McKay sold to Nottingham Forest – Rangers fans will be stunned at the fee

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

News has broken this morning that Barrie McKay’s transfer to Nottingham Forest is set to be concluded and Rangers fans will be astonished at the fee.

McKay, 22, has been the subject of intense speculation for the past few months, and it had always been mooted that his ex-boss Mark Warburton’s Nottingham Forest were in pole position to seize his signature – but news this morning has strongly suggested the fee Bread Man has shelled out is a stunningly modest £500,000.

For a player formerly mooted as approaching the £10M mark this is an embarrassment for Rangers who are getting peanuts for their former star asset, and letting him go practically on a free.

It is the first successful raid Warburton has made on Ibrox since leaving, and he will be delighted to get McKay for this price, while Rangers fans must be wondering what on earth is going on to get so little for a prized winger like the Scottish international.


  1. With him refusing to sign a new contract, it was either let him go for practically nothing or let him go for absolutely nothing.

    Would have been nice to get more, but better taking something for a player that flattered to deceive.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me one bit, McKay has forced this move (probably with some guidance form the bread man and Weir) just like Dorrans has done at Norwich. The big difference being Norwich were in a more financially stable position than the Gers so were willing to hold onto him to prove a point if their asking fee was not met, whereas Rangers have taken the ½ mill rather than loss him for free on a pre-contract in December.
    McKay didn’t want to be at Rangers and that was plainly obvious in his performances and it would appear Pedro wasn’t up for his attitude either. The only thing McKay had going for him was his age, meaning he had more time to turn into the type of player Rangers need, as he is now / today Rangers do not need him. He can go to Forrest and take his Green boots with him, so self-respecting Rangers fan let alone player even owns Green let alone wears it. WATP.

  3. He has become lazy and shows up 1 game in 6…..he is not worthy of a jersey….no matter how much potential he has…goodbye

  4. Also, who rated Barrie at 10 million?

    Read on this site many times about how respect is earned. What has accomplished? 36 SPL appearances 5 goals and 4 assists. He's also 22 now, hardly a kid any more.

    Just as i laughed when they claimed Dembele was worth 30 million, there is no way Barrie is worth 10 million, 6 million or even 2 million.

    It's less than what i wanted for him (was hoping for a million given he relatively young age and the time he has left on his contract) but as i said in a previous post, we could have got nothing for him.

    Time to start being realistic with the prices that we attach to our players, otherwise we start to fall into the realms of nonsence like Celtic

    • Exactly, he was never valued at that – he's done nothing in the game. There was no interest in him at any point before now, and even then it's only the former manager taking a punt on him.

      If he was any good he should have been on a contract and kept at the club.

      The bigger embarrassment would have been getting to January and still no-one wanting to sign him, even for free.

  5. I'll be glad to see the back of mckay tbh, far too inconsistent, posted missing more often than not.

    With the price being so low though i'd imagine there is probably a good 10-20% sell on clause in that deal too.

  6. In fairness if we put a value of £600k for walker (who's a better player) in the final year of his contract then this in comparison is a fair price, i would have liked us to hold out for a bidding war with leeds and Cardiff supposedly interested as well, but I'm guessing McKay was only willing to join the only manager that has rated him in his career so far. So does anyone know the odds for forest being relegated this year?

    • Hey Big Mouth
      Forest are not going to be relegated but another question I would like to ask is how many times is cetic going to beat rangers this year?
      well if you meet in the cups which would have to be early rounds I would say many times
      Up the reds 🙂

  7. 100% agree with Revolver. He doesen't want to be there ,he would just sit there taking his wage then leave for nowt. Pity for the club the way it has worked out but what else can we do?.
    As for the boots, a Scots guy born and bred who knows the score, to me is insulting the fans by wearing them. Some bears will say it is childish but personally I do not wear anything green and neither does anyone in my local.

  8. PED….we wont be allowing green at ibrox any more REPORTER…what about the grass Pedro ?? PED… he will still be at left back

    • Brilliant mate.

