What needs to change for success in Luxembourg – are you listening Pedro?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

I have been going to Ibrox since 1960 and I can tell you that Rangers have always been slow starters, and it has annoyed me for years! I used to put it down to starting the season too late with the players having far too long to relax on their holidays.

I worried about players not keeping themselves fit enough during the break and some of them putting on weight. I also questioned their professionalism at times.

I was obviously wrong because, with our Portuguese coach in charge, the break was only 2 weeks and we still didn’t look sharp enough against the minnows of Luxembourg. Actual competitive match fitness is the main problem following a few friendly pre-season style of games, with nobody wanting to get injured.

Pedro talks about preparing his players for a high-pressing game and what did we get from the team he picked? The same old plodding and ponderous build up style of possession play that we witnessed a lot last season from the bread man’s team, again with no real penetration.

The Ibrox match was played by basically Warburton’s team with the exception of loan signing Dalcio from Benfica B side, replacing Barrie McKay, with Fabio Cardoso in place of Clint Hill, who was our best defender last season. Young David Bates took the place of outgoing Rob Kiernan. The only other change was Ryan Jack replacing loan Ranger Andy Halliday, but the strange thing was the team played almost exactly the same football as Warburton’s teams.

Why can’t Ped the Ted get more out of his players than Warburton and Graeme Murty did? What’s wrong with him?

I have to say that the goal was pure class, well done, Man of the Match Niko Kranjcar who spotted the quick-thinking run of Kenny Miller who slotted Niko’s slide rule pass beautifully past the goalie and into the back of the net. What a huge bumper roar it was that went up to celebrate a great move and the decisive goal on the night.

The fans were fabulous with a wonderful, expectant crowd who sold out Ibrox, because they wanted to see all the new players Rangers had signed over the summer break.

What’s this line-up? They all thought why only 3 (2 foreigners and 1 Scot) out of a possible 7 new signings (because Alves was in Russia, playing for Portugal) in the starting 11. What’s that all about? I know loads of the fans were really gutted when they found out how few new players were selected from the start.

It was also the same reason for all the fuss and the attraction of all the Rangers clubs throughout the world. They were desperate to see all the new stars playing for this new Rangers side, all paying to see this game live on TV.

I couldn’t believe how average the team were playing, with the exception of how good 32-year-old, Croatian Niko Kranjcar, played having been out of football for the last 7 months with a cruciate knee ligament injury. Incredible passing performance taking everything into account.

I pray he is fit to play in the return leg on Tuesday. After his first competitive match since last year, it is obvious he will be a key player for us this season. He sees passes that nobody else has shown so far, and hopefully some of the new boys have the talent to make us great again. Unfortunately Pedro has indirectly conceded that Niko is likely only a 60-minute player, as Ibrox Noise pointed out in a previous entry.

Ryan Jack and to, a lesser extent Jason Holt, did all the necessary dirty work in the engine room to allow Kranjcar the freedom of the park, for the first 50+ minutes of his display, which was simply oozing class.

English language difficulties will take a long time for the Rangers team to resolve, so let’s hope that with Bruno Alves, Fabio Cardoso, Daniel Candeias and Dalcio all speaking Portuguese, and both Mexicans, Carlos Pena and Eduardo Herrera along with young Columbian Alfredo Morelos all speaking Spanish communication between all players is as trouble free as possible. It will still be difficult for the English speakers to communicate well with their new team mates.

I am predicting that Ryan Jack will now be a fixture in the ‘Gers midfield with the talented Jordan Rossiter pairing up with him (if he can stay fit). Jason Holt is not a defensive midfield player and Rossiter is – simple as that Pedro!

Ibrox Noise are concerned about James Tavernier and Lee Wallace as our first choice full backs as their form was poor last season, and to be perfectly honest, I thought they were very average again against Progres Niederkorn.

The few times Wallace got himself free down the wing, he hit the ball in the direction of the penalty spot rather than place the ball to an incoming forward; his crossing, as has often been the case of recent seasons, was pathetic. Tavernier’s tackling is no better and it, along with Bates’ poor positioning caused Foderingham to make his only save of the night – and he made a mess of it.

