Could this managerial alteration help solve Rangers’ problems?


 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise
Rangers fans are rightly fuming at the diabolical state things have gotten into so quickly, and desperate times call for dramatic responses.

I want to promote Graeme Murty as our new short-term interim manager, as Rangers have to do something radical.

Giving Murty the opportunity to shore up the damage that Pedro has created buys the board more time to sign an experienced, preferably Scottish, manager.

Dave King and the rest of his directors must show leadership and bravery in this current shocking situation, and do something positive to try and appease the hordes of livid Rangers fans.

Graeme Murty is by far the cheapest and possibly the best option available during this horrific time in Rangers’ history. He is experienced in this position having held the job when Warburton and Weir left for Nottingham Forrest.

He made a marvellous fist of it the last time he was given the project of shoring up the bread man’s mess. He showed great man-management skills, got all the players together, organised them brilliantly and, after a couple of dodgy outings, had them believing in his tactics. He even proved to the fans how Rangers could get a result against Celtic and other top teams.

Let’s see if Murty can help to turn things around once again for a club that is in a dire predicament.

The mortification felt by Rangers fans today is still difficult to comprehend after Tuesday’s disastrous performance and calamitous result. Pedro was always a dangerous appointment and one from which it will take some time to recover.

How we could lose to a lowly-part-time-team from Luxembourg who had never won a European game in 13 attempts beggars belief. If it wasn’t for Pedro, they would have gone 14 games without a win.

Warburton never had a Plan B. Caixhina doesn’t EVEN have a Plan A.

Pedro is tactically naïve and strategically inept!

We now have Mark Allen in place as our new Director of Football to help Murty in his first few months of the new interim job (if he gets it).

There is always the chance Graeme may not want this poisoned chalice, because Pedro has made such a pig’s ear and has had a damaging, ineffective and destructive start to managing Rangers.

In only 5 months, Pedro has reduced us from being the world record holding Rangers to a laughing stock.

I am not saying my solution (be Murty as interim or even as a poster suggested Pedro’s new assistant) is the perfect answer, but in these desperate times, at least it will be by far the cheapest option. Murty stepped up to the plate the last time and proved himself a far greater success in five weeks than Pedro has in 5 months.

He briefly took over from Warburton last season and got more out of the players than the bread man ever could.

But after paying out most of the season ticket money on transfer fees, plus the profit from only one Europa Cup game at Ibrox as our football income, we have no real money to pay Pedro off.

Ibrox Noise are often accused of being too negative for asking questions of first Warburton and now, Ped the Ted. Some of our readers believe we are disloyal to Rangers, but that just isn’t true, as we only give it out when we feel it is really necessary. The comments told me to stop being negative and to give the HUGE GAMBLE of hiring manager Pedro a chance to see what he can do – well now we know!

Whether the board are willing, or able, to make the changes necessary remains to be seen.


    • I think many things should be done. The manager and the selection committee who chose him would be a good place to start. I assume the new DOF has already figured that and will act accordingly. This load on the fan's shoulders should never have been allowed to get this heavy. We do need a new manager who will come in and grab these players by the scruff of the neck and win trophies. Pedro hasn't done that. He's a talker not a doer.A round peg in a square hole won't fit, even in a million years.

  1. He is the first "new" manager of a team that i have seen have zero effect on the team he has took over,if truth be told the team actually played better and certainly more organised under the breadman than what we have seen uptill now from ped!,i believe the board have messed up massively here and i honestly believe that had mcliesh,smith or even ferguson been in charge against the mob from the east it would not have resulted in the shocking play and result.i have been utterly dismayed at the lack of basic tactics or drive from peds team set ups,nothing to do with the players he had,,they looked as if they had no organisational awareness of what they had to do and ped has to shoulder this for murty yes he did a decent job but c,mon we are rangers and should we not have a proven manager not a "interim" trialist,the new dof must have already have made his plans for all eventuallities under his remit,i would say give ped one more month if he does not win every game untill they come to ibrox i would then get rid

  2. Pedro has to go now – that is beyond question. Whatever it takes to terminate his contract will in the long term be more prudent than the untold damage and further financial ruin he will inflict on the club by staying. The cost of getting rid of Caixhina should come from the pockets of those who appointed him in what has proved to be an act of gross negligence.
    At this moment however I think passing the reigns back to Murty short term is problematic. It needs a manager that has the track record and gravitas to command the respect of all the players in the dressing room – recent imports who may feel unhappy at Pedro's going – such as Alves included. For that reason I would ask Walter Smith to come back to steady the ship for this season – with Murty at his side as number two. I believe that Walter would answer the call. Not only would he steady matters on the field but also bring back a bit of class and respect to the way we behave and conduct our business of the park.

  3. Your heads buried in the sand mate. Yes the result was shocking but given the amount of players we have brought in europe came to soon for us. I'm behind the manager give him a chance with his new squad of players.You also mentioned a scottish manager WHO? this clubs even to big for mcinnes, there is no scottish manager out there.