      On McKay I admit I was one who shouted for him to be given a chance.
      He's had a chance, 50/50 displays.

      Get him to

      Come back for Waghorn, Kiernan and Wallace and Hodson

  9. I agree with most of the comments here but there is no way he should be leaving for that amount of money.

  10. Yes –old Pedro gets better every day –l see Barrie's uncle every day and l can categorically state that he didn't want to leave and NO new contract was on the table-what a plonker this guy is

    • Could well be true Kenneth. As a brother of an ex SPL player I can assure everyone on this platform that 99% if not 100% of the stuff coming out of clubs and media concerning individual players in your teams is unashamedly lies.

  11. Nottingham Forest look poised to sign Barrie McKay for a measly £500,000 transfer fee. This seems far too low for a potential Scotland Star. If this fee is quoted correctly, Rangers MUST put on a 10% or 15% sell on fee with several stipulated add-ons, because Rangers were obviously hoping to get more for him.

    If he succeeds down south, Nottingham Forrest will be able to sell him for a terrific fee and if he fails, they don't have to pay any of the add-ons.

    • 500,000 cheque and 500,000 cash. 20% on all future transfers. My concern is that Tavernier plays tonight and Rangers get put out of Europe. Now that is a cost I don't like.

  12. Hi guys …Richard sell on to who ???? He will bomb in the Championship ..its rough rough and quick down there ..Good Luck to the lad but he was never going to be any better . Agree Mclean or Walker would be better investments ..And Yes no fucking green anything Liam ???,,😊

  13. Conspiracy theory. DK has agreed with the loaf that he drops his spurious legal claim, they both save money on litigation and he can have wee Barrie for a knock down price with sell on add ons
    Just saying. Maybe Dalcio will be twice the player once he gets the confidence that comes with communication skills. Mon the Gers

  14. The boy won't succeed because he's got no heart or baws.Pedro wants men in his team not pussies.He's got ability but that only takes you so far.

  15. As long as there is a decent sell on clause, let him go…
    I have to admit, I'm really disappointed that he couldn't be developed
    but the money talked for him.
    He had no passion to battle for a spot, no resilience, was deflated and didn't want to be here….Like a bad date really! Ho hum move on. Out the fn toilet window!
    We are Rangers and we don't have time for players with no passion.

  16. To sell Barrie McKay for 500,000 is beyond stupid (and Pedro has made many stupid decisions in his short reign to date (from announcing his team beforehand at Kilmarnock to banning green boots) – this is tragic. Even if Caixhina felt that McKay had no future under him at Ibrox – you don't publicly consign him to train with the kids and announce to the world that he is available for a bargain fee. McKay was just about our only saleable asset for goodness sake. Two games stick out for me where it all started to go wrong for McKay under Caixhina – the game at Ibrox where we ended up with no defence after half time as Pedro replaced them for attackers, and the semi final against Celtic where Pedro's tactics seem to consist of an instruction not to touch the ball or tackle (an old firm game with NO FOULS in the first half). In both matches McKay can be seen gesturing to the bench saying WTF! From then on in he rarely got a sniff under Pedro despite saving his bacon against Thistle so that Caixhina could do the bouncy with the fans – also embarrassing! Caixhina will be gone by Xmas – we'll regret selling McKay on the cheap for so much longer.

  17. Trouble is, despite what you think, we need money, King continues to spin and we believe, sooner he is gone the better, as for Ped, god help us if he is still here at Xmas, W was bad but Ped is and will prove to be much much worse. J

  18. Interesting reading the comments on here about McKay from Rangers fans. As a Forest fan was amazed at the fee considering his age. Agree with the comment about good players needing 'heart' and if he is lacking in that department he will get clattered in the championship. Sounds like Warburton has taken a punt but after five long years of Forest being badly run and signing ageing foreign journeymen it makes a welcome change to see them buying young British players and giving them a chance in McKay and Cummings from Hibs.

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