Winging it – a real Rangers headache

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

While fans have rightly been concerned recently about the defence, there is another area of Rangers’ XI which is in real trouble based on current personnel.

Ibrox Noise does not want to be negative, but we must be constructive, and few could deny the depth available on Rangers’ flanks is something approaching dismal.

Taking an analytical look at the options at Pedro’s disposal, we have:

Daniel Candeias, who we simply failed to understand Caixinha’s interest in

Michael O’Halloran, who does not seem to fit Rangers regardless of where he plays

Martyn Waghorn, who has been a failure in the SPL

Josh Windass, whose future itself is up in the air and whose displays at Ibrox have not convinced

Joe Dodoo, who does not even like the wings but finds himself there under Caixinha’s guidance, and current public enemy number one in:

Portugal’s Dalcio, a winger who has been subject to a colossal amount of derision following his painful appearances against Niederkorn.

In short, emphasising the importance of securing Jamie Walker cannot be overstated. Give Hearts the seven figures they want and get it done. Rangers have scraps on the wings, with not one single winger fans are happy with. The closest we got was the now-departed Barrie McKay – for all his failings, and he had many, he was a class above every single quoted option now available. Quite what Pedro was thinking ditching the lad only he knows.

Is it as critical as defence? Arguably not. Depending on how Caixinha sets his men up this season the number of quality wingers available might not even matter such could be the new dependence on the ‘attacking midfielder’-style position or the ‘Dorrans’ slot as we could call it.

But it reduces the formational options and nothing alters the fact that in the here and now Rangers’ wingers are barely any better than anything we had in 2012. Few could convincingly argue that Dalcio, Waghorn and Candeias are a significant upgrade over David Templeton and Dean Shiels.

And that is rather depressing.

So pay the million plus for Walker, get in the quality needed, because that is an area that is absolutely gagging for substantial armaments rather than the peashooters currently on offer.


  1. Either pay the money or move on. Given the risks in Herrera and Pena it would be sensible to buy someone who actually is proven in spl.

  2. A wee bit doom and gloom. The new guys need some kind of time to find their way. Walker would be a good signing though.

  3. Winging it?Just lost closed door game to St Johnston without creating a chance apparently.This is really worrying me now.Noises coming out of Auchenhowie of players laughing behind Pedro's back and arguments daily.Time to act now!Need to try and pay this clown aff!

  4. I have to be honest and say that is seriously worrying that we've not been able to score goals. 0-1 defeat today is sad news. There has been decent money available to buy players. I know what many of us are thinking and I dont really want to say it; but I can't see this manager lasting. Serious doubts about what's going on!

  5. Today's closed-door friendly. Rangers 0 St. Johnstone 1. Says it all. Clipboard at the ready please Mr McLeish.

  6. Rangers 0 – St Johnstone 1. Different day, same story. Gaps in defence and impotent upfront. Marseille on Saturday,,,, I'm already depressed and the season hasn't started yet!!! Walker won't make a blind bit of difference, he is as ordinary as the rest of them!

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