Pedro: “I’ll add two more players”

Pedro: “I’ll add two more players”
 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following today’s impressive result against French cracks Marseille, manager Pedro Caixinha has confirmed he remains in the market for a further two players.

The Portuguese has been hot on the tail of a number of players for a while now, and speculation has ramped up following his assertion that they are to be Scottish and will understand the significance of playing for Rangers.

In short, speculation is rife that two Rangers-supporting Scottish players are on their way in, with Hearts’ Jamie Walker and Norwich’s Steven Naismith among those being mentioned as the two on the horizon.

Kenny McLean and Louis Moult have also been lightly tipped and with Pedro’s scouting mission to Hampden the other day, the latter might not be a bad bet.

But nevertheless Rangers’ summer business is not yet complete, and after today’s morale-boosting display against Marseille, the much needed good news appears to be getting better.

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  1. OK I have been critical these last few weeks…BUT watched today's game and I was impressed with the attitude of our players and their commitment and good football played. So on todays showing I am now quite optimistic bring it on more of the same.

  2. Things are slowly improving–but we still need a few more quality players to give Celtic (and Aberdeen) a decent challenge this season. Walker and Naismith would be great, and I'd still like to see a quality full back and a better goalkeeper being brought in. I think that midfield and central defence is now stronger–but still weak on the wings and suspect at goalie and full back.

    • Agree totally. I like Kenny McLean but if Pena is the real deal then where does McLean fit..? Wide players, striker, goalie in that order and with a bit of luck we'd fight for the title…

  3. Listen,it is not more players we need its the players we have that need to play better,more players Walker and McLean £2plus millions more wages when are we going stop and go with what we have and bring in next window,

    • Good point John. Part of Pedro's remit is to improve the players already at the club and I really hope for signs of progress on that front in the next 5-10 games.

      One thing I do find strange…if a person practises a skill every day, training for improvement day-in/day-out, they should – in theory – become better at it as the years go by. But with Danny Wilson and Lee Wallace, the older they get, the less effective they appear to be getting. When Wilson and Wallace first came on the scene in their youth, they really exploded onto it. But, to me anyway, they're not half the players today that they were back then. How is that possible, if they're training correctly and eating correctly? They're training at some of the best facilities in the country yet seem to have – at the very least – stagnated in terms of skill/ability. They both play regularly too. Decent players on their day, but hope we see them performing far better this season.

  4. The final 2 signings that pedro says he's wanting,i would hope will be jamie walker and louis moult!Walker imo would strike up a good partnership,with our captain,lee wallace,down our left hand side!As regards to the signing of motherwell striker louis moult,i hope,should have been a no brainer from the start and i said as much on here!Moult should have been signed before eduardo herrera imo!He's proved he can regularly score goals in the scottish league with motherwell and has an almost 1 in 2 goalscoring ratio with them!So ask yourself this bears,how many would moult score with our better players who'll create more chances for him?A helluva lot imo!!We must move quickly now for moult,as the sheep are preparing their 3rd bid,of 500kfor moult which will do the deal!Mcinnes has already had 2 bids of 275k and 400k turned down for the striker!

  5. Aberdeen will not let us sign McLean unless he downs tools n tells them he wants to come, I can more see it being walker and Naismith, but That's not based on players going out,if players leave like foderingham being liked with Forrest n pos tav they 2 I believe would bring in £4-£5m if they did go I'd love to see shagger n Hutton return to make a solid GERS foundation in the team of WINNERS!! That's wat we need!

  6. Bluebellsareblue,explain something to me!Walker fair enough but you also quote its more likely to be naismith along with walker!Have you any idea how financially,we can afford to bring stevie naismith back to ibrox?Unless norwich let him go for buttons or nowt we won't be signing naismith!He's valued at anything between £4million-£6million and on wages north of 30k!So could you kindly explain how we can sign naismith mate?Not that i'm wanting him myself!He made his bed and burnt his bridges at ibrox!!

  7. If we could get Walker, a striker (i.e. Moult), plus bring in a right-back (loan or buy), we should be looking decent. Going by what I saw of him last season, I rate Aidan Wilson highly, so would expect him to cover for injuries to our CBs quite comfortably. For such a young boy, he looked relaxed playing in front of 52,000 and played with a footballing intelligence that belied his years.

