Pedro makes THIS admission on the transfer window

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has confirmed today that transfer business is anything but done for this window, but has refused to be drawn on the most high-profile target, Jamie Walker.

The Portuguese was giving his pre-Fir Park presser and admitted the search continues for further quality players to bring in before the August 31st deadline.

He said:

“The transfer window is open, we are always thinking about it. We draw in the transition period between this season and last season. We know what we want. So that’s what really matters.”

But when pressed on the ongoing Walker saga he refused to comment:

“I’m not going to talk about names, because I’m principled and I’ve learned not to talk about other players, or players from other teams.”

Equally when asked if he would be expecting to challenge Celtic and Aberdeen, he said:

“I’m not concerned about challenging Celtic or Aberdeen, I’m concerned about returning the greatness to this club and the greatness to this club is by challenging all the teams that we are facing.”

Maybe not exactly the best wording, for Rangers fans who expect absolute bare minimum of second this season, but equally for Rangers to get back to the top it does have to be a building process and that will only come by credible performances and results in the majority of matches.

But thankfully the boss is not content with the squad and is always looking for further players. Hopefully anyone else secured will be of the quality Rangers are continuing to build towards.


  1. This is exactly how he should be talking. Last season he learned that the press just want to twist his words due to English and manipulate it to suit their agenda. Look what happened when he said he admired Ryan Jack as a player. Pounced on by the media when it should be complementary to say he is a good player. He's learning how to use the media and I am happy with these comments. He knows our expectations, but it's important to play his cards close to his chest.

  2. I think now with kiernan leaving and forrester on the way out, their will be no reason why they can't stump up the extra cash if thats what the issue was for walker.

    Think he would be a smashing addition out on the left in front of wallace and rotate Windass and miller behind herrera.

  3. I'm still hoping to see if we can get another defender or 2 in
    Definitely need them

    Otherwise it's looking pretty good
    I am not sure we won't challenge for top spot

  4. Pedro is right, to say he is just gonna challenge Aberdeen or Celtic is actually a lack of repsect to all the other teams. Given last season every team is a challenge and hopefully 2nd is the target at least!!! #inpedwetrust

  5. Let's hope Ped had learnt about the Scottish Media and how them and the BBC twist the story to suit.
    By the way it's ironic but totally predictable that the Sheep Shaggers and St Johnstone and us are all out of Europe thanks to the SFA SPFL and Sellicks manipulation of both organisations to suit their own agenda

  6. ex man city d.o.f. to bring patrick roberts to ibrox with statement of intent? why not! what a boot in the baws that would be for(them). let's noise it up. lol

  7. Hope he has learned because he has talked some p..h about a lot of things, boots spring to mind, time will tell, yet to be even remotely convinced, some of the signings do bring anticipation. However the main man Alves is reportedly struggling with a long time injury niggle which is threatening to derail him for a few months!! J

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