Steven Naismith Update

Steven Naismith Update
 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following a long-running will he won’t he saga, sources close to the player claim Steven Naismith is on the verge of clinching a switch to Ibrox.

This is a very extended transfer tale, and with Pedro Caixinha confirming post-Marseille that he was close to securing two new players, both Scottish and both Rangers fans, Naismith has been on many a fan’s lips as a possible candidate.

But it is our understanding that the player has said he will be joining, albeit we cannot know for sure how far gone any deal is down the line or if it will get pushed through.

Indeed, we remain extremely sceptical that this will or can happen on as much as wage issues as anything, not to mention the fact his existing contract with Norwich still has two years to run, and he would not come cheap.

But that has not stopped fans postulating online at the possibility of his return.

In truth we would take Naismith in a heartbeat – whatever went before, he is still a fine player and Rangers’ striking options are not exactly an embarrassment of riches; but we will see in time if the 30-year old returns to Ibrox.

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  1. I would have gone for Lafferty , but Naisy would be a great signing and good for the dressing room and spine of the team . I bear no grudge to what he did as he had his family and his own future to think about and at least he came up front and said he was leaving …Bring it on …getting excited about the start !!!! WATP

    • they did'nt create the situation they found themselves in, there are many who ripped our club apart without a consience while others stood by and did nothing while others lined their pockets and escaped prison. while i could'nt have done it, i would'nt condem them while other senior rangers figures rode off wth their stash. look @ the bigger picture bears. ps. anyone think we should have went back for steven davis?

  2. I've written before that I wouldn't have Naismith back, but we're probably not in a position to be choosy at the moment. However I don't think he's the type of player we need. To me he's primarily an attacking midfielder and not a striker (though he has played the striker role). If we're to bring in a striker I'd say we need an out-and-out striker and someone who poses a real physical/aerial threat.

  3. Fuck Naismith I can't believe how short memories the rangers fans have got the same people who call for miller to be inducted into our hall of fame then now they've started on how Lee Wallace isn't good enough to play for rangers never mind being the captain its the hall of shame Miller and Naismith should be in they're a right pair of cunts

    • I don't have a personal gripe with you, so please don't think I do, as I respect your opinion. Naismith and players like him at the time had their future careers to think about as well as their families, whether present or future.
      If he had stayed, we probably would still have been promoted every year as we had and possibly got to the premiership one year earlier.
      If he had stayed and we transferred him, say £2,000,000 a reasonable estimate at the time; all I ask is what would have happened to that money?

    • Totally agree rwith Naismith and good point bre the increasing boot being put into Captain Wallace. Rather have the latter by my side any day of the week. Anyway, when did someone not good enough for Norwich City suddenly become a potential saviour for Rangers. Big No for me….

    • No fucken way he should be allowed in ibrox fucken shafted rangers a lot of rangers fans have a short memory

  4. McGregors another cunt none of those cunts are Rangers men where's your principles

  5. If we have money to spend, I'd find a better, younger player. I couldn't give 2 damn hoots if the player is Scottish or a Rangers fan, that's playing to the fans and cameras! Just give me a quality player who is skilful, athletic, dynamic with a never say die attitude. But don't think I will get all excited just because the player is Scottish and supports Rangers, that's just nonsense!
    We are needing another centre half and a creative midfield player.

  6. When did we start using language like that on this f***in site?I don't want Naismith anywhere near us either.Why would he want to play for Sevco all of a sudden?I hope we can shift the Forresters and such and sign Moult and the boy from Hearts,maybe some cover at full back too.

  7. It wasn't thefact his career was on the line it was what he said when he left if you get the chance watch it on you tube ithen make your mind up we where hanging on by our finger tips to our identity that's what I can't get over these cunts claim to be Rangers men but the only true Rangers men are the fans when it comes right down to it

  8. Please take him, he's been utter shite for The Mighty Nodge, lots of huff and puff but zero quality

  9. The Derry,

    Gee yersel peace ffs.

    Enough of this talk about Rangers men, where were all of them when the club got ransacked eh?

    You're a bitter wee trog.

    It doesn't take anyone with half a braincell (might be a stretch to be fair) to figure out that Naismith has been advised, legally, on what he had to say to ensure he got out clean.

    Obviously the aim was to leave without a cost attached to him, unlike some others, which was deemed a kick in the teeth to Rangers. The reality was, this money went to the vultures.

    You are a grade A dafty.

    Rangers identity? Aye and what is that?

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