Is crucial summer signing adjusting to life at Ibrox?

Article by: Ibrox Noise

When Mark Warburton brought in Joey Barton, Jordan Rossiter and (we thought) Matt Crooks last summer, Rangers fans believed we not only had a long-awaited solution to defensive midfield, but were now in fact embarrassed by riches there.

As we know, it worked out nothing like that, with Andy Halliday continuing to fill that role as Rossiter laid out injured, Barton laid back out to England and Crooks, it transpires, is not even a defensive midfielder, as testified by the man himself.

It has been a real problem – finding someone to protect the defence while being able to play a bit too. And while there have been more than a few criticisms of manager Pedro Caixinha, he was absolutely dead right to make Ryan Jack his critical 100% priority summer signing.

Before anyone else, it was plain for everyone to see Rangers desperately needed an anchor man they could trust, and a leader for others to be inspired by.

While Jack has not quite yet earned a place in the Hall of Fame by any means, the last two displays from the former Aberdeen captain have seen a substantial improvement in his form.

He seems infinitely more involved, is starting to impress himself on matches, and is breaking up more and more plays before they get to defence.

A few still get through, of course, he is only human, but this 25-year old former Scotland youth international is starting to really look the part after a bit of a slow start to life at Ibrox.

Against Hearts he was probably Rangers’ best player, having easily his best match since arriving from Pittodrie, and yesterday he stood out again – quietly mopping up a lot of central attacks, helping out Candeias, Tav, Wallace and Niko on the wings by providing support for them in both defence and attack, while managing to feed the ball to the likes of Dorrans and Miller as often as he could.

His reading of the game is improving by match – in the early few he was struggling to break up attacks, but as time has gone on he has adjusted more and more and yesterday we saw a significantly greater number of opposition moves broken down thanks to his interventions.

He has a long way to go of course before he is anything like the level we expect, but Ryan Jack is going the right way about getting there now.

Caixinha has received a great amount of criticism, much of which has come from this site, but credit where it is due; making a DM like Jack the summer’s most high-priority signing was an excellent move and as the midfielder attunes more and more to his new team mates, he can only improve.

And that works for everyone.


  1. I am not positive Jack is any better than Rossiter. Once proving his full fitness and getting back up to match fitness pace, then and only then will you see how good young Jordan will be in a Rangers jersey.

    I want both to play together in the same midfield.

    We still need a tall centre half because we still lose too many cross ball goals. That's Motherwell and Ross County getting cheap goals against the run of play.

    • I agree, is there any way to play Jack, Rossiter and Dorrans in midfield without sacrificing too much creativity? maybe 3-5-2?

  2. Early days to give any of the team pats on the backs. Lets keep our feet on the ground and work for consistency of wins, rather that going overboard with praise, only then to get beat or draw the next game, as that seems to be the pattern for the past year! Being realistic, not negative. We need to stop this pattern.
    If I may digress? BT Sports should be ashamed of themselves by letting half-wit Shutton slag off Pedro on live TV. The panel should be discussing the game in hand and not personally challenge whether or not any of the shellic players would get into our team. It was also a disgrace that McCoist stood there and let said half-wit spew his bile to Pedro without challenge. Shutton was being a bully, and Pedro did well to keep it together. Shameful BT Sports!!!!

  3. I like Jack myself and yesterday he got through a power of work when Dorrans tired and went missing.He's prone to leaving the boot in and getting involved in tangles but he's an improvement on the cowards we had last season in there.

  4. I don't see anything in rossiter that sets the heather on fire I don't think he will make it at Ibrox and could see him being shipped out by start of next season

  5. In support of gersjimbo yes mccoist and other rangers x players let that dick Sutton slag rangers every other day they should remind him that he was always in the back pocket of amoruso and if not for Larson carrying him he would have been massive flop he has dig at rangers to get on side of the morons that are Celtic supporters without brains trying to make himself popular cause he wasn't really as a player he had that shadow of Larson hanging over him

  6. Agree 100% Sutton is an arsehole..I still think Pedro needs to be better schooled in our shit press
    .I would love Us to stick it right down his throat …twat WATP

    • I agree BillB – if Pedro didn't talk so much mad shit, idiots like Sutton would not have any ammunition to fire at him. I have no tolerance for bullshitters and Pedro is world-class at talking pure unadulterated pish! Maybe some of it is lost in translation, but if so maybe he should hire a fucking translator!!

  7. Best thing to do with Sutton is totally ignore him. He loves to get a rise out of winding up our supporters – if we didn't give his comments any 'air' his fire will die out! He has no journalistic credence, we should all just ignore his ramblings!

  8. Makes a pleasant, if not unique, change these daysfor us to debate who should be first choice between Jack & Rossiter because they are, in my opinion, both very good players who in time (particularly rossiter given his injuries etc.) would be knocking on the international call up door

    Bit rich to credit Ped, re- Jack though as anyone could see his potential and ability every week, particularly last season with the sheep men, with the fact being HE wanted Ibrox as much as the other way round so was a no brainer for ANY Gers manager

    My worry is that our bombscare of a manager might think differently and get rid of Rossiter which would be crazy, although it wouldn't surprise me as he is only knitting with one needle at the best of times.


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