“We should be honest, Rangers is just too strong”

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Rangers’ European despair has been compounded by the emergence of the Progres Niederkorn pre-match program on social media which conceded Rangers will win and were far too strong for the ‘likes of us’, in effect.

The pamphlet released to fans at the Josy Barthel in Luxembourg has embarrassingly damning and defeatist comments and admits that their team has no chance and they are too small.

A sample reads:

“After last week it’s virtually certain that Rangers FC also play the second qualifying round to face either Cypriots AEL Limassol or St Joseph’s from Gibraltar.”

Interesting that Progres conceded defeat already having only lost 1-0 away from home while suggesting St Joseph’s have a chance after losing 4-0 away.

The program goes on:

“Today we play our 14th European game and we should be honest, Rangers FC is just too strong. But we will do everything we can to make it a great football party too.”

It makes for painful reading and only highlights further the nature of how bad Niederkorn are and how Rangers’ loss there has to seriously compete as the club’s worst defeat of all time.


  1. We don't need anymore reminders..It's enough that we are subjected to it from the rebel, the scum and the rest! Dorrans a good signing? Who will be 1st choice 11? Too positive for an article??

  2. Had the board not let Pedro upset Players, chase away McKay and spend money we don't have – then he would have been sacked.

    No other major club would not sack manager for this kind of failure.

    Let's be honest it's going to take a miracle for him to turn it around. The board is handing titles to Celtic as they try and steal our history.

  3. Looks like Crooks is the latest to get dumped without getting a game.
    Should have taken that GCSE Spanish, Matty boy.

  4. why is pedro the celtic supporter still in a job ,if that was a scottish manager sacked on the spot .he has lost rangers fc millions he simply hasnt a clue .why let us suffer another year with this imposter in charge he aint going to win us the title .give it to big butcher he is gauranteed to sort the slackers

  5. Get off pedros back we hit the bar three times one goes in and we are in the next round. We will have the best midfield in Scotland give the Glasgow Rangers fc time.

  6. Am not sure about Pedro but i do think we will have a better team than Selltic but then again they will sell a player and bring in others so we must be ready to bring in better than them again.

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