Late August signature for Rangers target?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Speculation is rising that Rangers have principally secured Jamie Walker, but with the caveat that the deal is reportedly not set to be completed until near the end of the transfer window.

The fee as yet is unknown and the deal itself not even confirmed but that has not stopped reports that the 24-year old winger will join Rangers in late August, ending a long-running saga and securing his services for the bulk of the new season.

Walker has made it clear to his manager that he is not interested in a new deal, and put himself in the (Rangers) shop window with an excellent showing against Newcastle including a goal, and this has left the situation with being just a matter of time before Pedro hopefully gets his (latest) man.

This would leave Walker cup-tied for the League Cup campaign for his new club, and the likelihood that he would face Rangers in the league next month at Ibrox on the 19th, so if the deal comes to pass, Hearts do appear to be trying to put every obstacle in its way.

But with the Marseille display and result giving fans a crest of optimism, it only seems to be good news coming out of Ibrox these days, with the end of the title stripping rubbish on top.

Hopefully Walker can be signed before the red tape causes issues.


    • The board have done an amazing job to fight for this club over the past 2/3 years. We are on the right path now and yes there will be gambles at times which will not always pay off. I think the board are due a break. The merchandise and shirt profit has recently be rectified and which has been a massive uplifting bounce to our club; great news a couple of months ago!!!

  1. Why August? i dont get it? Its not like hearts have a euro campaign ongoing they want to keep him for. I just cant see this being true. Just doesnt make sense to me.

    • Exactly. What happens if he breaks a leg early August. And if he plays for Hearts in August will he really be committed? Can Hearts spend the money on a replacement with on a couple days left of the window, surely they'd prefer to bank it now and take a month to spend it…

      What is more likely here is that Hearts last chance to control the fee they get for him is this window as he can sign a pre-contract in January. The player has probably got word back to Rangers that he will only sign for them and will wait to January if necessary. That is why Rangers are refusing to up the offer above 600k (slightly more than the tribunal would set if we take him on a pre-contract) but Hearts are trying to encourage other teams to get involved and up the price.

      The longer Hearts leave it, the more chance of a team offering the 1m they want and they hope the lure of bigger wages down south might turn his head that direction.

      It's a game of who will blink first, but if the player is committed to Rangers and only Rangers then I think our club is doing the right thing. We get him now or we do a pre contract in January.

      Either way, it will probably only be settled at the end of August (but not because the club's have agreed a deal already)

    • I was thinking that too. They will want to replace him asap if he leaves. And putting it off will make it harder from them. Plus our boards have a good working relationship. So it's not an anti rangers thing

  2. I've heard it will only happen if we get rid of players like waghorn, Forrester etc. We need them off the wage bill before we can get any other players in. Plus we don't have the funds for a transfer fee until we get rid of them. Hearts are wanting the money up front

  3. Use forrester as a straight swap transfer value would be about the same. He could be a valuable player for hearts

  4. For the love of god, another article on Jamie Walker!!! He is nothing more than ordinary. I don't see any EPL or any other teams fighting over him!

    We need to concentrate in getting rid of Bates and Wilson and replace them with better cover for Alves. Need to get rid of the breads dead wood too.

    There are a lot of more important issues surrounding our team, than constantly talking about Walker!

      I wish we had many more ordinary players like Walker at the club:)

    • Thanks for the links Jorg. But to be honest, Walker isn't any more spectacular than this lad –

      I'd rather have Boyce, at least he can header a ball into the net :), and look who he signed for!, Like I say, ordinary.

    • Boyce would have been a great signing, I have to admit Jimbo! Can't believe we didn't scoop him up to be honest. His ginger hair kept his transfer fee very low as well…

  5. He's no signing and that's that!! Penny pinching as per and he'll remain at Hearts. Dragging on far too long this push. Cathro said the money we are offering is ridiculous and he won't be sold. Let's move on from this bollocks

  6. I think we should play hard ball with Hearts they also have not given us the respect we deserve . 600,000 not a penny more if not then January Pre Season .. Fuck them . He is decent and would be a good signing for the future. We still need another RFB WATP Always Back The Board they are doing all the right things

  7. The Jam Tarts have played their hand in this saga and it hasn't, on this occasion, worked out for them, now they are heading up the creek without a paddle as if they dont sell Walker in the very near future and before current window slams shut they will get next to bugger all as we will get him in January for probably a hell of a lot less than recent offers made to Hearts

    Appears the boy is desperate to pull on the famous jersey at all costs so If The Gers make a minimally improved offer in the next couple weeks (30 bob) it will give that wee wummin (who is undoubtedly doing a smashing job at Tyncastle) the opportunity to save face to a certain extent and we can all walk away from saga contented

    Dont for a second blame Hearts for their approach as their responsibilities rightly lie with their club but am certainly delighted and more optimistic going forward that our guys appear to have played out their hands perfectly in this issue

    Even if it turns out, for whatever reason, that we dont ultimately get our man then it was STILL the correct approach by our board – you cant win them all!

    Also doubt very much that both clubs have already shaken hands on any deal as I dont think, under the circumstances of this particularly protracted issue, that it would be prudent on our part or that this is likely at all.

    However, I would probably be happy, at this stage, to bet on Walker becoming a Gers player in the very near future and we will all welcome another blue nose to the fold with open arms.

    Were getting there, slow but sure, upwards and onwards


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