Jamie Walker update

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

The Jamie Walker saga (yes another article) continues on with yet another two twists in the tale with the recent sacking of his now ex-coach Ian Cathro and continued dropping under interim coach Jon Daly.

The former Gorgie boss had been on record as saying Walker was unequivocally not for sale for less than £1M, itself a bit of a climb down from the initial reaction which suggested the winger was not for sale at all and anyone trying to sign him was ‘wasting their time’.

But now Cathro himself has been fired it really throws a cat among the pigeons of the Walker soap opera.

From Ibrox Noise’s understanding, the situation is in a lot of flux. The last (third) bid widely reportedly made remains around the £700k mark, and that was rejected – this was the middle of June.

Mainstream tabloid speculation claimed Rangers were set to increase their offering, with varying numbers being quoted, but nothing further was reported as rejected.

And subsequent comments since that third bid suggest the deal is in fact very much on, with unconfirmed reports claiming an undisclosed sum (fourth bid) has in fact been accepted, although we are less clear on whether this was before Cathro’s firing or not.

It has been one hell of a messy saga, and the exit for their manager may well have changed the dynamic at their club, but it will not have altered Walker’s desire to join his boyhood team.

Daly has confirmed the player has been dropped again for the season’s opener against Celtic, and has equally confirmed Rangers must stump up £1M to sign him:

“If I was a manager I would buy Jamie for £1m no problem because on his day he is our best player.”

With time now entering the ‘running out’ phase of the summer transfer window, we have just over three weeks to go till squad rosters are finalised, and we would dearly love to add Walker’s name to Rangers’ ranks.

Daly added:

“From what I’ve read they (Rangers) are a long way off the club’s valuation, the club has worked with him for a long time, he has been here a long time. If a club comes in with a £1m bid or whatever the board value him at, he’ll go, but if they don’t he’s going to find himself here at the end of the window. He can’t put all his eggs in one basket with one club.”

Hopefully these stories of the deal finally being on are true, and the boy can get his wish, Pedro get his man, and the rest of us get on with it.


  1. As ive said before to allow hearts to climb down over the million quid claim offer £650.000 and a fringe player for a season

    • If a crack Austrian outfit were considering a bid of 6 large for Barrie Mackay at the turn of the year then surely his replacement at at sixth of that is good business?

    • If a crack Austrian outfit were considering a bid of 6 large for Barrie Mackay at the turn of the year then surely his replacement at at sixth of that is good business?

  2. It does remain a frustration that Rangers seem too have gone out and quickly done deals for some of the Mexican & Portuguese players – in the case of Pena for example paying serious money – yet have been slow when it comes to proven players nearer home, often publicly working through a number of ridiculously low, and unrealistic bids – before eventually succeeding with a higher bid, or walking away. Get the Walker deal done. If it's a million then so be it. A bit more urgency/realism on the Dorrans front – we might still be in Europe. Sometimes dragging things out over £200,000 or so – is nothing but false economy.

  3. Get this boy signed up for £1 million, he's worth far more than that, why delay the issue? I can understand what some people are saying but honestly, this boy is enough to confidently bring someone who will bring real quality to Rangers, enough for us to chase that title. Here's hoping it goes through soon.

  4. This boy better be good after all the time and talking that's been spent on him . I'm expecting another Wullie Henderson at the very least !

    • You're the second Jimbo to say that, Jimbo. I hear the other Jimbo is planning to take you to court for copyright infringement by the way (so one of you's will have to go through a process of de-Jimbofication). Two Jimbos with exactly the same views is not only confusing, but bloody scary Jimbo!

  5. Hearts are trying to get as much as they can I wish we done the same with player however rangers should hold out as he can sign for nothing in January on pre contract we don't have the money as before if it was another team from Scotland after him hearts would sell him now but it's rangers we all know how hearts f.c feel about Rangers

  6. Only one winner so far in this sorry saga ,the tic will face a Hearts side without arguably their best player at the weekend.

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