One return and one out – change at Ibrox

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

The return of Danny Wilson could not come quickly enough. While not quite a Cuellar, the lad nevertheless has been one of Rangers’ better performers the past couple of seasons and got a lot of unfair maligning in the days when he paired with Rob Kiernan.

While today’s disappointing friendly loss to St Johnstone certainly does not bode especially well for Saturday’s visit of that wee French lot, one silver lining is Wilson’s return. It is worth noting St Johnstone’s winner did not materialise till he left the field, and if Rangers are to have any chance of keeping the back door shut more often than not this season, the likes of Wilson, Alves and Cardoso really must hit the ground running.

Wilson’s return is a badly-needed boost, and a timely one given we were told he was out till next month.

Meanwhile out the door permanently is the unfortunate Matt Crooks. Like so many others, he never really got anything like a sniff of a chance at Ibrox, with injury keeping him on the sidelines before Warburton’s ego did likewise. Once fit he was simply never used, and sadly the only memory fans really have of him is his being thrown in at the deep end at Tynecastle for Hearts’ easy win in Robbie Neilson’s final match.

He did far better down in Scunthorpe on loan (being selected helps) and has now permanently switched to their rivals Northampton for the usual ‘undisclosed’ fee, probably (pure guesswork here) in the region of around £200-300K.

Whether the lad was good enough or not to play for Rangers, he certainly never got a chance for fans to actually pass judgement, and Ibrox Noise wishes him well at his new club.


  1. I've got a feeling Crooks will go on to bigger and better things… shame he didnt get a chance IMO.

  2. I have no doubt the introduction of Alves coupled with Cardoso or Wilson will absolutely shore up things at the back. However since the Coleraine friendly we have now played a combination of 6 closed-door friendlys and euro games and scored precisely 4 goals. Not only are the failings of last season manifesting themselves WE ACTUALLY APPEAR TO BE GETTING WORSE!!

    • Pre season is all about building fitness and sharpness while working on shape. Results do not matter. After some dreadful pre season results I remember we went on and won a treble (not suggesting we will do that this year of course!)

  3. I agree we are not improving in front of goal and seem just as fragile in defence. Transfer Money is wasted If Pedro remains in charge of tactics and formation. Gonna be a long season 😢

    • You are right–it is shaping up to be another disaster of a season. A poor manager, still NO CUTTING EDGE, still not looking solid in defence, though Alves and Cardoso playing together might help. But we still need two good wingers, a striker (other then Kenny), a right back, and a real goalkeeper–not just a shot stopper. It looks as if the money for transfers has dried up–and the present squad is nowhere near good enough to seriously challenge Celtic.

    • Same old running around with new faces, er some new faces but Warburton's horrid triangles. Zero penetrative passes, slow forward line. Zero attacking threat. Too many players taking the ball facing their own fkn goal. The conceded goal a perfect example of when not to give your own player the ball. Windass only ran towards his own goal. Is there anyone allowed to try and win a game or is that thought banned throughout the squad, because I just don't fkn see it. Get that taxi, on second thoughts make it a bus. Bottom six after six games. Totally unimpressed.

  4. Wilson? Better Performer?,, Are you for real?. He was just as culpable for the goals against last season. He needs to get a taxi to turn round. Slow and incapable to fill in our defence. No where near Rangers class.
    I agree with 'thebluebear',,We do seem to be getting worse!!!

    • You might be right there, maybe the week before the Celtic game we ask Murty to take charge as we could be again managerless.

  5. So we've been put out of Europe by the 4th best team in Luxembourg, we've lost 1-0 to St Johnstone and, after buying almost a new team, our best striker is (ahem), Kenny Miller.
    Going rather well so far, no?

  6. Fully agree–Murtry has ALREADY PROVEN that he is better than Caixinho will ever be. Remember, he was in charge when he got his tactics spot on and we got a 1-1 draw at Parkhead. Does anyone seriously think that Rangers under Caixinho will manage to avoid a thrashing at Parkhead? No–it has got to Caixinho sacked and Murtry in. Then , for the sake of preserving some dignity–we DESPERATELY need to sign Jamie Walker, Stevie Naismith and a right back and goalkeeper. If not–we are going to have another terrible season.

  7. I don't know who writes these columns Wilson undermined by keirnan ?
    As far as i could see it was the other way about.
    Slow ponderous & poor in the air,always trying the hollywood pass which usually sailes over everyones head &into the enclosure. He should have a ballboy to himself.
    He is a weak link & should be moved on as quickly as possible before the window closes so that we have time to sign a replacement.

  8. Ped or most posts seem to pin a lot of hope on Alves, heard from a good sorce that he was basically let go, saw an opportunity for some quick cash and the bit that really concerns me, he was let go because he has an niggling injury which is a ticking time bomb ready to sideline him for most of the season, hope not, but the story has some validity because of where it came from. J

  9. Well, I hope you're not expecting Alves to be faster!

    Best of luck to Matt Crooks; always said he never got a fair crack of the whip.

    I see Joey Garner has scored 3 goals in two pre-season games for Ipswich… just saying. 🙂

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