    Should be an interesting season ahead anyway. Expect Aberdeen to be very strong again as they've made some excellent signings this window. McInnes seems to have a good eye for a player. Under proper managers, I'd have expected Hearts and Hibs to be strong competitors this season, but the Jambos are going to have a season of more turmoil under Cathro I'd say. Can see him getting the heave before Nov. I expected Cathro to come in with fresh ideas and to sign loads of young Scottish players – and help them the way he did with Ryan Gauld. But it's been quite the opposite. Boring football, boring tactics, and the same journeymen signings that I'd have expected Jim Jeffries to make back in the day (gives the same uninspiring interviews too). Cathro is fast becoming the Scottish Steve McLaren.

    Hibs under Stubbs were stronger and more dangerous than they are now IMHO; I don't rate Lennon as a manager, but nothing against him as a person (I respect anyone who has battled depression). Think Simon Murray will be an excellent signing for them, but I'd say they'll do well to finish in the top 6. They are always likely to produce a good player from their youth system though.

    I hope we can put in some good performances against Watford and Sheff Wed now (draws or wins, and no embarassing hammerings), and go into the season with the same optimism we have today. If the team is confident and stays relatively injury-free, we should have an enjoyable season.

  8. Well robert Miller I believe that Norwich will let him go for a nominal fee Jst like dorrans to get them off the wage bill n I think Naismith will push for the move closer to the window deadline as he wants up the road n give him a another 5-6 weeks picking up his £50k cos he knows he's going to get no wer near that up at GERS that's my opinion Robert Miller. I believe if we wanted moult he would have been here by now cos we ve spent a lot more a a single player than it would cost to bring him in. But I do rate him n have said on here since last summer window we should sign him.

  9. l seriously wish people would stop talking about Naismith, not going to happen, we simply cannot afford him, the Judas would greatly improve our squad but simply not going to happen, we will regret though not going for Whittaker, Lafferty, Steve Davis, Weiss and one of our best goalies McGregor, guys that played for the jersey and would have came back in a heart beat, we need strengthening in a few departments, Foderingham needs to go, he cannot command the box and will cost us dearly this season if he remains, but after yestarday's performance I'm slightly more optimistic for the team, time to give Ped the Ted a chance now

  10. Bluebellsareblue the difference between norwich letting us sign dorrans for a nominal fee is much different to allowing us to sign naismith on a nominal fee!!The answer is duration of contract my friend!Dorrans was entering the final year of his contract whereas i think naismith has at least 3 years left to run on his norwich contract mate!!

  11. Walker would be an obvious signing and would offer another significant option on the left side of the attack. In defence, if Tavernier plays all season as he did against Marseille then he will be an excellent player for us and hopefully Wallace can regain his confidence on the left. Along with Walker I would like to see us sign a striker to replace Miller. Who that might be I have no idea. I would settle for Naismith but would question the cost. Oh for a young Colin Stein!!!!!!

  12. Maybe! Robert Miller .BUT (a) Norwich are looking to get a player off the wage bill. (b) Player Power, if he says I want to move to Scotland and only GERS. (1) he sits n takes £50k home a week n keep an unhappy player or (2) they pay him off in full (3)take what they can get from the club he wants to go to take the £50k a week off the wage bill, get an unhappy player off there books n also gain a fee which wud b of to Rangers valuation taking into account the whole situation which would end up being a nominal fee.which one would you think Norwich would go with Robert Miller?? Player always has the power!! All this judas none sense aswell he made a mistake on bad advice, we all make mistakes if he makes us stronger n dies for the cause is that not better than the heartless dross we ve watched for past 5-6 years ??

  13. Naismith won't happen this year, as much as I'd like it to. Norwich paid 9m last year for him. They'd want 4m or 5m in a fee I reckon even if the manager doesn't fancy him or he wants to leave.

    Wages wouldn't be an issue as he'll take a pay cut wherever he moves next and if he chooses Gers he knows the wage structure, it's the transfer fee.

    Keep an unhappy player on 50k a week or sell for Basically a 7m loss. They will try to start a bidding war or they will hold on to him and make him honour his contract. 50k a week isn't hurting Norwich but 7m loss might sting a bit…

  14. You really don't need to look any further past this blog to see the fickleness of fans.

    Pedro the pariah (Ibrox Noise has been absolutely brutal towards him) it was last week and now we have the same fans here high fiving each other and skipping about.

    I have always intended to keep my powder dry and let the manager get a foot in (many others have on here as well, to be fair).

    There was as much to be garnered from that pre-season friendly as there has been from any other pre-season friendly.

    No real indicators yet, need to suck it and see, so to speak.

    I think the fans should just throw caution to the wind and look forward to the new season. Lets face it, anything will be an improvement this year.