The three nightmares of Pedro Caixinha

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Many of our readers are ‘fed up with the negativity’ and are unhappy with us being so castigating of Pedro Caixinha so early into his regime. We should ‘give him time’ and ‘let the players gel’ they say.

Well, we are sorry but we are not buying this. In no world that I or any of my colleagues recognise can losing to a part time outfit from Luxembourg ever be justified as a ‘work in progress’. We have even been met by the ‘only two weeks together’ nonsense as if that allows these players and this manager some slack against the worst opponents they will ever face.

Odd then how even Warburton’s abysmal Rangers rather strolled against Motherwell, Annan and other weak teams last summer without conceding a goal in the pre-season campaign which saw the League Cup begin only 10 days later than Tuesday night’s abomination against a side of the same quality or arguably inferior. Did not see anyone complaining about the players like Kranjcar, Windass, Hill, Barton, Hodson and Gilks et al failing to gel despite being signed only weeks earlier.

No, there are deep-rooted problems under this manager, so deep rooted that even Warburton’s dire SPL Rangers regime somehow manages to look better.

But the truth is Pedro Caixinha has managed to oversee three of the worst results in the club’s entire 144-year history. Maybe definitively three of the four (including Berwick). Defend him and ‘give him time’ all you like but the results and the displays speak volumes. When it was Warburton’s players it was ‘judge him when he signs his own’. Now his own are evidently not up to scratch it is ‘give them time’. So, when/if a couple of months down the line and Rangers remain ghastly what then is the contingency explanation?

And those three results I alluded to?

First Celtic came to Ibrox and took Caixinha apart – 1-5 in the worst Old Firm result ever seen in Govan. The performance was tragic, the score entirely justified. It still hurts too much to even discuss in detail.

Then secondly Rangers lost a proud 26 year old unbeaten run against Aberdeen at Ibrox when Derek McInnes’ men came to Govan and took all three points back to Pittodrie for the first time since 1991. An abysmal performance again under Caixinha saw his side surrender one of the most important records, a record close to fans’ hearts such is the lack of love lost between ourselves and the sheep.

Then Tuesday night. Losing to a team barely any better than a lower Scottish League One side.

This is not just unacceptable by Rangers’ standards, this is unacceptable by Hibs or Hearts’ standards. By Rangers’ standards it is a crisis, make no mistake.

Dave King might have happily slagged off sites like this who dare criticise anything about Rangers, or those on social media who make comments, implying ‘these people are not true supporters’ (while happily taking our season ticket money, merchandise cash, RTV money), but if he thinks he can get away with saying such things while fans are melting as we speak over what has been happening on the pitch in recent months, then he has shown himself to be completely out of touch with what Rangers fans expect, and are.

God help him had he been around in the 9IAR days when fans screamed blue murder at even a draw against an Aberdeen or a Celtic – were we filled with those non fans then as well?

Fact is under Pedro Rangers are in a terrible state.

And most of the fans can see that.


  1. empty him now and if any of his signings dont want to stay they can go as well, Murty can take over and use his young players who would surely be an improvement on the Dalcio, Morelos lot that have been fanfared in to Ibrox the last few weeks. This is aircraft fuel (i.e. highly flammable) to all those stabbers from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and London Rd and right now we dont have a leg to stand on. Pedro please GTF.

  2. Totally agree. The 3 results mentioned are unacceptable on their own and beyond a joke collectively. Regardless of building a team/time to gel or whatever else is said, the right man would not have allowed these results to happen. Like any Rangers manager, we want him to do well but he's managed to create as much doubt in our minds as physically possible in such a short period of time!

  3. Who should go, Ped or King or both. Hearing King will be gone no matter what in the very near future, which with a bit of luck will result in Ped leaving, hopefully by doing the simple thing and resigning. One question has to be asked, who actually pu Ped forward as a possible candidate for the job, who then interviewed him and was gullible enough to believe his stories which become more ridiculous as every day passes, apparently the players have not to watch TV after bedtime at 9 o'clock now and no more hot chocolate! J

  4. Not to mask over the obvious problems, but we seem to lack a lethal striker. Even when we were playing in the lower leagues, we would pepper the opponent's goals with lots of shots, they would get one shot and score. On Tuesday we had the chances, but no one to bury the ball in the net.

