Rangers’ move for winger closer after squad omission

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Jamie Walker’s switch from Hearts to Ibrox appeared closer today when the winger was conspicuously absent from Hearts’ friendly win over Livingston.

Reportedly picking up ‘a slight knock’, the Gorgie attacker has made no secret of his desire to join Rangers, but Hearts have played hardball over the transfer fee, apparently seeking a seven-figure fee for his services.

Rangers are said to only have offered around £500,000. But with the flanker suspiciously absent from their matchday squad against the Tony Macaroni men, it only heightens speculation that his move to Ibrox is getting closer.

Hearts put out a public notice about which players were not involved, and named a number of new signings such as ex-Rangers man Kyle Lafferty, but no mention of Walker’s absence was made.

Whether the 24 year old now gets his dream move will emerge soon, but chances may have improved following today’s events in Livi.


  1. I'd personally wait for both jamie walker and kenny mclean and sign them up for next season!That will send out the message that NO club in scotland is going to be allowed to hold the famous glasgow rangers to ransom over transfer fees!Personally i think we should put the money we were going to use for both walker and mclean together,and go and get graham dorrans signed from norwich city!He's what we need more and well worth £1.5million!Another point and changing the subject here!A wee debate i'm putting forward among my fellow bears here!Both niko kranjcar and ronald de boer are similar styled,attacking midfielders!Both immense footballers with terrific footballing brains!My question is who's the better midfielder,niko kranjcar V ronald de boer and give the reason??Look forward to all my fellow blue noses different opinions!Should be a very interesting debate!

    • De Boer v Krancjar a Draw But I am giving it to Niko coz he's still playing 😆
      Agree TOTALLY on your other points.
      Do NOT allow other Clubs to dictate to us.
      We are back and the sooner the WEE clubs realise, the better the chip on thier shoulders will feel.

    • Yeah i agree, hold off sign pre contract agreements in jan and use what limited funds we have to secure dorrans. The fact both clubs are trying to extract the value which would be fair if they jad 2years left on their contract is a joke. Every club in scotland was overjoyed to see us collapse financially, I'd prefer we didn't given any of these clubs a penny for a few years.

  2. Every club in the premier league would be happy if we had gone belly up and not being able to reform as they don't think we deserve it hense them penalising us when we try to do business with them talk about extortion they are ripiping us off knowing we will be forced to walk away that's why Pedro went to were he worked before to get players at a nominal cost and to be honest with you all I am glad he did have a major clearout because to be truthful 90%off rangers players failed to perform the whole season but still wanted their full pay I wish I had a fraction of what some off them earned a week we must get tough and get them playing for the jersey not for what is in their pocket every week we are as good as everyone in the premier league now we must show them all we are better than them and it would shut all those ignorant pundits up from our rivals up good luck to the boys in Luxembourg on Tuesday night

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