    • your right no scottish manager out there smith has not lifted a hand to help us .but there is a english manager out there big tel butcher would sort this mess out in two minutes .pedro out guy is a clown do this current team ever train what a lazy lot no passion no fight no nothing ped the ted spends most time talking shit to press

    • I'll have whatever you're smoking if you think Butcher could fix this problem. Fix the problem the same way he fixed the problems at Hibs? Or the same way he fixed the problems at Newport?

    • big man was hated at hibs celtic second team .big tel fixed it for us rangers supporters when he was at motherwell and inverness he knows how to beat smelly mob .does that answer you andy jarvis you little septic lover

  4. I would get murty in charge now gives him a few weeks work to sort this mess out. The players we have on paper should have easily dispatched of part timers over 2 legs. Pedro should walk. He's never gonna cut it at ibrox if not we will struggle to be top 6.

  5. Lets sack Pedro based on one result – getting beat 2-0 by Progress
    What has Pedro done? We are too big for him

    Lets promote Murty based on one result – 1-1 draw with Celtic.
    Managed 6 games in his career. Got beat by Dundee and ICT. Narrowly beat St Johnstone and Dundee. Drew with Celtic

    Settle down and save this conversation for 6 months time

  6. There's no way he can be sacked. I was all for him not coming home from Luxembourg, but in the cold light of day, he needs a chance with "his" team, despite the overwhelming lack of any sign of tactics so far.

    I don't think it's too difficult to work out up front. Play 2 up with Dorrans behind. Rossiter and Jack together, if you must have 2 DMs.
    The dearth of creativity is the real issue here.

    I don't know how the hell he's going to fit in Jack, Rossiter, Dorrans, Pena and Kranjcar. It's the width that bothers me, though. If he's going to insist on wingers, he needs better than what the Portuguese guys have shown.

    We need games. Now.

  7. Murty got one good result a lucky draw at the scumdome,and why, because the scum were crap and never turned up for that game,he's no better than what we have now,we need somebody to shore it up,we keep employing people who have no idea what the game and our club is about in this country.

  8. There really needs to be some logic given to the situation, the man hasn't even finished building his team and we are calling for his head. Yes Tuesday night was an embarrassment but in Pedro's defence those player on the park get paid a fortune and it's not like they don't know how to play football. Even a team full of strangers can play good football when thrown together so to me that's no excuse. Simply poor performances all round.

    We need some stability it's done now and it can't be undone, what I would say is let's get back behind the team and management and push forward.

    Personally wasn't expecting anything much from Europe this season, I'd much prefer to win the league next year.

    If anything Tuesday will provide a good example of where the teams failing are and what to work on. Let's dig in get this team playing good attacking football and take that title of them this season.


  9. F… Me!!!° are you Chris Sutton, Collymore, Hartson, BBC, Daily Rebel in disguise????? 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  10. Let's give it to the one man who's always said being a 1st team manager isn't for him. We have a manager who's going nowhere, nothing to see here.

    Good grief……

  11. I used to actually enjoy reading this page…..however recent comments make me think you really are one of the unwashed!!……ffs sacking Managers has never been a Rangers thing…we have always stuck by our managers and gave them a fair crack(even the legend that is Greig)… pipe down and give Ped a fuckin chance instead of trying to create all this disharmony!!

    • sandy i think you are one of the smelly mob sticking up for wee ped the celtic supporter .we need to act if things are not right not just sit and take it enough is enough .ibrox noise fantastic forum for the rangers fans .the reason we need to act fast is money if we let the ibrox be run by all pedros mates behind the scenes coaches players ,e,t,c were landed with them for years .we need to act now .f.f.s ped and his mob are septic lovers

  12. Intriguing article. I certainly wouldn't say Ibrox Noise is being negative, but realistic. Pedro had a quarter of the season to assess matters and, as said above, he is the first manager that hasn't improved players or the team on arrival to Rangers. Also the pre-season friendlies had warning signs all over them with lack of goals and poor defending, a trait we cant seem to get rid of.
    I am most skeptical about next season, but must concede all the new players need to gel, however, I fail to see what strategy, tactics or design in any of Pedro's games thus far, that tells me our results would improve next season. Unfortunately, we will have to give him a run of games next season, but agree if there is early signs of deterioration, he needs to go and limit the damage.

  13. I don't think any team has ever been under so much pressure to win pre-season games as ours is now. They have to show us individually and collectively that there's something to look forward to.

  14. There's no point in shouting get rid of Pedro unless you've got a solution but I'm saying it.If we don't the damage could be irreversible at least for a few years. The guy is a total dick and the players are ingesting whatever bullshit he's emitting.As I say I don't know the answer here but I do know we won't succeed under him.He CAN'T be allowed to remain after that result.We need to find the readies to pay him off though if he was this big man he continually refers to he would walk away.The ones calling for him to be given time just look at what he's given us in the time he's had and think again.Murty? Why the hell not?He can't be worse than this tool.Impossible.

