizarre press interview of any Rangers manager I have ever seen!
    When he was asked how he felt when the fans showed frustration in the Farts game, he said "What Frustration", then the interviewer told him about being booed off the park?! Really Pedro!?,, 1 point out of 6 in two home games?
    It's all sound bites to me, its all well working hard in training, but if our team hasn't been scoring goals for over a season, then of course we are frustrated! But Pedro swept it aside as if he didn't care how we felt. O'Halloran is still a Rangers player, it was digraceful for Pedro to degrade him like he did. So what about all the other players out on loan??
    Very poor interview. More action, less talk about dogs and caravans Pedro!!!

  8. Sorry Pedro's not my type of Manager and not the type Rangers need.

    O'Halloran is unwanted by some of our supporters for, in my opinion, the wrong reasons if we we are to become a big name with the best players. To be a great team you have have to have the choice of every section of the community.

    Pedro's time is close to ending learning have just lost any respect I had for him

  9. The other thing is that if you want a decent transfer fee you don't tell the buyer you don't want the item on sale

    Fucking idiot of a man

  10. With each passing day, Pedro is being found out as a pouser and a fraud.

    I think a lot of Gers fans would privately agree with his assessment of MOH, but to come out and say these things publicly is reckless and damaging to the club. MOH's loan deal only extends for another 5 months, and then (as of today) he's scheduled to return to Ibrox. Except now Pedro has basically said he won't be welcomed back. Okay fine, you don't rate the player and determined he has no future here. What on God's green earth (sorry, Blue Earth as we apparently can no longer tolerate Green in any form even if it has nothing to do with Celtic) do we gain by telling St Johnstone and any other potential suitors of MOH that he's persona non grata? Suppose he continues to lead the league in goals? Who's going to pay fair market value after what Pedro just said. Completely undermined his own negotiating position and killed any chance of getting a decent fee for MOH.

  11. Michael O'Halloran did not perform very well at Ibrox, but has done less harm to Rangers than Pedro has.

    • rangers fans including me need to back the manager and the club or your just playing into the hands of the celtic daily record who are creaming there pants at every gers fan who slags the manager and team its a work in progress I watched the davy white era if you cant remember that your lucky that was pish but we came back. as for mcliesh and mcinnes they would have the same results theres no money apart from the great support so lets just give it a few more games before we throw in the towel like a bunch of losers

    • At what point is it okay to throw in the towel like a bunch of losers? When we're 10 points back? 20? 39? Maybe when we're in the bottom half of the table?

      Look, I fully appreciate the need and desire to stick with our gaffer as we're depending on him to get the results. But bottom line here is he's not cutting it. Results have been poor, and the squad isn't demonstrably improved given the amount he's been allowed to spend.

      Rather than playing into Celtic's hands by telling it like it is, I think we'd be doing them a massive favour by letting Pedro continue to manage the club.

  12. The pressed says a lot. There's more to this than him throwing MOH under the bus. Pedro is almost bristling when his name comes up. Clearly the bhoys head wasn't at Ibrox and it's shown. My first reaction was disbelief but the reaction I seen showed there's more to it than that…

  13. Pedro is an embarrassment. Who let's lets this guy in front of the cameras. He is making Rangers a joke. His players, apart from dorrans & alves, are no better than the crap that we had last season. Just becausr they have exotic names doesn't make them good.
    I think it will be the same next season, a new manager & another total overhaul of the playing staff.
    The real problem is the boardroom. I would rather someone in the fegus McCann mould than so called real Rangers mens.
    Slate me all you want but deep down you know am right

  14. F…..k me!!!
    Have watched the interview many times and at no times does he come across as a nutter as this site and some people are claiming.
    Fact: You're never going to like or properly back the gaffer.
    Fact: Mackay,Waghorn,Garner,Forrester,Halliday,Ohalloran etc were and are not Rangers class at THIS level they were given their chances many times but couldn't cut it.
    Fact: The gaffer defends our institution at every opportunity and press conference when faced with every RFC detesting reporter.
    Fact:The gaffer defends his players to the hilt and deflects responsibility from them to him.
    Fact: The gaffer is honest to the core and speaks his mind.
    Fact:The gaffer is not afraid to make tough decisions
    Fact:The gaffer is BUILDING!!!!!!! a team
    Fact: He is the f…..g GAFFER!!!!!! so is it too much to ask to see the bigger picture and back the GAFFER.

    • Johnboy, with all due respect, a lot of what you say is true. Especially the first bit about a lot of us not backing him. But also a lot of the parts about the players Pedro has shipped out and his integrity.

      But here's the thing: Pedro has also never shown the ability to succeed at Ibrox. He's never won anywhere he's been. Even in Qatar for Christ sake! He's never developed players into international stars. He's never, until he arrived here, been able to recruit big names either. And judging by the results since he's arrived, he's not very good tactically either (at least in my opinion). So that begs the question: what exactly qualifies Pedro to be our gaffer? That's a serious question.

      For my money, the guy managing our youth team showed more managerial ability in 6 weeks than Pedro has shown in 6 months. He also managed to take points off of Celtic (AT CELTIC PARK!) in his very first try, something Pedro still hasn't managed to accomplish. And he didn't have to resort to rambling on about dogs or Porches after he lost to a bunch of effing amateurs from Luxembourg (because it didn't happen!).

      You are 100% right that Garner, Waghorn, Halliday, et al were not Rangers quality and we were right to ship them on. But Pedro isn't Rangers quality either. Continuing to back him only delays the inevitable and makes the clean-up job that much harder.

