“Strip the titles” – The End

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Over the past 48 hours two very important events occurred in the history of Rangers FC. First, Stewart Robertson was democratically elected to the board of the SPFL, for Rangers’ first representation on it since league restructuring in 2013. And secondly the board onto which he was placed has now finally confirmed the nonsense of title stripping and EBT investigation are not on the agenda.

In short, at long last, the mentalist idea of Rangers being stripped of titles because of rank misunderstandings of how EBT schemes operate has been officially put to bed.

Do not mistake me – the lunatics in the Scottish football asylum will continue to howl to the moon over the topic, the same lunatics who ignore Livie’s indiscretions of recent years and Celtic’s own transgressions too.

But as far as the suits go, the topic is a busted flush. I mean, we all knew that, we all knew this whole title stripping nonsense was exactly that. Only in Scotland could such a subject gain any kind of momentum enough to make Joe Punter actually canvas for titles to be rescinded. Especially for an act which had nothing to do with the action on the pitch or even Rangers’ own coffers.

But nevertheless a board of directors who control the management of Scotland’s league game have concluded there is no case to answer and no investigation merited.

I mean, initially Hibs’ Rod Petrie was frothing at the gills when he ‘confirmed’ the topic would in fact be investigated, and that it was a valid area of discussion.

The man would love nothing more than an exuberant investigation of anything to do with the BIG BAD RANJURS, especially when we remember how he completely underplayed Hibs supporters’ disgraceful behaviour in ‘that’ cup final – not even his mates in Scottish football and the media could put a spin on that shambles.

But his wishes have been denied, and thank goodness Rangers have a representative on the country’s top table now, something long overdue.

Robertson has taken a wee bit of flack from some quarters, with some thinking he is not a proper Rangers man in that position of authority. But he is in the right place on the SPFL board to exert an important level of influence, with some views that the man he replaced, Peter Lawwell, quit to switch to the SFA equivalent because of the title stripping nonsense; either based on the fact he wanted to play no part of the circus, or because he knew he would be outvoted. Or even worse, because he did not support any title stripping at all and made haste his departure to avoid flack from his own club supporters.

Whatever the truth, Rangers now have a man on the country’s club game’s board, and it is high time Rangers started to weigh in with serious clout among the issues which affect us and the sport north of the border.

And that starts by dismissing the rubbish of title stripping, and EBT this and that. It was a stupid notion and now that the men (and women) in charge of the game here have concurred and ditched it, perhaps it is time for the fans to move on too?

Aye right!


  1. Well done Ed. Thankfully Rangers are now represented again on the board of decision making SPFL, and not before time.

  2. I thought Ann budge said a statement would be released on Wednesday. I don't know where or why the press are reporting what you have just written.
    Best to wait until the statement is released then jumping to conclusions

  3. All this nonsense of striping Ranger's
    Of titles by the Hater's of the club, on the pretence of Sporting integrity, they must all be choking on their cornflakes. Its time for Rangers to concentrate and go for 55 titles, sooner than later.

  4. for nearly a century cfc watered down their fortnightly attendances – this was a well known fact – it would be interesting if this subject was breached in the media

    • Why is this blatant cheating never mentioned, watered down attendances at every home league match to pay less tax. I grew up watching this and dont give me whataboutery, this was out and out cheating its called tax evation.
      Strip nine in a row!

  5. Sick of the witch hunt on rangers titles by obsessed Celtic and others players won the titles not EBTs even frank mac avenie says so hats off to him but the rest jealous is the word and Celtic paid ebt to Juninho but got tipped off by someone so they paid it after he left and then made a deal with hmrc who refused to make a deal with rangers so in my opinion one payment is as bad as however many the tried to get away with it just like their churches with abuse

  6. This is a victory for Rangers as a Club and as the foremost Football Institution in Scotland . We Never Surrender WATP. Robertson a good man . Bring it on !!!

  7. As a Celtic supporter I just can't understand this obsession with stripping the titles. It's all in the past, a dead issue and one that if taken to its 'logical' conclusion could get completely out of hand with unpredictable consequences. Like all clubs Celtic should focus on this season and building for the future.

    • "It's not too late to embrace Hun-hood, Savant;)"

      Strange you should say that because politically I'm on the same side as the so-called 'backward White racist bigots' of Rangers and on the opposite of the PLO-loving Green Brigade.

    • I'm a recovering leftie myself, Savant. I was on the left for 25 years, until I realised I was a much nicer person when I believed in monoculturalism.

    • The recovering leftie island is a tricky one Jorg. Transitioning away from the left showed me just how phoney the so-called liberals are. They're the most intolerant people you can meet. Yet they despise the ordinary Celtic and particularly Rangers fans for their/our intolerance.

  8. Am I the only one who has read about the french bank that has been taken to court for money laundering and industrial style tax evasion to the tune of £820 million and also money laundering by arms dealings with north Korea. Prison sentences have been given out and one of the owners is non other than the Irish tax exile Dermot Deasmond.????

  9. we did'nt need ebt's to beat them as uncle walter would testify, 9 in a row without any. S.T.B. were marseille stripped of CL trophy in 92/93,where was the support for justce back then. also mr. lawells intervention prior to manchester, where scottish footballs best interest should have come before celtic's, the only country that would allow that to happen. sporting itegrity my arse! jealousy, bitterness & fear from his support.

  10. Guys this issue is far from dead in the water. Strip the titles is just a sideshow but it is governance of the game in Scotland that is the real issue. The same sort of governance that saw the like of Craig Whyte get control of Rangers and then put the final nail in the coffin. The list of failings is endless but if you are going to ask the body that governs the game to examine itself when the failing have been catastrophic then it is hardly a surprise that they want to move on. Yes they have a hell of a lot to lose, so much so that I would suggest it is worth taking their chances with a judicial review.

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