    • At least we have Herrera, Stuart, who has scored an average of 6.5 goals per season in the past 10 years. According to a Mexican sportswriter, his shooting is crap and he can't dribble, but he's good in the air. Maybe a Spanish-speaking Joe Garner was what we needed.

    • Yes, he looks good, but I wish he and the other transfers (including Dorrans) had been sorted out a month ago, rather than turning up last week. Still perhaps now we have ample time for friendly bounce games to get them all fit and gelling. Shame we are not a wild card for this league cup, it would have made up for the lack of competitive games before the league kicks off.

  5. I think blaming the Aberdeen and Celtic results entirely on Pedro is a bit harsh. The guy inherited the worst Rangers top tier squad of all time. They were poor results and performances but you can't bring a knife to a gun fight. The result against Progres is more worrying for me.

    • This idea that somehow Caixhina is resolved from blame for presiding over two of the most embarrassing performances against Celtic is ridiculous. A good manager can take any group of players and with organisation make them hard to beat. Progres just proved that!
      In the semi final Caixhina's tactics were incomprehensible, and at Ibrox suicidal.
      Calling for him to be removed is no knee jerk reaction to the Europa result – but is based on him not getting one good performance out of the team last season.
      For every day Pedro remains he will do untold damage to the long term health of our great club

    • Send Pedro and his Clowns back to the Circus.
      At this rate Ronnie Delylaaaa looks a world beater.

  6. I jist don't see another manager helping, the biggest problem is no one in the team can find tenner regularly. The amount of empty nets we've been missing the last year is terrible. For professional footballs the easiest thing should be hitting an empty net. If those 3 shots that hit the bar went in the ther night things wouldn't have been as bad. Think it's time to stop practicing quick passing and spend more time shooting

  7. I've gotten over Tuesday's crushing blow a little, so not so desperate to dump him immediately and I agree that last season's results shouldn't really be laid at his door.

    The worrying thing is as both above posters have pointed out- 1) We don't seem to have a striker in any kind of shape and 2) The Progres games have shown that there has been no change of any kind, despite the new players. There is no sign of this "grand process".

    At the moment, we are heading towards Latin Warburton.

    Couple that with the removal of some of the bluenose heart (Halliday, McKay- I don't count Wallace, he's never been a growler) and it just doesn't look very hopeful, that's the worry.

    It's a sad time when after 40 odd years of following Rangers, I worry when a commentator says "And *** have never beaten Rangers in their 110 year history" or something similar, because I then think, well, they have a hell of a good chance now.

    Between now and the 5th August is going to be fucking interminable.

  8. I honestly thought it couldn't get any worse than it was under warburton, but this is turning into one big bloody embarrassing nightmare. Who gives a shit about the colour of the boots, bloody grow up !. Warbs got the job cause he was the cheap option and we go out and do it all over again. This could put us back years. Utterly depressed, embarrassed just can't get my head round what a bloody mess this is turning into. WATP

  9. Many are blaming the Progres defeat on us not having had any meaningful pre-season games, but Progres didn't have a pre-season either; their last season finished 1 week before the Scottish Prem did. The board have boxed themselves into a corner by allowing the signing of several players who speak only Pedro's language. We're lumbered with this chump until things get much worse. I do blame the board; they made the decision to hire him when the majority of public opinion (including ex-managers' and players') seemed to be for Derek McInnes. The guy was a complete unknown, and we're beginning to see why.

  10. Regardless what he inherated from bread man murty managed a draw against Celtic weeks later we are destroyed 1-5 at home.

  11. Firstly, I probably owe the site an apology. I posted last week that we shouldn't be so hard on the manager/team about the preseason games, as they were meaningless. After the debacle the other night, I find myself eating humble pie.