Once the team get to know each other’s play a bit better and realise exactly what their own jobs are, the better they will play as a unit – just make it quick – please!

Only a fool would draw too many conclusions from Thursday night’s display that fell significantly short of expectations for the home crowd, but I am confident we can finish the job on Tuesday to (likely) meet Ael Limassol in the 2nd qualifying round, especially if we score an away goal.

Alves will probably be playing for Portugal against Mexico in the battle for 3rd place in the FIFA Confederations Cup on Sunday 2 July, so it might be too tight for him to make the Rangers match on Tuesday 4 July, unless he loses his place in the team to Pepe. If he doesn’t play in the game, he could fly from Russia to meet up with the team in Limassol (Or Gibraltar).

I would play Hodson instead of Tavernier at right back because of his amateurish, woeful tackling and his non-existing positioning sense of defending. He is a complete liability in the No.2 position (ask Sinclair of Celtic) and Pedro and Warburton don’t seem to notice that fact.

Demote Holt to the subs bench, because Rossiter is a far superior all-round-player and a talented tackler and passer of the ball. Maybe Murty could explain it all to Pedro.

If Pedro is trying to protect young-injury-prone Rossiter, then take him off after 60 -odd minutes, but play your best players at the start of the game, as we MUST go through to the next round.

Drop loan-signing Dalcio for Miller as he reads a game very well and is too good to omit at this moment in time.

My team in a 4 -2 -3 -1 formation:

Hodson – (Bates
OR Alves) – Cardoso -Wallace
                      Jack – Rossiter
OR Morelos)

Ibrox Noise is interested to see your comments on your starting 11 for this Tuesday’s game in Luxembourg?


  1. Hodson removes all balance from the team as he is not good enough to get up and down the park like Tav does. Tav will also be helped out defensively with the two GENUINE defensive midfielders.

    Pedro has said he wants width, and i don't think Pena is a winger.

    However agree with Morelos or Herrera to start.

    On a side note, i wish people would cut Tav a bit of slack. He has obviously been told to get up the park when he can, however this will obviously leave gaps. Its the job of the defensive midfielders to fill these gaps and cover, something that wasn't done at all last season. I think the addition of two solid defensive midfielders (including Rossiter as a new signing) means we will see better performances from Tav this year

    • Nope. Tavernier is the biggest liability in the team with Waghorn a very close second. Hodson is a good defender and very good attacking player when the opportunity presents itself. Tavernier was dizzy after what his Celtic opponent did to him and hasn't recovered from it.I never want to see him in a Rangers shirt again. Rangers will never win anything playing Tavernier and Waghorn. Forgetaboutit.

    • Totally agree. Hodson nowhere near the player Tav is at his best. He does have to be at his best more often. If you drop him we need a signing.

    • Hi Iain, Tavernier is expected to get up the park whenever he can, however he is caught out of position far too often because when he attacks on occasions when he should be defending.

      I am not saying it is easy to play up and down the park perfectly, but Tavernier has proven too often that he is a liability at right back because he attacks far too often to the detriment of the team..

  2. My heart sank when I dross so many of last season's players on the team sheet. Watching Wallace is watching a man play in slow motion yet with no end product. Loyalty is one thing but ability is another. Sell Tav. Asap. Agree Holt bench, Rossiter in place. Bates too nervy for me. Often found in space in the opposition box says more about the attacking line. I said early last season Warburton and his men aren't cutting it. Got some having a go at me. I was right. Garner was a waste of money but some used his cult following as an excuse to back him. I said last season, Ped sat and watched Murty take a bad team to Parkhead and get a throughtly deserved draw. Yet got took apart at Ibrox. I said he's a dud. Now I'll give him time, if he gives the new boys plus Rossiter and Kranjear a run. But I was uninspired Thursday and I'm actually concerned for Tuesday. Seen to many dire performances from my team since the mid eighties to buy into anyone telling me it'll be fine.

