20 questions for Rangers fans

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Ibrox Noise has 20 questions for Rangers fans. We would like all readers to answer in the comments for as wide a range of views as possible.

1: Do Rangers have to buy two new full backs for this season, or buy one and take another out for a one-year-loan-deal?

2: Should Lee Wallace be a certain starter for Rangers this season?

3: Would you take Lee Wallace aside if you were Pedro and explain to him why he was no longer first choice captain from now on, or keep him as captain?

4: With Bruno Alves’s experience at the top of international football with Portugal
and at 35-years-old, would he be your 1st choice for the new captain of Rangers?

5: Should Foderingham be replaced by a taller and better goalkeeper?

6: Would you sell Tavernier or keep him in the squad?

7: Should we buy another quality experienced centre half, in case of injuries to Alves or Cardoso?

8: Where would you play Jason Holt or would you sell him?

9: Would you keep Josh Windass or would you sell him?

10: If Niko Kranjcar can stay fit, would you start with him or bring him on after 60 minutes?

11: If Kenny Miller continues to play well, would you start with him or bring him on after 60 minutes?

12: Do Rangers score enough goals from corners or free kicks?

13: Do Rangers LOSE TOO MANY goals from corners or free kicks?

14: Should Rangers have bought Dorrans in time for the two qualifying Europa League games?

15: Should the Rangers side be fitter than they are?

16: Would you like to see Rangers defend more at Celtic Park, Pittodrie, Tynecastle and Easter Road and be harder to beat?

17: How do you feel about playing Marseille?

18: How do you feel about playing Sheffield Wednesday?

19: Do you think Pedro is the right manager for Rangers?

20: How long do you give Pedro, if he has to go?

We will do this again, with submitted questions (serious ones, that is). So anything you wish to ask the wider fanbase, either send via the contact form or drop in the comments here.


  1. 1. but 2 new or buy 1 and loan one, doesnt matter but most of us agree we need 2 additional FBs.

    2. Unless we sign someone better he should start.

    3. If i were PC i would pull him aside and tell him, however if he is stripped of the captaincy he really should be replaced on the pitch.

    4. Yes

    5. Yes

    6. Sell

    7. Yes

    8. Wouldn't play but i would have him on bench at least until Jan

    9. Sell

    10. Bring on after 60

    11. Bring on after 60

    12. Not enough goals full stop

    13. Yes

    14. Yes

    15. No

    16. Yes

    17. Afraid, worried, fear the worst

    18. Good, we should start with them before Marseille

    19. Still needs time but if its a yes or no answer required then NO

    20. 1 season

  2. In general, the question itself are a bit biased. You should try to keep them a bit more neutral next time. Additionally, it's a bit pointless to ask questions like: Should we get a better striker/goalkeeper/full back. Of course that would be great, but we should keep into account costs and that there is no guarantee that new signings will be better what we have.

    1: Neither, getting one full-back will be enough.
    2: Yes.
    3: No.
    4: Does not apply. But I would hesitate to give the captaincy to someone who never played for Rangers before, probably doesn't even know the language too well and isn't British. I'd take players like Dorrans, Jack etc before instead.
    5: No. He's got the same size as Casillas, is just 3cm shorter than Oliver Kahn. He is by all means not short and certainly a good keeper.
    6: If we can get a decent fee for him (around 1M) I'd sell him. But I wouldn't be forcing it.
    7: No, we already brought in two veteran CB who should be starters and still have Wilson, Bates and other youth players (which we always cry out for giving a chance). It would be pointless to spend big money to get a guy who will just be on the bench.
    8: Given the competition we have at the moment, I would not start him. However, I would keep him as a solid squad player since he is a proven player who knows what Rangers is about. If somebody offers something around 1M (not even sure anyone would offer that) I would sell him since he is not a starter anymore in my opinion.
    9: He is 23. Since he wouldn't be a starter imo and is young, I would like to loan him out. Surely his value can't get much lower after barely playing last year. Also, he might develop into a solid squad player at least after a year on loan.
    10: I want the manager to decide on that since I dont see him in training every day. I think he is still building up match fitness so we should introduce him gradually to the team. Wether it is bringing him on for the last 30minutes or taking him off after 45-50-55-60 minutes should be decided by the manager, physios & Niko.
    11: If he continues to be one of our best players I don't see any reason to take him off. Age shouldn't play a difference if the players still deliver.
    12: Pointless question since we have a new team that never player together a competitive match (Alves, Dorrans etc didnt play in the europa league). We seem to have dangerous free kick takers though (Dorrans, Tavernier)
    13: Pointless question since we have a new team that never player together a competitive match (Alves, Dorrans etc didnt play in the europa league).
    14: No. We should have beaten Progres even with our U19 squad.
    15: It is not possible to answer this question as we haven't seen the full team player together yet. Given that we are still training and preparing for the first league game, I would assume that this is still work in progress anyway.
    16: We should chose the best formation and strategy depending on the opposition. It would make sense to play a bit more defensive and smart against Celtic, but we shouldn't be hiding from anyone else in the league.
    17: Weird opponent given the past.
    18: Great.
    19: Time will tell. Let's give him a full season (unless of course he get's off to a terrible start in the league and we're 10 points behind first place after 5-11 games)
    20: I would give him a full season at least. But of course if he starts losing points in almost every league game to start the season we will have to pull the trigger sooner.

