Five things we learned about Rangers at Fir Park

Article by: Greg Roots
Many things were learned today during the 90 minutes at Fir Park
which saw us kick off the new season with a highly deserved 2-1 victory over
Motherwell. The majority are highly positive, but the display also highlight
certain deficiencies which remain in place.
Firstly, Graham Dorrans scored twice on his debut and pretty much ran the
show. A couple of nice flicks in tricks in the middle of the park helped to
highlight the quality of this capture from Norwich, but it was his neat finish
and highly composed penalty which shows his true value to the squad.

Staying in the midfield, Josh Windass was fantastic today and this is
coming from one of his biggest critics. He showed pace, power and determination
and with a bit more luck he could easily have scored twice. Small steps and
very early in the season, but if he keeps that form up then I may need to eat
my words.

Ryan Jack didn’t appear to do too much, but that is exactly what is so
good about him. He mops up nicely without doing anything fancy and quietly gets
on with the game whilst he provides a solid platform on which the more creative
players around him can flourish. He clearly provides a certain level of
protection to our centre backs which was just not evident last season.
Alves and Cardoso seem to be forming a formidable partnership and were
solid for large parts of the game, however Motherwell were presented with a few
clear-cut chances.
Wes Foderingham, in my opinion, again showed why is he isn’t quite
Rangers class. He made a couple of fantastic saves, which probably got us the 3
points, however his lack of presence in his box cost us a goal which could so
easily have been avoided. He is very indecisive when coming for crosses which
adds doubt to the minds of our defenders. Fans may disagree, but the goal we conceded
is exactly the kind of goal we shipped for fun last year, despite the fact we
have massively improved out centre backs. Wes is the common denominator.
To sum up, it was a win we so badly needed. Only one goal in it but on another day we would have scored 5 or 6. Hibs will offer a
sterner test next week, but if we can maintain that level of performance and
tuck away a few more chances then I would expect another 3 points in the bag.


  1. point that your talking pish highly deserved 2-1 victory over Motherwell ?

    Graham Dorrans agree done great and tbh will be a gem.

    josh Windass was fantastic today don't know why pedro was giving him a hard time probably to take the focus of him.

    Alves and Cardoso seem to be forming a formidable partnership. Did you watc the same game ? will get back to this at end as your said on any other day 5 or 6

    Wes Foderingham some good point some bad mistakes but all in all wasn't the worst on the park

    strikers less said about them the better.

    To sum up: it was a win (Only one goal in it but on another day we would have scored 5 or 6) motherwell easly got in to defence and could have scored 4,5,6 missed 2 sitters all in all Louis Moult thank you for the penalty and as for expecting another 3 points

    • pussy bear agree totally with you defence was poor .strikers no where to be seen should have been 4 all .wee pedro got out of jail was not a penalty still think wee need a bit bit in midfield .herrera looks horrendous .why are we relying on miller surely he should be used last 20 minutes if were in trouble were is all these new players

    • i do think the penalty was one Louis Moult went with elbo first could have been one at other end too but hey. i have always liked KM BUT and this is a big BUT I REALLY dont see anyone else banging them in the way he dose motherwell are middle table at best all day long whts going to happen when its a top 6 team

    • I was there watching live and thought at the time moult should have been sent off for a deliberate elbow!!,,,moult had spent the previous twenty minutes also running around fouling ffs man!! What game were you watching?,moult should have been sent off without doubt and on another day would have,,,pussy you need to take ur green tinted specs off for sure!!

  2. Very open game. Kranjcar's passing was missed to create clearer chances.

    Herrera looks like a decent link up player, don't see him as a goal threat as yet.

    £3.5mil on Pena is worrying… McLean and Walker would both have be cheaper and more adapted to our game. Waiting to see him in action so shouldn't comment yet.

    Excited for Ibrox next week, glad to battle for points early will make sure we don't become complacent.

    On another note… I reckon Dodoo should be loaned out, half decent talent wasted in reserves.

