Is this why Barrie McKay REALLY left?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following Rangers’ strongly-worded response to ex-winger Barrie McKay’s ‘subhuman treatment’ accusation, sources close to the club have lifted the lid on why McKay and manager Pedro Caixinha really fell out.

It is Ibrox Noise’s understanding that Caixinha made a footballing request of McKay that the young winger apparently deemed ‘unacceptable’ and our information is he ‘downed tools’ and looked for an out.

Quite what the request was we do not absolutely know, but educated conjecture with the implication we received is that McKay was possibly asked to defend more, and frankly was not interested in doing so.

In blunt terms it is alleged McKay went into a huff over what was now expected of him by his new manager, and as other sources who spoke to a national media outlet revealed also, his effort diminished:

“Barrie was made a contract offer that would have doubled his wages and made him one of the highest paid players at the club. But he chose not to sign it and instead moved on this summer. Rangers wanted to keep him but it became apparent that he didn’t want to be at the club. His statistics in training showed that his attitude wasn’t right and that he didn’t want to be here.”

Quite what could possibly have qualified as, in McKay’s words, ‘treatment no human being should suffer’ in context of football is anyone’s guess, but his dismissal to the U20s does support the idea his ego had grown a little large and he was not prepare to buy into his new manager’s ethos.

Furthermore, when we watched the defensive rotation on the right between Candeias and Tavernier on Saturday, it has become evident that defence is now being properly instilled on Rangers’ flanks.

Whether that commitment led to McKay’s exit we cannot truly ever know but the irony is that it seems he may have mentally departed Ibrox long before he actually did, with his contract rejection fresh in his mind.

McKay was very much a Warburton player, and following his beloved ex-manager’s departure in February, McKay rejected a new deal in April; probably with one eye on the City Ground in Nottingham, with Bread Man appointed there a month earlier, and McKay barely even denies that himself:

“In fairness, because of the way he managed me when he was at Rangers, I did feel that I owed him a lot. He got me here, so now I hope I can repay him for that.”

The saddest part about McKay’s departure is how few Rangers fans are actually disappointed he has gone. With Rangers linked to plenty of wingers and looking the part following the weekend’s commendable outing, it seems McKay will be consigned to Rangers’ history books.

We move on.


  1. The more that comes out the more it shows the player didn't have the mental capacity to play for our club. Maybe if he spent more time on the training pitch and less time reading articles about himself he could have became a great player. I'm happy to see the back of him and will be laughing when he's playing league one football in a year or two

  2. Mckay had some attributes to become a top class player but unfortunately for him and Rangers he lacked the will to win the heart to compete and most of all commitment to his playing duties ie backtracking to defend in the cause for the team he will play the odd good game for his daddy at Nottingham who appears to accept this we are no worse off by his departure

  3. I loved watching Barrie playing thought he was good but when a players head is bigger than the ball he kicks then he has to go it's obvious that he wants to go with warburton so good riddance he will find out that when you play for rangers you can be a legend but you have to work for that honour when you leave for championship you will become a forgotten man won't be long when he is back in Scotland playing for hearts or even less Patrick or worse still hibs

  4. McKay is no loss to Rangers. Anoraks will show the statistics of the impact he had while wearing the jersey.
    A winger who can't find a team mate or get the ball past the first defender leaving the club amounts to the saving of a dirty jersey.
    That he had the nerve to down tools because his faults were pointed out sums this chancer up.
    Good luck in your attempts to fool your next boss Barry. Junior football in 3 years is the best you'll achieve.

  5. you reap what you sow.

    Pedro is building a squad of winners who are aiming to oust cfc not the sheepmen.

  6. Doubt the defend more story as we've seen him do this for Wallace when they were team regulars.

    Potentially told him to go work on his left foot? Or something to do with his mental attitude.

    At the end of the day if your a young player full of potential and a new manager makes a request you get your head down and donor for him. That's what a hard working professional would do. Every player can always improve.

    I know if it was me I'd be beating training in the 20's and proving I deserve to be first name on 1st team teamsheet.

  7. I thought like many Rangers supporters Barry MacKay was a player who would emulate former wingers who plied their trade on the wings of our club, the history books preen over the talents of Morton, Waddell, Hubbard, Wilson, Scott, Henderson, Johnston and Cooper, all home grown talent. Did he get anywhere near those players? In few flashes he did and we lived in hope that he would produce more and more.
    A few important pointers in his career with Rangers is that McCoist shipped him out twice on loan. Did that affect his progression or improve his abilities? That we will never know.
    I like many hoped that he would be a mainstay in our team for years to come, improving over the years, but last season his body language, attitude and overall demeanour didn't look good. His performances in many games disappointed us all.
    So, did he give up on Rangers? I think he did.
    Many fans got on his back especially as the season wore on and I think was a contributing factor.
    He is an ex Rangers player now, like many who have left us before, I thank him for his service to our great club and wish him all the success in years to come. I hope he remembers what sort of club he was part of in his life to come.

  8. It shows the mentality of the players Warburton left behind if he wasn't prepared to help his team and that's the reason we failed to win last season because players weren't putting the effort in but they were quick enough to collect the big fat salaries we don't need feeble week players we need strong minded players who have a winning mentality.we need to be mentally strong as well as physically strong to win's obvious barry was neither as we're players we got rid of we still need to cut out some more dead wood and bring in players who are goin good tone play for the club and they need a winning mentality tof play hard is to win hard .and if clubs in the premiership hate us so their is nothing new their we seem to be the most hated club in Scotland maybe we should seek an alternative league to play in if this hate campaign continues its a form of bullying to get what they want. I'm sure they be happy to see us into abyss .

  9. If your not willing to fight for the famous jersey, then you were never a true Rangers player in the first place! Barry ended up as a never was!

    You have to earn the right of legendary status at Ibrox! Barry is just an immature ex-employee and will be remembered as such!

  10. At the end of the day we have to remember that these are just allegations (that he did this, that or the other). He's gone now, and a lot of people got their wish. I for one wish he had not gone. He is a great wee player IMO. Not irreplaceable, of course. We've moved on, and I wish the wee man all the best. His goal against Celtic in the semi-final will always be remembered.

  11. Too much of a one footed player, became predictable, other defenders knew he had to get it onto his right foot. Never rated him at all.

  12. believe me if you like just thought I'd post that I believe he was asked to play a wingback role for the club and look at possibly playing as a replacement for Lee Wallace. As he sees himself as more of a forward player he decided that it would be best to for a manager that wants him for his attacking skills. then he heard MW wanted him and that was it

  13. Guess time will tell, for me def the right decision, if a players heart and mind is not for the club, one big doubt remains, we might know shortly, how good a football brain Ped is, all talk or a brilliant tactician, manager and developer or outstanding talent from around the world? J

  14. Good riddance…. he was as most of us thought overrated and petulant , had become to believe his hype and false premise . Walker will turn out to be far better and more loyal

  15. The best thing about him was his bird. Average top flight player. Most fans lost patience a long time ago.

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