    As someone said above, despite all the new players in, we don't look any further forward than we were at the end of last season. It astounds me that some people are suggesting that some of the players are not fit and that there wasn't a long enough pre-season to work on. These are professional footballers, who train all week. A 9 day summer break shouldn't be enough for them to suddenly lose all of their fitness. And the suggestions that neither of the Mexican signings (one of which was the most expensive players we've bought in years – and who didn't even feature in either game) were not match fit, is frankly, ridiculous. Were they not training/playing regularly for their previous teams? And if not, why the hell did we sign them?

    I'm not calling for anyone's head – yet. But I do think that unless we come out of the traps at full tilt next month, then there will need to be changes made somewhere. As it stands, at this early point in the year, the thought of another season with Celtic dominating is not pretty.

  12. Just have to look back to a year ago when Celtic suffered their worst defeat in history to a team ranked worse than the one who beat us at 451 out of 455 on UEFA Co-efficient. I'm more of a glass half full than half empty and I think we are jumping the gun way too soon. After the Red Imps game Celtic fans slated Scott Brown – who arguably went on to be their Player Of The Year – and what was a similar performance to ours they also suffered it with fringe players like Ambrose, Janko etc. playing. I watched it with some Celtic supporting friends and Dembele was shocking that day now they rant about how he's worth 40 million. Slating Morelos after 45 minutes is just ridiculous. It WILL take weeks for these boys to bed in to our system. I totally agree though that these results are shambolic and should never happen but we have to say we just were not good enough. He has 4 weeks to prepare and the likes of Alves, Pena and Dorrans coming in strikes confidence in to me that we can offer a little bit more. I think now more than ever Jamie Walker is a must because from our wide play we were absolutely awful and the boy scored 15 goals last year from an area we are so shocking in. And if Pedro really wants to play the way he does with 'offensive full backs' an instant replacement should be looked at for Tavernier and even arguably Wallace as their end product in both games was Sunday league standard.

    Let's not get away from the fact but. We have been nothing short of abysmal over these 2 legs and have so far to go. If we don't have a fast start to the 4 games before Celtic, then I will start to worry…

    • Celtic didn't lose over two legs and crash out of Europe, didn't concede twice in a game and it was the manager's first game in charge.
      He also didn't arrive and say he has the best squad in Scotland, then backtrack as that would mean he couldn't blame players, before going full circle and publicly slating the team and demanding a clear out. Pedro killed the morale and lost the very easy motivational tool of 'play for your place in the team'.

      There's a reason he was a mid table manager in Qatar. This isn't a surprise. Rangers will be a mid table team in Scotland, with no scouting, no youth setup, no assets to sell. It's going to get a lot worse…

  13. We need to get more Scottish players in before the season starts proper . At least three solid hard bastards who'll get stuck right in and show our foreign players whats required . Promote Murty to assistant manager and insist that Pedro listens to him and takes his advice ! Wallace is never a captain in a fucking million years , the other night proved that . He should have been going round waving his fist in the others faces , instead of this leading by example shite . He's been hiding away at left back for years now and doesn't contribute nearly enough . He started out at Hearts as an aggressive midfield player in the Dave McKay / John Greig mould , he needs a kick up the arse and put back into midfield where he can fucking work for his corn and show some fucking passion ! This is the most un-Rangers , Gers team i've seen in 60 years of watching . At a time when everything and everybody seems against us we should be coming out fighting . It doesn't need to be the prettiest football , we need are 100% true blue triers !

    • Agree, jimbo. Wallace isn't captain material and in a proper team shouldn't be anything more than a squad player at Ibrox.

  14. I said it in a previous post, build from youth with as strong an experienced spine as we can get, with a coach that knows how to build, really motivate and MANAGE a squad to play in thus league. How can McInness, Tommy Wright & (dare I say it), Lennon, do it on shoe string compared to us. With what we have seen in the last few years I don't believe there is a bear on this site that wouldn't support this if they can see positive growth!


  15. Im a diehard bluenose, av went to Govan since i was taken from Aberdeen since i was 6 years old, was good enough to make it but after hearts it went tits up lol anyhoo that fucking 15 spazs have thee worst players with hearts the size O dangleberry's ffs. Anyroad NFSE

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