  3. 1. No. Surely a combination of the 4 we have will work alongside better centre backs.
    2. No
    3. Change Captain. Alves or Dorrans
    4. As above
    5. Yes. Alnwick?
    6. Keep and monitor
    7. No
    8. Sell
    9. Sell
    10. Starter
    11. Depends on game
    12. No
    13. Yes
    14. Easy to say yes in hindsight.
    16. Play a system to suit the game. Its not just defending that makes a team harder to beat, it's scoring as well !!!
    17. Why not? A good result could be a platform a bad one makes no difference.
    18. Fine, will be a hard away game.
    19. No
    20. The minute we start falling too far behind.

  4. 1. Buy one new left-back. Bring in a right-back on loan.
    2. No.
    3. Change captain. Alves.
    4. Yes.
    5. No.
    6. Keep him, unless a decent bid is received. Move him further up the pitch though.
    7. No, Alves / Cardoso first choice. Wilson / Bates backup. We're fine here for the time being.
    8. Sell him.
    9. Sell him.
    10. On after 60. Could unlock tired defences.
    11. On after 60.
    12. No, don't score enough full-stop.
    13. Yes.
    14. Not necessarily. We should have had enough quality to see off two Europa league qualifiers.
    15. Yes.
    16. Unsure, I don't like comparing to them, but Celtic don't sit back at these places. We should be able to adapt to whoever we play.
    17. It's a friendly, not bothered who we play.
    18. See above. Results won't matter if there is something, we as fans, can buy into and positives can be taken from them.
    19. Could be, given time. However, there has been little to get excited about so far.
    20. Christmas.

  5. 1) Buy at least one of a good level
    2) No
    3) Yes, but issue is who do you replace him with. Alves seems obvious but has never played at the club. Miller?
    4) Maybe, looks a leader on the pitch, just the issue of just started playing with the club
    5) No
    6) Only sell for the right price (~£1.5m)
    7) Yes, issues being price etc. Liam Lindsay would have been a good call but he's moved. Someone with a bit of experience would be good to have. Still have question marks over Wilson.
    8) Sell him. Not up to it at this level
    9) Frustrates the life out me but keep him. He needs to play behind the striker and given NO defensive responsibility! Potential.
    10) Would play Niko every odd game starting. Maybe 1 game on for 60, next a sub, next on etc. Would keep him well away from harder physical games but.
    11) Ideally have him on after 60 as super sub. But other strikers need to step up and prove we don't need to rely on Kenny all the time.
    12) New team so hard to say. Last season absolutely not. Needs massive improvement. Hopefully it's dealt with
    13) Same as 12)
    14) Possibly. But the youth team should have won that game. Awful tactics cost that, not just the players.
    15) Not sure, need to see the full squad play. I'd say we are as fit as any other team at this time of the season.
    16) Yes. Similar to what Smith did, play more attacking (2 up front) at Ibrox and against bottom 6 sides. Away, go back to a 4-5-1 and crowd the midfield, be hard to beat and counter. Especially at Parkhead
    17) Interesting, but be a good chance to see us against a fairly good European side. Might be a firey atmosphere for a friendly, never a bad thing!
    18) Good, will be a nice away trip
    19) Need to see the first game of the season. Progres result has piled the pressure right on him. But can't sack someone who's still building his team. But I'm skeptical
    20) First few games of the season. We can't invest so heavily in a playing squad to end up in the same situation as last season. Progres result means he's got to hit the ground running.

  6. 1: Yes- at least one and perhaps a loanee.

    2: Until such time as we have a better option at LB.

    3: He has the dignity and pride require of a Rangers captain, but with the team where it is, we need a bit more from an on-field captain.

    4: I would think he could lead without being captain, to be honest, but if there had to be a new one, yes.

    5: He has his moments, but he is not the solid performer we need in between the sticks. Too often out of position.

    6: If we got decent money for him, I’d sell, but he has his qualities going forward and is one of the best crossers of the ball at the club at the moment.

    7: If the money was available.

