Pedro confirms one selection decision for Progrès

Pedro confirms one selection decision for Progrès
 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Rangers’ manager Pedro Caixinha has confirmed that one new signing of either Carlos Pena or Eduardo Herrera will either be on the bench tonight or in the starting XI.

That is a 50/50 for both but looking at the failings of the first leg in which a lack of cutting edge beset the night’s performance before the overall shape started to fade from around 50′ onwards, it seems worth looking at the options this leaves.

A change in formation is possible – whether it was a messy 4-3-3 or a weird hybrid 4-2-3-1 at Ibrox last week, it did not work, and there have been suggestions in some quarters that Jason Holt could be a sacrifice in order to give Dalcio a partner in the form of Herrera with a switch to a dramatic 4-4-2 which would also see Waghorn hooked to make way for Daniel Candeias.

Or it could be Pena who comes in for Waghorn with Dalcio playing in Miller’s place leaving the Portuguese winger deeper in the same formation in the first leg while the 37-year old veteran runs the line up top alone.

Or the third option, quite possible, is absolutely no changes at all to the starting XI and simply one of the two new lads on the bench.

One thing about this regime – it is crazily unpredictable, a rank opposite to the crazily predictable nature of his predecessor.

We shall be put out our misery around 17:45 hours this evening. What do you guys think Pedro will do?

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  1. I don't get this modern insistence on one striker. What's wrong with two? We would never have got anywhere near nine in a row with one up.
    If you play one up, he needs to be a target man and the wingers need to deliver. Our wingers haven't delivered and when they have, there has been no-one in the box.
    It doesn't seem like rocket science to me.

  2. the team I want to see:
    Tav Mcrorie Cardoso Wallace
    Jack Pena
    Candieas Krancjaer Miller

  3. the team I want to see:

    Tav McRorie Cardoso Wallace
    Jack Pena
    Candieas Krancjaer Miller

  4. I love the fact that even although the rebuilding process is far from completed there are still so many options in the way that we might set up.

  5. We will win Pedro the crazy will not stop that from happening i am sure of that the formation is not possible to work out lol.

    • Doug, you nailed it with your comment third from top. We have went from a loaf to half a loaf. The flurry at the end was panic, panic panic. Herrera should have been on from the first minute. Twin strikers would have won this game as the last 15 minutes showed but the manager wouldn't play them and now we are fkd for a good amount of money. Alves? Dorrans? What is the point of signing them now? Crass mismanagement. Deserved what we got. Nothing.This team played in the very same useless, tactically naive way that Warburton's did. Whoever picked these fkn managers should be ashamed.

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