  15. I honestly can't believe the shocking over reaction to what was a freak result. Yes the urgency was lacking in the team, there is no aggression, there is no motivation for risk… You know why? Because the players see the vitriolic annihilation that comes from making small mistakes by the "fans" that they just make the safe pass all the time. The "fans" who are already calling for Pedro's head are part of the problem, young players need backing, they need to be encouraged. I truly hope that Pedro proves each and every one of you "fans" that he is up to the job. It was an awful draw to be drawn at home in the first leg. If this had happened in the first leg I have no doubt that Rangers would have turned it around. On another day one of the attempts that hit the bar would have went in and we would be in the next round albeit by the skin of our teeth. We need to rally behind these players, far too many have crumbled under unrealistic pressure. Rangers can be a force again but we have been stripped of our dignity by those that are jealous of our fanbase. We need to stop allowing them, stop giving them ammunition, and get behind the players and coaching staff to allow them their job without fear of this incessant overreaction and vilification.

  16. Sorry, cant agree that McMurty would be the RIGHT answer,as of now..
    You have to remember,that a large number of our players DONT speak English,this a problem on its own…..we still have to give Pedro a chance,though he has fucked up badly AND we need to find a manager who is bi-lingual now..thats ONLY way our current squad can be improved,we cant afford to change all the players,that Pedro brought in.

  17. tam burns your bang on it cant get any worse than this .all we want is fight wee ped just puts his head down .murty or terry butcher for me big terry knows how to beat smelly mob .

    • Aye ok then Stevie…..fucking Butcher…..a failure at Inverness and Motherwell….Murty already said he's not ready for 1st team Manager……end of the day sack Pedro….still stuck with the players??……and tell u what if sticking up for the manager of Glasgow Rangers is a crime then I'm guilty!!…..been there when we had 15,000 vs the sheep and thought it was a big crowd!!…..those were the fuckin bad days!!….and I stand by what I said about this forum being so negative!!….get behind the manager,players and the whole club and give him a chance ……one of his old teams had a link up with the other mob……hardly constitutes being a fuckin lover of them ffs!!

  18. Sorry to say this:

    This is 100% the consequence of so many fans blindly following King.

    The board have made a complete mess of running the club since they took over. Facts are facts and the fact is that the club is in a complete mess on and off the park. There appears little comprehension of this from the board and those that blindly follow them.

    The board have painted us into a corner. Where we are utterly reliant on the continued involvement of King. They have allowed Pedro to spend money we simply don't have. This strengthens the hold of the current board as without a new share issue they are our only source of funds. Hence we can't get them out as they have built up a debt owed to them. This would all be fine if they had a plan and were moving the club forward. Neither are happening.

    Now with Pedro, again we are painted into a corner as we simply can't afford to sack him as he has just signed 9 players, many of which are at ibrox because of him.

    The board again are responsible for this. They picked him, a complete gamble, when we could least afford to get it wrong. There were far more obvious and sensible moves, yet somehow the board decided they knew best, that Pedro was the man despite any track record to support this idea. Let's be honest, Pedro has been worse than Warburton. Results last season were as bad as the performances. In fact results are what you would expect if some complete diddy was put in charge.

    The people I blame though are those who continue to aggressively shout down the absolutely valid criticism of a board that doesn't know how to run the club.

    • well its looking as if we need to sack him i dont think the fans are going to put up with this much longer .king and board have got it wrong with pedro ,warburton .but to be fair they have backed them .they will have to keep changing until they get it right .we really needed a couple rounds in europe .pedro cant come back from that.

  19. I am wondering if this is a rangers site. So much negativity sack him get rid of him he doesn't understand Scottish football. What to understand Scottish football is crap look at all teams involved in Europe and the national team. We need to sign more Scots like who? Pedro has had to play the rubbish he inherited. Yes he has brought in a lot of players but most have just arrived sime still havent. So who does he play? He was left with the dross from last season to make up the biggest part of the team fir the two europa games. King is rubbish really who do you think has been keeping the flub afloat? A reality check is needed yes we once were a huge club whi could attract top players but not now we need to live within our keans and gradualky work our way back to where we belong. So all those complainers please tell us what playets are available to us and who will provide the finance if King and co go? Get behind the team and give them a xhance the season hasnt even started and the moaners are out in force get real support the team

  20. andy are you kidding be patient were a massive club the money is meant to come from games in europe e,t,c pedro has had plenty chances .his results are horrendous thats all im judging him on .we are behind the team allways .looks to me the team are not interested thats managers fault

  21. He needs to be second in the league by Christmas or he will be replaced. Nothing will change until then.
    It's not good, but we have to support the team and manager until then. I think he's been a blethering buffoon in the media so far, but let his team do his talking for him August – December, then decide.

  22. Last season he inherited a bunch of waster and a captain that couldn't lead a band! Two of Warburton's better signings, Krancjar and Rossiter were long term injuries and he had to bring together a number of new players that had never played together. Yes, we should have beaten that crowd but where were the main failings, in the first game Waghorn and in the second games, Windass and Wallace.

    Not all of Pedro's signings will be a success but I suspect that his two centre backs will be, his midfield including Rossiter will be and his strikers, once they learn how to play together, will be. The failures, should he continue to play them will be Wallace, most like Tavernier and the duds signed by Warburton.

    Lets get a new left back for starters and a new captain, and lets start playing as a team

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