  3. very disappointed by your negativity, for god sake let things settle down before making such stinging statements.
    fotheringham,tavinier,bates.cardosa, wallace, ryan, rossitier ,kranjcar,miller, moriates, candaisi. 4-3-3

    • Who is moriates and candaisi? We signed 2 new players I haven't noticed? I'm going to be honest I fear an embarrassing night on Tuesday hope I'm worrying over nothing though.

    • Fucking unbelievable. Everyone will call for peds head and normally I would say got to give him time but nah not this occasion fuck of back to Qatar or Portugal. I don't give a flying fuck where just as long as a don't see you in the ibrox dugout again. Fucking raging. Laughing stock once again. Guy needs to fuck off. As for Morelos I was excited to see the young lad play. Fuck me yes he might not have got much service but he showed NOWT. Gave the wrong manager cash to spend would have been better with Derek Mcinness.

  4. I agree with the 4-2-3-1 formation the jack/rossiter sitting would allow the 4 in front more freedom to attack and protect the back door as well

  5. Pedro said before the game the peña and herrera were not ready for the game, alves is away like you said, candeias was a last minute inclusion!! Most of the guys have only been at the club for 2 weeks!!! Miricales don't happen over night. I hate to mention them nut even Celtic took a little time to actually get going last season!! If you are so unhappy with the team, as you seem to moan an awful lot about them, feel free to stop watching!!! 1 game, thats all just 1 game, of the new season and this negative tripe is spouted!!!!

  6. I'm sticking by my original assessment of Pedro in that he's not got a clue what he's doing.Whether Loafheeds players downed tools on him is neither here nor there.I'd love him to prove me wrong,be the best bit a humble pie I've ever eaten but he'll be gone by Xmas and we'll be stuck with these Mexicans. I do think Cardoso will be a success though and obviously Alves.

    • 4-4-2 is spot on for the Euro tie against the fourth best team in Luxembourg.

      If you think they are capable of "ripping us apart" then we are in for a long season whatever formation we play.

      4-2-3-1 Basically means having 6 of our 10 outfield players in our own half when we know they won't spend much energy attacking us.

  7. I still think this is a Celtic blog in disguise. Ffs why would you start all the new players when they have only being playing together for 3 weeks…some of them less. Shows you never played or don't understand the nuances of the game.

  8. Very early days, to early to criticize the new guys that played and to early to work out whether the players still in the squad from last year can improve with the many additions. Two things bother me, one will sort itself out soon and that is King, the other is the Ped, if the quote is correct " sometimes too much water can kill the plant" talking about new players not used the other night, god help us if we have to listen to more dribble like that, Warburton was bad but heaven help us if that is what the players have to listen to let alone fans after or before a match. J

  9. Nobody concerned about Barrie Mckay leaving?
    Why can't Pedro manage this player? Why are we getting rid of him?
    For Dalcio…Really?

    • Are you for real? If he doesn't sign a deal he has to go now, we can't afford to allow him to run down his contract. Pedro is saying to stay and sign or leave for money otherwise you can rot for a year.

    • I'm not concerned about McKay leaving as he was average in the premier league. Too early to comment on Dalcio. But one thing puzzles me . Why on earth has Bruno Alves chosen our club to ply his trade this season. A player of his quality could have easily fitted into an EPL team. He's not joined us for the money. I don't know if he's always been a supporter. Is he related to Pedro? Is he planning a future here in management? Whatever the reason, I'm looking forward to seeing him in the blue shirt. He's iron curtain material. Mon the Gers

    • With McKay I can only imagine it is his attitude, looks surly and disinterested at times in games so he may carry that attitude in training. The manager has made it clear to the players that nothing less than 100 percent or you out.

    • 3/4 managers haven't liked him enough, sometimes when he was the only winger available. Have to ask questions of him too.

  10. OMG everyone take a chill pill ffs.
    1 game in and all doom & gloom, manager bagged by Xmas WTF???
    Give them a chance for the love of God they have been together 10 minutes.
    If he started all the new players it certainly would have been a cluster fuk.
    He has to introduce these players gradually and find our balance and best team and that will not happen overnight.
    Agree our full backs are poor and Jack & Rossiter need to play or our FB's will be exposed.
    Time Required wheather U like it or not!!

