It’s safe to say Rangers fans aren’t unhappy Rob Kiernan’s gone


Article by: Ibrox Noise

Poor Rob Kiernan. Never Rangers
class but certainly became a scapegoat for a great deal at Ibrox, and in all
fairness much of it merited.
The 26 year old defender has now
departed Rangers permanently for the world of Phil Brown’s Southend United, and to
say Rangers fans are delighted about this does not do the reaction justice:

Kiernan had something of a
nomadic career before joining Rangers. Loaned around England like it was going out of
fashion, he hit 11 clubs before Ibrox, and was little cop in Govan either.
He returns to Southend on an
undisclosed fee and fans are over the moon about it.
Not Southend fans, mind you – who
knows what they think about their shiny new 6ft plus colossus.
Ah we jest a little – good luck Rob,
decent guy, but the wrong player for Rangers, and hopefully he will find his
true calling in League 1 with Brown’s men.


  1. I hope he goes on to have a good career, don't want anything bad to happen to him. But Rangers was wrong club for him. Can't forget Scottish Cup Final.

  2. Another player off the wage bill and probably a fee of around £250k to Rangers to go towards signing Jamie Walker or Kenny McLean.

  3. The boy is just a lump a wid,no other way of putting it.I've never saw a player with that type of physical presence get caught under the ball flat footed and ball watching.I still wish him all the best but Loafheed said he was EPL bound and he never signed him so he's lost out there.Cheers big man,it just wasn't there for you.All the best.

  4. Ever a scape goat. Wilson was the scape got for this guy. Horrendous defender, couldn't tackle couldn't headed and don't even as him to mark anyone… over payed and over rated

  5. Yeah, we should wish him the best. A smaller club should suit him better and he should adapt easily enough to the higher standard of play in EL1 – Phil Brown's no mug.

  6. I always thought Warburton just liked him so much as a person that he thought he'd do him a favour by signing him for Rangers. He must have thought Scottish football would be a breeze for Rob, but it was anything but. A young gent off the pitch, no doubt, but nowhere near the standard 52,000 paying fans expect to see every other week. Shortly before Warburton left, I remember him giving a press conference where gave a robust defence of Rob's ability, describing him as "An outstanding young player". Just another statement of Warburton's that was detached from reality. Wish the boy all the best. He's a good kid, but he must know himself he was very lucky to have played one game for Rangers.

  7. Let's get McLean and Walker in. What are we seriously talking – £3 Million. Still not convinced at the moment with either side of defence wings. Or if Alves is out the defence looks in trouble. Also strikers at present haven't clicked, but I tell you what I'm actually starting to really believe for the first time that Pedro could have what it takes. He's got it licked 442 formation. Well done. Big test is with teams packing the defence. We will see this Sunday. Good luck!!!

  8. Martin Black I can't agree more.

    We were landed with Kiernan and MUST learn from it.

    McLean would be a fabulous addition along with Walker

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