Has Pedro addressed a gaping hole in Rangers’ team?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Many find it hard to omit Super Ally’s managerial reign at Ibrox from memory – it was not the best time, and when assessing his status at Ibrox a lot of fans frequently point to that dire period in judgment.

Yours truly, however, prefers to look at his incredible playing career, and how much of a legend he was on the pitch for Rangers, with a goal scoring ability without compare.

Rangers have achingly lacked that kind of striker for a very, very long time – the last time we had a reliable front man was way back when with Nikica Jelavic – while his miss v Malmo really let the side down, overall he was an amazing Walter signing and did a grand job.

But since then? No one. No one has delivered up front – not until the arrival of one Alfredo Morelos.

Let me caveat this by agreeing that our opponents this season have not been spectacular. Our hardest match was against Hibs, who have fallen away, so we accept that the opposition was not vicious – but equally Morelos scored against Lennon’s side anyway so the point is moot.

But being objective? Morelos is fitting the Super Ally archetype perfectly. Right place right time seems to be his absolute mantra, with a truly excellent knack of reading the passage of play and following the ball while getting in the right position behind the defence to exploit space.

He has not yet scored a truly ‘spectacular’ goal but he does not need to – Ally rarely did. The style of the two is very similar but Morelos has strength his illustrious predecessor did not – nicknamed the ‘Buffalo’ (for obvious reasons) he is a physical unit alright – able to hold play up and fend off defenders, winning more than his fair share of free kicks in the process.

But that knack of goalscoring instinct is something you cannot teach.

Indeed, fans are impressed by the Colombian – only a few games into the season and the traditional White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army theme has been devoted to ‘Al-fredo-More-los’ and rightly so – this lad is delivering and justifying Pedro’s faith in him.

We hyped Morelos up and while his start to life at Ibrox was definitely a bit slow, he has picked up and improved significantly and is now free-scoring.

A genuine 25+ striker has been glaringly absent for far too long, and Morelos is absolutely 100% that kind of goal-getter.

Harder tests await than County but these bread and butter matches are the ones we need to keep winning – and Morelos is doing his best to ensure we do.


  1. Great player. And good to see both the new striker score. That's been our biggest problem, putting away the easy chances. Hopefully they can learn to play together since miller seems to be a weak spot atm

  2. You are forgetting Marco Negri or Michael Mols. Two sublime finishers whose careers were afflicted by injury.

  3. Get the right partner along side him and you will see even more goals Miller is not the man for that job lets go for Moult he would be the ideal foil for Morelos also what was Pedros idea of playing Kranchar as an outside left absolute waste of the guys talent

  4. Definitely an exciting predatory striker. If he can be spoken about in the same terms as Super Ali or Marco Negri I'll be a very happy bluenose. Mon the Gers

  5. Agree with four four two, Moult and Jamie walker in this week would be a great bit of business in my opinion, maybe even enough to mount a very decent challenge! However as per a don't see it happening as where would that leave Herrera???

  6. TBH I seen him play his first 2 games and was less than impressed, Absolutely no work rate and his movement was non existent. What a difference a few goals makes. His hold up play is superb and his header yesterday wasn't an easy finish , took it really well. The boy is still only 20 and has lots to improve upon but he has turned around the early negative reaction and is looking a class act. Well done JJ who picked him out from his time in Finland i believe.

  7. said this before, but personally (and you can openly disagree) but I am of the opinion that Morelos and Windass would be good partners up front, both young one with great pace and the other with strength. Better than the partners Morelos has got just now.

  8. Agree with Brian that's why the two teams from Edinburgh kicked the shit out of windass if refs give more protection then we will be ok that shit brown will certainly have a go I hope we have toughened enough to deal with him maybe that's where Pena could be the man if he ever plays

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