  11. This early on in his return it should not be a given that Kranjar is only ever going to last sixty minutes.

    He should sit down and watch every DVD he can get his hands on showing Pirlo at work. When was 32 and older.
    Just stroll around in the centre of the park in a circle with a five yard radius.
    Then let everybody else run around and Nico can prepare to become a legend.
    Who lasts for the whole game.

    On another topic, Scottish teams are always going to face early European Qualification.
    Never mind a Winter Holiday, finish the season by early April and have League Cup games, in sections, as in the old days, to start the season at the beginning on June.
    Help get them match fit for Europe and not have the immediate pressure of league games.

    Where are you SPFL and SFA? Probably still on holiday.

  12. Hi Scott, I hate being so negative, but my job at Ibrox Noise is to write as many good articles as my ability will allow.

    I have to keep it all about Rangers and I have always to tell the truth, as we don't like fake news on this site.

    I thought Pedro picked the wrong team and played with the wrong tactics, in fact, just exactly what did he get right on Thursday? Oh, I know the answer to this one – he picked Kranjcar to start.

    He underestimated his opponents – that's what he did, and you should NEVER do that!

    I will be surprised if Pedro makes it at Ibrox, as he has taken an enormous GAMBLE with Rangers money (and we don't have too much of it to spend), and I predict he will get the sack and walk away with the rest of his pay-off deal. He won't lose out, but we will be in a financial shambles, IF he is another failing Rangers manager, to add to McCoist, Wa burton and now Ped the Ted.

    I want to be so wrong about Pedro, and I know he is a very hard worker and is giving this job 100%. I do appreciate all his efforts. He did fantastic, signing so many players in a very short time, BUT are they good enough for Rangers, with the exception of Alves and Jack?

    It is his judgement and ability I question and worry about – I apologise for being too honest when it comes to Rangers. The truth is, as a very passionate blue nose, I care too much.

    • We still won 1-0, with them registering 1 shot on target. How is that an underestimation of the opponent?

      I would dearly love to believe your are passionate, but it just comes across, at best, as pessimism and, at worst, naive and under researched about the wider world of football. There is a bigger world of football than Europe, and Pedro has done well in South America (Mexico a more competitive league than the SPL).

      You say are they good enough for Rangers? I wonder if you could possibly list some alternatives that would be available at the prices we paid. I am curious as to what you would deem a player good enough for Rangers, giving that you seem to have written so many off after 90 minutes

  13. The bottom line is that DK has given Ped complete freedom along with a bigger than anticipated transfer pot to build HIS own squad, a lot more freedom and dough, it appears, than they were willing to invest in the bread-man previously and that important fact seems to have got under the radar to a certain extent in recent weeks

    I have to concede that towards tail end of last season I posted several negative and extremely critical views on this forum about the apparent inactivity and vague (at best) noises coming from DK and the board and was seriously concerned that they were out their depth and sure to lead us back into the twilight zone again as I doubt if we could all stomach that nightmare again

    However, fairs fair and since that time DK has basically got rid of the fat mans cancerous influence on our club, which I am sure we all agree was a massive result, how he achieved this and the small print involved will probably always remain indoors and at end of day I couldn't give a monkeys cause either way theres no doubt DK won that vital battle on our behalf and thats what counts

    So in the short to medium term I will (I think/hope) be content to sit back and see where Ped takes us cause I dont doubt that both DK and Ped are well aware that the freedom and money pot given to HIM for HIS SQUAD will, over this season, transform into either a ladder to take Rangers to a better place and enhance Peds rep, or a rope & noose with which to hang Ped come next May

    All in all and given recent events I personally am perfectly prepared to admit that I am now far more optimistic and feel more secure re- long term prospects for our glorious club than I was 3 months ago although it wont stop me moaning about particular players level of performances and selection issues etc. etc. on a regular week to week basis, as I am certain that given the credibility and respect afforded to the Ibrox Noise forum throughout our community dictates that its more than likely that its NOT ONLY US FANS that scour its pages every day which cant be a bad thing

    Onwards & Upwards!