  3. Agreed with everything…For a change! 3 points but we need to improve in every aspect of the game, we need to be in control for longer periods. Thankfully Pedro did acknowledge that. Another step in the right direction. Roll on next week! WATP

  4. I am only going to make one comment which is that I thought we gave the ball away too easily at times in trying to make the difficult pass when a little more patience in possession would have been better. Against better sides we have to keep the ball for longer periods and be more patient…not as much as the Warburton going nowhere style but possession with a purpose.

  5. I will reiterate once again what i've said on here many times now!I hope we go all out to sign motherwell duo chris cadden,who i thought was good against us today,and louis moult who imho would bang in the goals for us,as his record suggests with motherwell,in the scottish premiership!We've already got 2 wingers,in candeias and dalcio and i honestly think we should add 2 more!Chris cadden can play equally as good on both right and left wings!He's very powerful,fast,very direct and has good delivery,from the flanks!!We must move to sign him quickly imo!As brighton and hearts, who've already had a 200k bid turned down for him are very interested in signing young cadden!!Jamie walker as far as i'm concerned,will be a glasgow rangers player,whether its this month or a pre-contract in january!In stating that,i wouldn't be held to ransom with the hearts hierarchy,as 750k with add ons,is more than enough,for a player who's in the last year of his contract and not an international player as of yet!!A welcome other bears thoughts on this!

  6. I always remember some of the best teams we ever had in the 90s struggling at motherwell? Not every game is going to be pretty ! But we would of lost that game last year! remember sometimes you learn more about a team playing badly than a team walking a game 5 or 6 nil.

  7. The keeper needs an upgrade as you've suggested. No obvious names spring to mind but we need a big strong keeper who can dominate cross balls.

    Also, we seem to suffer too many cross balls for my liking. The full backs need to be better at blocking and preventing crosses coming in. They jockey attackers all day long without getting a tackle or block in.

    These are out two biggest frailties now but things may improve as the team get used to playing together. Home to Dunfermline should be perfect, followed by two home league games is a bit of a gift to help us gel quickly…


  8. Thought that there was a lot to be pleased about today but Hodson was very poor and Wallace is still struggling. Also need an out and out goalscorer alongside Herrera.

  9. doolan of thistle is another worth a punt given the right service, along wth moult.add walker and mc lean.

  10. I am happy we create chances, much better than last season. We do need a striker to get goals badly!!! Let's ge behind the team though.

  11. Full backs were poor defensively and Foderingham cannot handle coming for crosses. Give Alnwick an opportunity. There were spells in the game where Motherwell looked fitter. Pedro must still win next few games before convincing anyone that he has what it takes. Graham Dorrans will prove to be even better than expected.

  12. 5 things we learned –
    1. Foderingham's reluctantance to come out for cross balls will cost us goals all season. Warburton reckons Hull might let McGregor go for free and is hoping to sign him for Forest – we should be first in the queue.
    2. Dorrans will be a massive player for us this season. Less haggling over a couple of hundred thousand and we'd still be in Europe.
    3. Caixhina's man management skills continue to be poor. His public castigating of Windass post match was just baffling after the boy's first half display which was exhilarating. Sure have a quiet word in his ear regarding his defensive duties but if he needs confidence as Pedro said earlier in the week then don't burst his balloon when he's just delivered his best performance in a Rangers jersey.
    4. Herrera is not a goal scorer. One attempt on goal in three matches I've seen him play.
    5. Where's Pena? Was this the best use of £3.5 million when he's not yet fit or acclimatised enough to get on the pitch. Time will tell – but a similar outlay may have got us Naismith and again we might still be in Europe

  13. Windass was fantastic…..for 30mins but the game lasts 90! Looking to get at least 70 mins from him. Pedro was right to toss some realism his way. He needs to focus more. The back 4 have only played together twice before and it showed. They were vulnerable. Hopefully that will improve quickly. Alves v Moult was a decent contest and I wonder if Moult was showing extra aggression to impress Pedro. Herrera works hard and links well but who's going to score goals? Kenny M was hardly ever along side him for knock downs and if Waghorn had missed the opportunity that he did yesterday he'd have been slaughtered by us. Still, a much better performance than last season, and against a Motherwell team who were not bad going forward. I'm probably wrong but on yesterday's showing they might make top 6 this season. Wonder how much bad press their fans will get.

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