“Strip the titles” – but ONLY when it comes to the Rangers…

 Article by: Iain McCarron, for Ibrox Noise

With all of this talk about stripping titles and fellow clubs up in arms about “cheating”, “financial doping” and “sporting integrity”, it’s time to have a look at where we stand.

With all things legal, we should always look to the past for guidance on how this has been dealt with previously. Fortunately there is precedent in this area – step forward Livingston FC.

In the 2010-2011 season, the Second division was won by Livingston FC. Finishing a strong twenty-three point ahead of their nearest rivals. However, as we skip forward a couple of years to 2014, it is revealed that Livingston were involved in a tax avoidance scheme. They were punished with a £10,000 fine and a 5 point deduction. The deduction comes into force for that current season (2014-2015) and leaves the 7 points adrift at the bottom of the championship. The SPFL also reports on their website:

“This meant that Livingston had been able to register professional players in registration periods when it otherwise would not have been able to do so.”

No if’s, but’s or maybe’s – Livingston had been able to register professional players in registration periods when it otherwise would not have been able to do so.

Let’s jump forward another three years to 2017. A year where there are still no calls to remove that title from Livingston, but the calls to strip Rangers from the title are deafening. We don’t need to look anywhere else in the world for the precedent on this situation. We have it in our own league.

So with supporters of other clubs making statements about Rangers and the unfairness of the past, while nobody mentions Livingston at all, tell me, are you sure it is not one rule for Rangers and another for the rest?

It certainly seems to be all about Rangers just now.


  1. None of the noise hatred and downright venom that is coming from almost all of the other teams in Scotland is unexpected WE have had to deal with is all the time ..I agree that there is a precedent but the SFA and other bastards have never followed the correct procedures so we shouldn't expect anything else . If there is any attempt to change remove or alter our titles or cups then we need to leave Scottish Football once and for all …and let them struggle especially the rotten mob …WATP and always will be …Im serious …lower tier English Football or even Dutch Football would be better than giving in to these twats.

  2. BillB you may have a point. about leaving Scottish football I would rather that than give in or listen to any more of the bullshit from the main bunch of Rangers haters. Because believe you may these people will whip themselves up Into a rabid frenzy to try and destroy The Might Glasgow Rangers.

  3. I have mentioned before in this site, if the titles were to be taken from Rangers, the only way forward for those who run Scottish football would be to nullify the seasons that the titles were won by Rangers AND any other seasons we participated in where all trophies we entered into. So any winners of the league other than us, Scottish and League cups and let us not forget qualification into Europe, as teams should have been able to play in that arena instead of us. I have also mentioned before teams who were relegated to the lower tier in the Scottish game would have to be compensated for them losing out financially. The ramifications would go on an on and on……
    Basically the stirring up on us supposedly cheating is propogated by the scum from the east and our other biggest antagonists from the north east Aberdeen.

  4. I agree with I.N.,Billy and Dennis Grant.
    The time for action against all our haters (everyone not associated with our family)is NOW.
    Enough is Enough!!!! We all need to stick together more than ever and take these vile, poisones, uneducated people to task, head on collectively from the Board room,fans groups and platforms like I.N.
    No one will defend our family apart from its members and the time has now come for us to defend and protect our institution like never before.

  5. The venom coming from some of our own support needs to be addressed also, what is the need to call them bastards?
    We need to remember that a certain Mr Lawell is still on the board at the top and has been for a number of years now, was he not part of the board that AGREED we keep titles last time and if he was then how can he or celtic seek the issue be looked at again?
    Also I look forward to the "movie company" being investigated, what about when some players had been paid by others and not the club or one of many companies which seem to add to or run the the club.
    Regarding the SPFL, I'm sure the SPL, SFL and SFA are the ones who had been in charge at the time of all this coming about and the rule book was rewriten for the SPFL so how can it be looked at again?
    WATP 🔴⚪🔵

  6. The one thing we should be doing and i mean NOW is to refuse tickets for any away game,personally i would not give these clubs another penny,we would lose our vocal support but it would be worth it,we could beam the games back to ibrox and fill the ground every time,we have probably refurbished every ground in the lower leagues and have not been given one ounce of credit,either that or the same as above get out and leave them to rot.