  14. Very worrying for me is Pedro conceding his inability to perform miracles after one game.Those are the words of a manager bang in trouble in the relegation zone in the league. I'm not looking for miracles but I do expect us to put a part time mob like that to the sword at home after all the build up and rousing speeches.I say again,he's not for us.

    • Pedro seems to lack foresight and common sense at times. There is every chance that the dressing room with be divided by language problems and bad feelings against him.

      This is why he wants to get rid of so many players, because they will obviously hold a grudge against him because, he has ended so many of their Rangers careers.

      Windass and Crooks signed 6 months earlier because they were thrilled to play for our great club. How do they get repaid – by NOT giving them a decent chance to make it at Ibrox. They must be raging with his behaviour. What if he is wrong about both players and he sells them cheaply.

      He just doesn't get the best out of any of Warburton's players who have all gone back the way since he arrived.

      I thought he would be a good coach, but I am doubting it now. His tactics against Celtic bordered on diabolical! What was he thinking?

      The bottom line with me – I JUST DON'T TRUST HIS JUDGEMENT ANYMORE!

  15. Richard you are quite right to ask these questions. While we applaud the Board for their recent actions in sorting out the retail, and we applaud investment in the team – we do have the right, and should ask questions about Pedro's appointment. Essentially we've now gone for 3 rookie, inexperienced Managers in a row – McCoist (who proved just like John Greig all those years ago that Club Legends do not always make great managers – although we have much to be grateful for with McCoist holding it all together in the very darkest days immediately after liquidation), Warburton and now Pedro. If there ever had been a time for Rangers to appoint an experienced man with knowledge of Rangers and Scottish football – it was after Warburton. I'd really be interested in someone from the Board coming out and explaining why Caixhina with no record of success, and very limited knowledge of even European football was the man to rebuild our great club. As far as I am aware King was hand's off in appointing the manager – so who did Robinson, Murray, Gilligan – all have undoubted talents but deep knowledge of what it takes to be a great football manager isn't one of them. Sunderland recently sought Walter Smith's advice on their managerial appointment – could we have not turned to Walter and Souness for some input into the selection process.
    I know that many will judge these comments as negativity – but I prefer to think that they are genuine questions that need answered from a life long die hard bluenose. I am genuinely worried that this time next year we will be ripping it up and starting all over again while our transfer kitty diminishes even further due to the number of players sitting on their contracts.
    The fact is that Rangers habve not mustered one good performance under Pedro (10 mins at Pittodrie aside) and he has presided over the two most tactically inept performances against Celtic that I've seen in 50 + years of watching these matches.
    Alves ic class, Cardosa looks the part, and Jack is a good signing proven in the SPL – the rest may well turn out to be gems but all are B team or journeymen and none are proven winners – and that's what we need right now.
    I would also like Pedro to tone down the rhetoric until he has done something to earn it. He has nothing in his locker to command respect from either the players or other managers in the league. Respect has to be earned. A big mouth off the park and a whisper on it only makes a laughing stock.
    Sad to say Roichard but I agree Caixhina will be gone by Xmas.

    • Dexter, you say we should have looked at Walter Smith (the man that recommended Ally McCoist for the job) and Graeme Souness (has not managed a club for 13 years). I have to disagree with that idea.

      Pedro has played 90 minutes of a game with some of his own players. A game we won in Europe and everybody on here is talking like we got beat by Lincoln Red Imps. Was it the greatest performance? No, but we have a team of strangers who have played 1 game together.

      It's not the manager we need to get rid of, it's all these negative supporters who want to win things yesterday and don't understand that things are going to take time

    • Ian – you misunderstand. I was not suggesting Walter or Souness as the manager. I was suggesting that we needed people with football knowledge of what it takes to be part of the interview process. If the Manager is going to be chosen by the Chief Executive, and two Board Members from the business community – then you may as well pick the names out of a hat!
      I am not a fair weather supporter that expects Rangers to win the league this season or next – but I want to see us rebuild the club and team – week by week and year on year. Pedro's appointment doesn't give us the best possible chance of doing that for me. It's a roll of the dice appointment third time in a row.Asking questions and looking for answers isn't disloyal or negative. Blind loyalty got us Craig White and Charles Green. Warburton was the magic hat and Tavenier the blue Cafu. Maybe a few more questions then about a rookie manager being appointed to a big club like Rangers would have stood us in good stead. If I'm wrong and have to eat humble pie – brilliant! No one will be happier than me – but don't criticise me for asking questions of the men in charge of the club I love.

