Two Scottish wingers targeted – can Rangers sign both?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following this summer’s latest long-term Rangers transfer saga in the pursuit of Hearts’ Jamie Walker is the latest link to Pedro Caixinha’s Rangers rebuild in the shape of former target Jamie Murphy.

The 27-year old Brighton flanker was on the Ibrox radar some years ago in his Motherwell days, and with the site professing the poverty in that area of the XI the fact another winger on top of Tynecastle’s flying machine is being focused on comes as a bit of a relief, if not quite the answer to all Rangers’ problems.

Murphy has had a fairly solid career in English League One and the Championship, and managed call ups to the national team on a few occasions, with sadly no appearances to speak of on top. But although his time in football has been restricted to SPL and English lower leagues, he is now at a Premier League club with Brighton promoted.

This admittedly probably increases his price somewhat or Brighton see him as surplus; unlikely given he played a heavy role in their promotion.

The winger is certainly in demand, with various other Championship sides said to be interested in him, including Sunderland, while Rangers’ old friends across the city are said to be keeping an eye on him too.

Meanwhile the Walker saga rumbles on and while Caixinha scouted him during the Newcastle friendly, Rangers appear no further on at the time of writing regarding making the bid that would secure him. Moreover, his manager Ian Cathro has been extremely vocal in claiming Walker will be staying and the situation is ‘fine’.

But in an ideal world Rangers will manage both because Lord help us we could use the quality.


  1. hate to continue on a downward spiral but reacting and reflecting to results and comments albeit friendlies… I think we have an absolute baffoon as a manager and if rumors are anywhere near fact re dressing room/training busts, then prospective targets might just bodyswerve the Gers. And we could do with players with a bodyswerve!

  2. I know Ibrox Noise likes to keep the pot boiling but it really is time to simmer down. Accept the fact that the manager's appointment was a monumental mistake and take all prospective player targets off the table and file them away until a new manager is in his seat. Buying an ever increasing amount of players right now is madness. Enough.

  3. I'm afraid that the Europa League result has scuppered any chance of Walker being signed. Getting to the second round of qualifying would have meant another 1million in the pot but losing that and I fear we have simply ran out of money and/or King having watched the debacle unfolding wants to see a return on investment before releasing any more funds.

  4. Whether Pedro's appointment was a mistake or not only time will tell but he is here and he warrants our full support. I would have preferred a significant Heavyweight appointment to compete with Rodgers and his Club but such an appointment would have required a commitment to spend a lot more than £10m and I suspect that the hierarchy at Rangers are hoping that some of Pedro's acquisitions will actually come good, something that so far hasn't happened with any of Warburton's.

    As far as the team is concerned, all of the rumoured bust ups appear to relate to Scottish players, Wallace, a guy struggling defensively, and never a captain in a million years, Miller, by all accounts a bit of an old woman, and in the twilight of his career and before his departure, McKay.

    I am willing to give our manager a chance to prove himself although I would have liked to see us sign the Hearts boy and a couple of full backs that can actually defend.

    If Pedro does go then we must not make the mistake of appointing another lightweight like McInnes, we need a seasoned manager, preferably from the top English League or from Europe with a positive track record and we need to give him the funds to bring in players that can win titles. We won't do that with players like Holt, Tavernier, Windass and Wallace!

  5. Hate to stay with the negativity but something is not right with Rangers. Pedro was a massive gamble (who was he) and the signs have not been anywhere near good enough. We need a recognised goal scorer. I am going to the Sheffield Weds game in hope rather than with any confidence. We have a huge gap to fill to get near Smeltic and Brenda and the sooner that we start closing it the better. Honestly hope that I am wrong but difficult not to be concerned

  6. " It`s Being so Cheerful as Keeps Me Going!!"Were getting like a bunch of old sweetie wives. Give the man a chance. !!

  7. There is no need for further time to tell – what is there to tell – PEDRO'S APPOINTMENT IS A DISASTER – and will cost us millions and set us back decades. Every day he remains the situation worsens. He has no track record of success. Everywhere he's vbeen he's been found out. He's already presided over the worst ever Old Firm result at Ibrox, our most embarrassing European defeat, and sold arguably our most talented young player to bring in a hapless bunch of nomadic journeyman – who like the manager have no record of success. The Bioard got us in to this mess – they must act now to get us out of it!

  8. Can Ibrox Noise confirm if any of you are Jamie Walkers agent?. You plug this ordinary standard of player in a lot of your articles.
    If any of the top ten of the English Premier League teams were chasing Walker, then I would agree he would be a quality player. But to say the Championship teams are after him, then how can that be quality enough for Rangers?!,
    Full backs should be our priority at this moment in time. Shut up shop at the back as we are still leaking goals. Marseille game is going to be a massive test.