    • I totally agree.
      People will quite rightly argue that the team would suffer due to lack of vocal but there is a bigger picture here.
      All these clubs bar 1 and 1/2 began this hate campaign publicly 5 years ago.
      Is it coincidence that attendances are at their highest for many a year because we are back at the top table?.
      Let's boycott these grounds and pour our hard end cash into our own club via games being shown at IBROX.
      Wouldn't it be awesome for SKY SPORTS and other outlets reporting that the highest attendance in Scotland was from supporters watching a live video feed.

  7. Celtic,Aberdeen,Dundee United, were at the front runners to send us down the divisions and now they are back trying to bully the SFA.to take our titles the only reason for this is pure hatred and spite and the realisation that Rangers are back in the top tier which means that they fear it won't be so easy in the league now..FOLLOW FOLLOW

  8. SFA Board:-
    SFA President – Alan McRae – Football experience? – Cove Rangers, Highland League. SFA Chief executive – Stuart Regan – Football Experience? – None, 4 years as Chief Executive for Yorkshire Cricket Club.
    SFA Vice President – Rod Petrie – Football experience? – None, Chartered accountant, Hibs Chairman, Famous line of "over exuberance" as an excuse for his own fans thuggery at the scottish cup final with led to no punishment by the SFA!!
    Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Alloa chairman, Football experience -None –
    Tom Johnston (SFA Juniors) Barrie Jackson and Gary Hughes (Non Exec Directors)
    Most of who are also in the Professional Game Board, as is our Steward Robertson, but what chance does he have for a vote.
    From the SFA website, their job is:
    "The Board will focus on corporate strategy and top-line decision-making, with the operational Professional and Non-Professional Boards representing their respective parts of the game."
    Don't get me started on Neil Doncaster!
    It is no wonder why our Scottish game is in the gutter with small time, inexperienced free loaders like the current set up we have. About late seventies, early eighties, the who of the world of football was changing to the pass and move game, except Scotland. We continued with the long ba' theory. We are still 40 years behind the rest of the world. WE are the minnows of football!
    Solution – Scrap the SFA board, adopt the German FA's stragety approach to the game. We need change and then some.
    We are being ran by small minded individuals who are incapable of improving our game. They are self indulgent, and our game will never improve with them in power. While other countries are producing skill and athleticism, we are producing nothing, and that, is the work of the current SFA board!!

  9. I see that famous!ex celic player alan brazil is putting his tuppence worth into the crap he says I can also understand the ethical argument for acting against Rangers now for things that happened years ago. right lets apply the same ethics and morals to what happened at Celtic years ago which was much more serious than alleged cheating and see what happens

  10. Nobody here has picked up the really vital point: there is no talk whatsoever in England of striping titles from the club's there that used ebts.

    That's because the English game isn't run by self interest and vindictive child like idiots.

  11. i would like to see ex players and managers also defend the club as it undermines the graft put in to win these titles. ps. anyone who thinks we had any advantage should google scottish premiership wicki and study all the stats from 2001 to 2010 top to bottom and publish it on media sites for everyne to see, it favours celtic considreably.

    • Good point, I have no doubts that there are plenty of ex players who feel exactly the same about the current witch hunt against us and if its game on re- deducting titles I fully expect they will make their feelings known

      BUT the worrying thing is that in reality I also doubt if there are more than a handful of players currently at Ibrox who really give a monkeys & there lies a major part of our recent, current and on-going poor performances problem and looking at Peds recruitment policy its only going to get worse.

      Give me the likes of TED McMINN (bluenose) over of the likes of DALCIO (nugget) any day of the week

      Unfortunately I suspect we will require to go further backwards before the penny finally drops and we get a team of players, vast majority of which are bluenoses, who would die for the jersey the way Grieg & Gough,s team mates did

      We would be half way there today if Ped had made any real effort in prioritising on recruiting Scottish players, where appropriate & available instead of casting the transfer funds to the four winds & ending up with guys who dont speak the same language and the majority of which, in truth, are not any better


    • totally agree tam, premature mabye but a steven davis over a pena would do me. that said the signngs might suprise us all EBT 2 CELTIC 1 i hope mc donald get's a big rebate.lol

  12. If the governing bodes cave in i would urge our board to join the premiership in northern ireland were they would welcome us and our resources, we would gain entry into the champions league every season and their clubs profiles would go up as well as their revenue due to media rights win/win. outwith smelltic the standard's no much different,realistically only 2 teams can win our league.stay and appeasethe haters or leave and prosper for the benefit of rangers and others who would apprieate much needed income.THE FUTURES BRIGHT just ask ARLENE FOSTER!