    • Sorry Dexter I misworded my response. I know you were not suggesting them as manager, however the last time Walter Smith had a say in our manager we ended up with McCoist.

      Every appointment in football comes with risk, but I feel that having looked at Pedros contacts, achievements with other clubs, and given the wage/budget structure we have, I can understand why he has been chosen.

      Our reputation in South American countries will have increased significantly with the signings he has made. Given time to let the players work with each other we will see significant improvements on the park.

      You say he has limited knowledge of European football but has worked at clubs throughout Europe. He also demands respect from players in his role of manager. I find the idea that he hasn't earned to be a little bit difficult to fathom. Due you warn it by winning trophies? In which case few managers in football have the respect of their players. Or do you earn it by setting standards for your team and push them to meet those standards?

      Historically managers have always had time to implement their ideas (Le Guen being the shortest serving manager), so to say he'll be gone by Christmas is incredibly pessimistic.

      Trust me, if the results on the park are not good enough, I'll join you in asking all of these questions, but to do it after the first 90 minutes of competitive football with just some of his own player installed is far too early to be doing it

    • How will the reputation have increased significantly in south America from signing one young Colombian?! People there have no idea about Scottish football, we're nothing to them or their players.

    • one young Columbian and two mexicans (both with international caps). Also a young Colombian with that strike ratio will be making news

      a quick glance at the sports news over there shows that we being mentioned regularly.

      We did this before with Reyna and Celtic have done it Nakamura. It's a well used brand promoting strategy

    • Mexico isn't in South America, so my point re: one Colombian remains valid. They don't even play in the same federation!

      That's like saying because an Australian team sign a player from India that a lot of Europeans will be talking about Australian football.

      And remember Celtic signed Mexican international, (with more caps than Pena and Herrera combined!), and after half a season it was clear he was rotten. Yet he was playing for Mexico ahead of these guys…and he's only a year older.

  16. I was raging on Thursday night, traffic was a nightmare, missed the start of the game, missed the goal and had to watch a dire second half where we nearly managed to hand them a result.

    Although on reflection we had a good solid first half with some great football being played and it really should have been 3 or 4 before the break. Fod could have brought his deck chair out.

    My only criticism would be the introduction of Morelos earlier and possibly switching miller and waggy. Really feel waggy brings more when playing on the right. Also felt we were far too slow on the attack at times.

    Let's be honest though with the exception of the lack of goals the team strolled through that game and will do the same on Tuesday.

    A bit of realisation is needed when it comes to the time Ped should be given, the man and his team have their own methods both in prep, games and training which any half decent footballer will tell you takes time to adjust and learn.

    Some will take to it quicker than others and some won't at all. If the player doesn't show willingness to learn and improve then for me they need to go and Pedro will know this. The players also need to believe in the methods being taught to them which will come when they start seeing results.

    On the curious case of Barrie McKay I feel he gets alot of bad press, I'd be giving him some personality coaching to try and bring him out his shell a bit and make him aware that he can come across as disinterested. He may not be aware he does this! I don't understand the new contract issue, is he wanting more money? Maybe they are trying to pay him less than he knows others are on. Either way give him what he wants and coach him to become the class player he's got the potential to be. Really will be annoyed if he's allowed to leave.

  17. One game guys, come on!!! And remember we actually won the match too.

    Admit the performance wasn't as sharp or exciting as we'd like but half of the new guys are getting their fitness and getting settled. That'll take a couple months for some of them as it's a big culture shock.

    If you are questioning Pedro's judgement on the new signings then I have to ask…who would you have signed?? Remember, we can't afford the top dollar English based players and we don't have a scouting network in Europe to call on, so all Pedro can do is use his own knowledge, experience and contacts to make us better. Warburton had the same issue last year but unfortunately for us his experience and contacts were lower English leagues.