    • Hi GersJimbo,

      I think you've misunderstood the report; it's Championship teams chasing Murphy, not Walker. At no point have we professed Murphy to be good enough for Rangers – we have not expressed opinion on his abilities either way.


      (PS; no, none of us are Walker's agent 😉

    • My apologies Ibrox Noise, your right, that section was about Murphy. However, Jamie Walker has been described as a 'need' to by in previous articles and still continues to surface. I feel we may have a difference of opinion on quality for our team. Maybe I'm being too ambitious under our current financial circumstances. Richard came up with a couple of cracking EPL free transfers in previous articles. I would rather spend a million on wages for those kind of players, than pick up ordinary players from spfl,, They are at those teams for a reason and if we keep buying that standard, then our team will continue playing the same low standards like the tarts, sheep and motherfell. We have to think bigger.
      Thanks for clarifying the agent thing though 🙂

  9. On any ordinary day I would share AMcC's sentiments entirely regarding the signing of Walker and Murphy at this point. But I think we're genuinely f*cked either way now. Over the next 3 or 4 months, I don't expect this squad to gel into a team that wins 4 or 5 games on the trot; mainly because I don't know of any example where it's been done in the past i.e. where 9 or 10 players are signed in one window and they blow teams away in the first few months. As the team stands now, I could see us quite easily lose home and away to the likes of St Johnstone and Hibs. I don't think the 0-1 defeat to Saints in the friendly was a fluke, but an accurate reflection of where the team is at.

    Added to language problems and having so many players with no experience of the league, there’s gonna be intense pressure on these players in front of the Ibrox crowd. So inconsistency of performance is a bang-on certainty for the new season.

    If we bring in Walker and Murphy, I wouldn’t expect our results to improve much in the next 3 months. There are too many other variables at play in the side. But I still would rather have Walker and Murphy, because – unlike the Mexican/Portuguese signings – both these players are guaranteed (IMO anyway) to deliver the goods come mid-season. Also, there are too many new players at the club already, so Walker and Murphy wouldn't be upsetting any sort of balance in the team by coming in now. For the next few months we're f*cked anyway, whether they come in or not.

    Pedro's days are numbered, and I’m convinced McInnes would a) want Walker and Murphy, and b) get the very best out of them.

  10. Hi tom anderson!A wee question for you my friend!You state we should go for a heavyweight manager who's experienced at managing at the top end of english premier league!Who do you reckon we could get to challenge a manager in the mould of brendan rodgers??

    • Robert, if I may. Jurgen Klinsmann would be my choice. A proper proven heavyweight. He would take our team to the top, no question.

    • If the beautiful game is a Ferrari and you were to send it into the Alex McLeish garage for restoration, it would come out looking like a Robin Reliant.

  11. The reason Pedro will not make it aside from all the validity comments it is using the same sterile tactics as Warburton. The one striker nonsense through the middle along with the totally boring and ineffectual possession philosophy will be his downfall sooner rather than later

  12. To be honest with you if I was walker I would tell rangers to forget it what a dismal way to go about transfer business embarrassing

  13. Without a doubt,jurgen klinsmann would be a terrific appointment as rangers manager,GersJimbo!I at the moment am prepared to give pedro caixinha time and without making a knee jerk reaction i would reavaluate the situation at around christmas time!However,if things haven't picked up significantly,i'd like to see someone like big sam allardyce being brought in,as our manager!The big man has pedigree with a capital P!!What do you think GersJimbo and any other bear for that matter??Still no word from tom anderson!!

    • Big Sam is my preferred choice as well Robert, but like you I feel we should give Caixinha a few months yet, before pressing the panic button. I like the sound of Klinsman, but Allardyce had a Rangers supporting father and I think he would fancy the challenge of taking us back to the top.

  14. If we use the philosophy used by most managers of "judge me on results",then Pedro is a really bad manager.

  15. Is this the Rangers negativity page by any chance,your all like a bunch of schoolkids, Give the manager and players a chance, Okay so we are out of Europe at the first attempt, did you all expect miracles in one game, oh we got beaten in a closed door game,what I'm lead to believe is that they were trying out formations and trying to gel players, no heavy tackles and all that,however one of the St Johnston players got carried away hence Nico losing it,we will be ready for the season starting, mark my words, now let's just support everything Rangers, lift the players, let them see how much Rangers mean to us the supporters and that they should be proud to wear the jersey.

    • Beating the fourth best team in Luxembourg over two legs would have been a miracle?!

      Rangers won't be ready for the start of the season, mark everyone else's words.

  16. We should all give Pedro time it dus not happen over night. Yes we need a good right back we will come good.

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