A change at Ibrox

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Playing at Ibrox against 10-man-defences is going to be the norm this season, therefore a change in tactics at home becomes imperative and needs careful consideration. I think I have the right solution. Play all our best players at the start, the ones with real talent and play a very attacking team that can also handle quick attacking moments from the opposition: in a 3 2 4 1 formation.

                                           Wilson, Alves, Cardoso
                                                   Jack,  Rossiter
      Candeias              Kranjcar                            Dorrans                             Windass

I don’t trust Wes to come out for cross balls and our opponents all know this weakness and play on the opportunities that Foderingham provides. We are still needing one very tall centre half who is totally dominant in the air. Why does Pedro not see these obvious weaknesses?

I really like Alves, a great signing and I think Cardoso has the potential to be a good Rangers class player. Danny Wilson – we’ll see!

I have gone for Candeias and Windass as the two wing-backs with Jack and Rossiter giving the three centre halves some added protection. They are both quality players, very good passers and can contribute to us going forward on occasions. They also stop us being overrun easily by the opposition in the midfield.

This leaves a big responsibility on Niko Kranjcar and Graham Dorrans’ shoulders to get forward throughout the match to support Morelos at all times. When the wing backs get into their wide positions frequently to cross the balls, that’s when we have as many following up with the play as possible. It is a very attacking line-up, but they are good players and should be able to adapt and score a lot more goals and win more games than we have so far.

What do you think? Would this switch work or should we stick with the 4-4-2?

I look forward to our usual comments from our very loyal Ibrox Noise family.


  1. I would go for this formation, but i cannot see Pedro dropping Miller and Wallace. I would probably go for Pena in place of Rossiter.

    • Would play Jack & Rossiter in a 4 2 3 1.
      Pena will be a first pic soon as he's up and running with Dorrans and Windass.
      Miller needs to be a last 25 sub he's too old now.
      But anyone setting the Heather on fire starts simple.
      Full backs going to be our downfall all season long, not good enough for the Rangers

  2. I know tav gets a raw deal most of the time on this. However i think if we play 3 at the back then tav is ideal for the wing back position. Most games this season he has shown how well he performs attacking the opposition and with an extra defender at the back along with jack /rossiter I think he would excel in his all round performance . Windass on the other hand would struggle completely as a wing back. His tracking back of players is by far the worst i ever ever seen. This would definitely be the formation I would play against Celtic with a few tweaks.
    Good post though ibrox loyal.
    Keep it up

  3. This whole pick your team stuff is bit childish. Our problems are much deeper and the solution is far more complex.

  4. No. We are toothless with 1 striker. We MUST play with 2 up top. Which means Morelos and Hererra. KM doesn't stay close enough to Morelos and leaves him isolated.

    All we need is to up our tempo. We made it easy for Hearts to defend by playing too much slow ball. We need higher tempo and two strikers in the box

  5. Send this to Pedro and the first thing he will say why is my Kenny not playing your team is far too sensible for him to play this formation he does not have the tactical nous to recognise what has to be done to get us back to winning ways what are the odds that miller will start again on Sunday

  6. Good line up for a footballing version of 20/20 cricket mon ami. Attacking on steroids.
    Windass (who will become a key player for us) doesn't have a defensive bone in his body, so having him as our left sided full back would have comedy value if nothing else.
    Need to stick with 4-4-2 i think

    • I don't want Windass as a left back because my line up includes 3 centre backs and 2 defensive midfielders to cover the full back positions between them. I want Josh to concentrate from midfield to winger only and use all his energy towards scoring and creating goals. It gives us more skill in attacking positions and we can always bring Tavernier and Miller on later in the game.

    • If you are up against good teams and you want cover for full back positions, you surely play with full backs not midfielders, no? I think the issue here is that we are compromising the defence to compensate for a weakness in mid-field and attack. i'm not rubbishing your creativity Richard, but in a squad of limited resource, Tav and Lee are assets we cannot afford to ignore.

  7. Agree the comments about Wes and Danny Wilson neither fills me with any confidence I think we do need another CH perhaps Lee Wallace could be used . Would really like to see what Pena has got if he can play as a No 10 then get him in and drop Kenny please … As I said earlier think Kranjaar will be away soon to Birmingham

  8. think i would use Windass and Morelos together up front.
    only one infront of back three probably Jack
    Now the important four in the middle….
    pace is what is required maybe this Nemane lad will be right for either side of park but Kranjcar not interested on Saturday past so would go with
    Tavernier Dorrans Pena(if he is crap then get shot of him) and Wallace.

  9. I would think the problem is not the formation but the slow pedestrian way we get from back to front, by the time we get into the last 3rd the opposition have ample time to organise a seven man back line. It was exactly the same under Warburton. We need the ball in the box quicker and with our attacking players in the box, not outside waiting for square or back pass. I still think Caixinha needs a bit more time, but we've gotta stop this tippy tappy back and fore across the park shit. Just saying

  10. To many armchair managers here. It's pedros job to pick the team and if he can't get the selection and the tactics to go at the opposition to win the game well let's just say he won't be manager for any great lenth of time. So let him get on with his job and we will do our job as supporters and support the team when they play.

  11. But how long do you give this total waste of a manager, sad thing is he is the least of our troubles, financials are in ruin (and I dont mean what Mr King will say he has invested, there is a mountain of trouble coming our way), the board are about to walk, the good guys that is ………..J

  12. E-chef,if you find it childish then surely treat it with the derision it deserves and ignore it no? This is a discussion platform pal where shit such as teams/formations are discussed.If it's beneath you then don't read it.Or as the guy said,offer an alternative.

  13. this week I would give Kenny a rest and give young hardie a chance and we should all support each and every 1 in the blue shirt come on

  14. Nice to see Ibrox noise agreeing with my assessment of trying to get past the 10 man defence problem. Good and realistic article which I agree mostly with.
    I wouldn't go with Windass, he only gives 30 minutes or when someone clatters him, then he bottles out the game (Guid old scottish fitba!!). For me it would be Foderingham, Tavenier, Alves, Cardoso, Beerman, Rossiter, Candeias, Kranjcar Dorrans, Pena, Morelos. 4-1-4-1. We can't have Wilson as part of a back 3, he is absolutely mince and we would leak goals left, right and centre. I have criticised Tav in the past, but I feel he is coming on to a game just now, however, Wallace is not the best, therefore I'd have Beerman in there, he could learn from Alves and Cardoso as well. Get Pena on, I don't get this with Pedro at all!! Mexican internationalist?!!, and Windass + Jack get a game in front of him?!,, something is not right there! We are screaming for a solid central attacking midfielder.

  15. As usual Aw u so called gers fans turnings on Pedro and slating Kenny boy. The guys 1 of our best players without him we would be lucky to Finnish top 4 he will start scoring get behind the team and king Kenny watp

    • hello graham…couldnt agree more with you my friend…you have said nearly everything i have to say…except that if these so called fans stopped running the people down they would have feck all to say…opinions are important but the comments go to far most of the time and i for one am pissed off reading them.

  16. Yes leave the manager to his job although I'm baffled when someone says play Carlos Pena who is he never seen him but he must be special as he gets big wages for working hard where is he a plumber cause if he was working hard then surely he would be in team

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