    As Pedro makes us better, more money becomes available and maybe he can sign more expensive players. Won't happen overnight though.

    Remember Advocaat went 3-0 down to Shelbourne in his first game, with lots of new players and even struggled the first couple of SPL matches before everything started to click…

    • I agree 100% with you BT, too many potential Rangers managers commenting in these replies to the article and almost every one has a different point of view.
      I have said from the start that if Pedro is in a worse place come the winter break than Warburton was, then his tenure as Rangers manager has to be scrutinised and if needed he should be replaced.
      We all as Rangers fans want the best, but we also want it immediately; that is never going to happen as players need time to settle in, some quicker than others. Two strikers I remember well were hounded by our own fans to the effect one left the pitch in tears, McCoist and Hately were their names.
      As fans we have to accept that we will not suddenly become unbeatable and lead the charge to win all competitions, we need settling time and that can be unkind to a new manager. Pedro stated he has had 3 weeks to gel his squad and that is true, most fans here moan about how bad we were last season, some accuse the manager with having 3 months; he hasn't had that time with his current squad, but as our club manager.
      My opinion, this is just mine only, I would have preferred not to be in Europe this season letting the manager take the team on a team building tour, settling players in and then tackling what is important, domestic improvement in the league, ensuring a minimum 2nd place as close as we can to the league winners and winning at least one domestic trophy.
      I hope we win the return match agains Progres, we need an early goal, that means we have to lose three goals to be knocked out. The next round will be tougher, but it would mean two competitive games under our belt and Alves available with the potential of the other new signings closer to fitness for team selection and maybe a few other new signings on board too.

  18. 4 wins, 3 draws and a defeat in Advocaats first league games. Took them until October before they were motoring on to win the league.

    All I'm saying is a new manager and new players need time and we should give them all our support and re-assess things in November.

  19. Agree with majority of story.

    Tav and Wallace worry me, although saying hat; so does Hodson

    I am also unclear why we insist on talking about 4-2-3-1 formations which is far to central for our players who need width and space.

    Also don't understand why every Tom, Dick and Harry keeps putting Miller on starting 11. Yes he is true pro, yes he is fit, but he shouldn't be near our starting 11 this season.

    Neither should Bates, Holt or Waghorn

  20. Totally agree on team we need at least a new right back tav sorry you just won't do at level we are aiming at , dalcio and candies don't look any better than what we already have imo we must have players who can create in final third who can deliver the ball and kranjkar and pena are those men we must hope Herrera and Morales can put it away , with a solid rb our defence and midfield would be top notch .
    New signing Cordosa alves Wallace
    Jack rossiter dorrans
    Pena kranjkar
    For me a title winning team if kept fit

  21. I can definitely see us losing the game if Tavernier and Waghorn play on Tuesday. These two should have been gone already. Absolutely pointless signing Alves if we continue to play these two. Where is the logic? I'm glad it isn't my job on the line on Tuesday. Don't do it Pedro. Just don't.

    • Why is it pointless signing Alves if we play these 2?

      And Pedro's job is not on the line on Tuesda

    • If we are out of Europe it costs us millions and we are liable to be a mid-table team with these two playing every week.That's why.

    • So you think we are going to be worse than last year, simply because of those 2 players?

      It also doesn't explain why signing Alves was pointless.

      Sorry AMcC, but i feel that this is far too negative (even for this site)

  22. I believe that we have to put the situation into perspective. We are buying players for £1.5m pounds maximum. They are never going to be currently top drawer players. I am sure that the lower divisions in England could well match these figures, awash as they are with Sky funding. We are having to take a punt with an unknown manager and unknown players. We could be buying known players like we did with Ian Black, Kevin Kyle and company. Let us not prejudge the season at this early stage. I would never be optimistic about European progress after so long in the long grass.

  23. Most of the posts miss one thing, Peds ability. He might be (I hope he is) brilliant but we aint seen anything to suggest he is since he got the job, no sorry, he can talk, but so far it has been fantasy dribble, time he needs, just hope he is able to convert his speeches into great results on the park, jury is def out J

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