  13. Bk in 2012 I wanted us to join another league. Shame we continued in Scotland. Now we're stuck here unless we want to start from the bottom elsewhere again

  14. we were told for years our succes was down to refeees,they resorted in hiring private investigators amid masonic fears.they have forced many refs to give up the game through intimidation. despicable football club when things don't go ther way, sportng integrity! I remember we lost a historic treble in 1980 due to a lack of sporting integrity on behalf of roy aitken, celtic 5 st mirren 0 (sporting integrity)as jim royale would say MY ARSE.

  15. thousands should descend on hampden to let them know we will never surrender to the haters calls,manchester revisited! headed by DK and the board

  16. Is it feasible to suggest that if these titles were nullified then legally clubs who benefited from the succsess of rangers where it tv revenue ,gate money, co efficient earnings would be liable to hand these earnngs back or is it morally right to feed off our clubs wrongdoing ? wit de ye think peter!££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

  17. I agree with all the replies it high time our former stars got behind do the club rather than digging them out like the former stars of other clubs in Chris Sutton and what does barry Ferguson do has a dig at his old club probably because he didn't get the job however if the sfa allow themselves to get bullied by its members what does say about the integrity of the organisation they are no better than fifa and look what state they are in the sfa should be impartial and fair to all clubs not fair to 99% and unfair to one we were punished it time to draw a line under this matter once and for all if we get punished we should look to go south if we've got go into one of the lower divisions so be it we have done it and came through it but I'm sure that won't happen I'm sure the premiership would welcome us .

  18. Of course it's different, it's rangers. This will never be at rest until rangers are flattened for most of these dark forces. Their fucking pish teams couldn't get the best of us but they'll try hard now to rewrite history. Can you imagine what a gift this is to someone who supports an absolute garbage club like Aberdeen?

  19. @Scooby:

    The masons thing is actually rather true, having been on the receiving end of Masonic handshakes myself when officiating amateur games, sad eh? Facts though.

    As for thousands descending on Hampden to protest a decision, I didn't see thousands or tens, or hundreds of thousand or the supposedly millions of fans around the world turning up at Ibrox to save the club, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on a reaction outside of a few folk whinging online.

    As for Livingston having a title nullified, go for it, fair would be fair, right?

    And no, it would not be feasible to ask for any sort of money back in regards to this, you're just slebbering. No fines, changing of money of any kind or retrospective title changes would be possible in such a situation.

    To Allan, the EFL wouldn't welcome us at all when you consider the severity of this case and that it means HMRC will now be going after some of their biggest names, which was why they so fervently pursued Rangers, as the litmus test.

    There's no talks of titles being stripped down there because no one has been found guilty of tax liability yet, plus some of the main perpetrators failed to win an EPL anyway.

    If you could all take a deep breath, that'd be great.

    • I acknowledge ur comments,the problem i have with this title talk is purely having had to listen to the same SHITE coming out of parkhead since my first old firm game as a kid in 1975, always the cheated never defeated should be their mottto.

  20. I like reading views from honest people that provide insight! Inherently take people as they come! I am writing a short book on the subculture of blogg responses. Good, Bad, Fuuny,Sad, supid,clever, bigotry, sectarian, homophobic well u get the drift! Any suggestions using any of the feelings you feel could contribute would be greatly dismissed (joke)⚽️🎱🏀🏈⚾️🛎

  21. Imagine Celtic won the UEFA cup in 2003! It was found out that the players they had during that season were not paying income tax on all Thierry earnings and their full earnings were not declared to the SFA as per the rules not just in Scotland but across Europe! I would expect that title to be removed not necessarily to the second plav team because the semi team, quarterfinal teannetcbwere robbed also! Heat chests

    • naw! sturgeon would have bailed them oot and painted george square green & white in tribute,like the commonwealth opening ceremony being the prime example. and they would still be talking about it in another 50 years frm now NO THANKS.

  22. hire findlay and he'll put peter and his bum chums in their place once and 4 all. i blame celtic for the hatred that as arisen after our absence.ther was a chance to draw a line for the good of past but fierce rivalry, unfortunatley their bitterness has created the poison our club are trying to eradicate in pandering to their mindless support.

  23. where was the outcry and supprt in 92/93 when corruption by marsielle and tapie contrived in preventng our club from a final spot and possibly a scottish champions league winner.it was brushed off by our games governing bodies and media alike.

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