    • Go on Johnboy.
      Sack him after 3 games with 10 new players ffs really.
      If anyone posting on IN doesn't think we're twice the team of last season there either drunk or insane!!
      We all need to stick together and back the Management & players alike!

  15. I think Pedro is a total liability and needs to go asap. Stewart Robertson has a lot to answer for. I can't for the life of me see why he appointed this guy. Pedro has no clue and will be 10x worse than Delia. I'm telling you this guy talks the talk but he just isn't Rangers manager material. It has cost the club money we simply don't have. (In transfer fees)

    I have a friend of a friend who is related to one certain 37 year old at the club. He tells me Kenny sees what the manager is trying to do but the problem is its just not working. According to him Kenny would like to try n get his head down n work hard for the club but is struggling to see how it's going to work and predicted Pedro won't be there much longer. He also Tells me Kenny fancies his chances of replacing Pedro when things go wrong.

    I for one wouldn't give Kenny his chance though. We done it with Ally and we all know how that worked out. We need someone experienced and proven not some guy plucked out from a club from Qatar. Hope he goes soon before its to late. Don't care if we get laughed at. I would rather laugh last once we are back to the summit of Scottish football with right guys in charge.

  16. I've been saying on this site for weeks that someone from the boardroom or the Director of Football should be having a word with Pedro about his media interviews. He's a loose cannon and there's no excuse for PUBLICLY demeaning a human being, an employee, and a company asset. He's not safe to be put in front of a camera. He's making us a laughing stock and providing fodder to the press who hate us. Why on earth are we discussing shit like this When there's football to be played and talked about. Mon the Gers

  17. This guy wee call our manager has to go its simple as that, get shot before any more damage is done by him. How can he not rate moh and wee Barry. Awrite wee Barry didnt like defending n went in ahuff er it but the boy has bags of ability, the right manager would get the best out of him, yet he rates Dalcio. Dalcio is the footballer i have seen in my life, never thought i would see a worse player than Ross Perry. He simply doesnt do it it for me and most fans. Give him a couple more games and if things dont get better then show our displeasure and get banners made for home matches to get him out. !!! We the fans deserve better and imo better lies in mcdermid park in the form of Tommy Wright. I think he would get the players singing from the same hymnbook n get everyone fighting for the jersey. I may be abit harsh in wanting shot of this guy so soon but hes a poors mans Ronnie Deila. One thing about Ronnie he got the manky mob league titles something Pedro will never do. I for one anyway am going to give him until the shelik game n things haven't picked up banner will be getting made and taken to the famous stadium to hopefully catch Stewart Robertsons eye, obv i might be a one band on that from unless some other fellow bears step up with theyre banners. Lets try an Arsenal hashtag. #PedroMustGo!!!

  18. Enough is enough. Pedro's number one priority is clearly Pedro and the sound of his own voice. He practically put a going cheap sign on McKay's head rather than talk up a player who at the time was our most marketable asset and here he is doing the same all over again with MOH. If he keeps banging the goals in for St Johnstone then Pedro should be making noises about how he has a future at Ibrox even if just to push the price up. Dave King is a businessman surely he must see sense and put a gag on Pedro. Truth is Caixhina will be long gone before January in any case.

  19. Fact: Johnboy – you like your facts!
    Fact: A Rangers manager should not criticise a Rangers player as publicly as he did.
    Fact: We will obviously be trying to sell the player in the January transfer window, so why slag him off and get less money for him?
    Fact: Rangers didn't receive enough money for Joe Garner & Martyn Waghorn or Barrie McKay and were found out trying to lie to the fans about what Rangers actually received – shameful!

  20. There is always going to be differences in opinions, that's football and that's life.
    I personally will, as I've done all my life and support the team and gaffer through good and bad times (I remember the Gregor Stevens,Colin Macadam,Billy Urquart etc days and they got my 100% support).
    This manager and team are new and are gelling.
    Are Dorrans,Jack,Alves,Cardosa,Candieas and Morelas better than what we had??.
    Is it coincidence that since certain players have departed that the daily leaks to the gutter press have ceased?
    Did Ohalloran fail to turn up for a match?
    Do players that undermine our institution in ANYWAY deserve respect.
    Is anyone here privy to what goes on in training and behind the scenes?
    I have and will not claim that: the gaffer is a tactical genius,had a wonderful record pre-Gers,he is the next Fergus etc.
    But he has my 100% support whilst in his position and I hope he turns into a Rangers legend.
    If a man who has 93 caps for Portugal holds the gaffer in high regard, who am I to say he is wrong.

    • hear,hear johnboy…glasgow rangers as an institution deserves and needs all the support that we can give it…So…lets do so…pedro and his staff are at this time part of the set-up and that also includes the players…now ime not saying pedro wont make mistakes but for goodness sake he is not a scot or even a brit so it is not second nature for him to deal with the arsewipe scottish press…if I were him I wouldnt give them the steam from my pish…you have made several excellent observations thank you johnboy…well done to I.N. for this great RANGERS site…W.A.T.P.

  21. Well done Gaffer for sticking up for our institution AGAIN to the bigotted,vile,despicable imposter Sutton.
    You had big balls and won the battle easily.
    Shame 2 former legends stood by and gave you no support, wait a minute YOU Didn't NEED IT!!!!!.
    Excellent defence and retort Pedro.
    Keep up the fight,Keep defending our institution.

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