    8: He’s a great utility player to have around and his work-rate is impeccable. Before he was asked, along with Halliday, to play DM, he scored quite regularly from runs into the box.

    9: Keep him. He’s one of the most forward-thinking of our midfielders and just needs a bit of reliability behind him on the pitch to let him do his thing. He is one of the few who actually shoots instead of trying to walk the ball in.

    10: Start with him for an hour or so.

    11: Should be a sub and an impact player. I’ve said copiously I think he upsets the balance of the team by wandering all over the park.

    12: Certainly not last season!

    13: Absolutely. One of Foderingham’s main weaknesses is his total failure to dominate the box.

    14: Absolutely.

    15: Don’t think fitness is an issue. Tactics and gameplan are an issue.

    16: Certainly at Celtic Park. Not so much Tynecastle or Easter Rd. Well, until I see how Hearts and Hibs shape up this season.

    17: Good shout- hope we don’t get a tonking.

    18: Decent outing. Got to get gametime under their belts.

    19: Sadly not. Talks the talk, but doesn’t seem to be able to get his message, whatever it is, to his players. They look confused.

    20: He’ll get the first ten games or so if he’s lucky and we show signs of improvement.

  7. Slightly getting off the subject for a moment here fellow bears,i would like to throw this very interesting debate out to all of you!Who do you reckon would make the better glasgow rangers manager,a few years down the line,barry ferguson or kenny miller??I personally think miller would make the better rangers manager,if i'm being totally honest,here's why!Up until now baz hasn't impressed me at all,in his stints as the blackpool & clyde manager!Whereas kenny miller is spoke very highly of,by young players that he's currently coaching and helping,his fellow teammates,other coaches currently working at rangers,within our academy!Walter smith even stipulated that miller has all the attributes,to make a very good manager!Miller has very good coaching ability,has a very good,strong willed,winning mentality temperament,which of course is paramount,as a glasgow rangers manager!This should be a very good debate amongst all us blue noses!I would be very interested in your take on this also,ibrox noise,if you don't mind my friend!Cheers!!

  8. 1 – change both urgently Im afraid. Lee Wallace a great servant but isnt strong enough defensively. Tavernier simply cannot defend at the back post and has no game positional sense. Id play Jack as a right back with Rossiter as the defensive midfield player. That would give us strength and stability immediately. and solve the central midfield over crowding problem we saw on Luxembourg.
    2 – Until we get a replacement, we have no choice
    3 – He lacks leadership skills when the going is tough, so I would replace him as captain with Alves, then in 2 years time, with Jack.
    4 – yes
    5 – definitely just not good enough for rangers and he has never been IMO
    6 – Keep him as a right sided midfield, he's got skill and pace, just can't defend!
    7 – should have got the lad from Patrick. So yes please…
    8 – Id sell him to make way for younger players..
    9 – Id sell him to make way for anybody really
    10 – start him
    11 – substitute
    12 – no
    13 – yes
    14 – yes
    15 – bigger, more powerful and fitter – we were dominated and bullied most games last season, especially by Celtic
    16 – I think we can be much smarter thats for sure. We seem to have this arrogance about us that thinks we are too good to adapt, that our opponents should adapt to us…..Well lets get back to that in 5 years, but in the meantime lets defend better, but with only 1 holding midfield player Rossiter (see comments under 1)
    17 – a bit concerned that they will demoralise us further. With Lyon beating Celtic so easily, it doesn't bode all for us….
    18 – Looking forward to it, as I can drive there in an hour or so.. But we need to make sure the team that player for most of that game is the team we will start the league with. This is a final dress rehearsal……..
    19 – I don't think the players understand what he is talking about half the time – I certainly don't understand all the time.
    20 – Has to be a season now – if he leaves then all "his" signings will mentally sign out. We cannot afford not to back him now, unfortunately ……..

    Would like to get a view on Ryan Hardie – scored for fun on different loans, and for the national Under 21 team, yet doesn't get a chance with Rangers – what do we expect from him this season?

  9. 1. I think you will see a big difference in Wallace and Tavernier playing alongside better centre defenders.

    2. Current time he's perhaps the best we've got at left-back, I wouldn't quite say Beerman is ready.

    3. At football the best decisions need to be made, so yes.

    4. He has vast experience, top leader and has won with each of the teams he played with for very good reason, also note that a lot of the players look up to him.

    5. I would have aimed for the capture of Allan McGregor.

    6. I feel Tavernier has quality in him going forward and would be useful in midfield, shame about his defending.

    7. Yes, we need more depth, sorry to say but I'm not the biggest fan of our backup in that position.

    8. Jason Holt would be a good backup player to have in my opinion, I couldn't really see him breaking into first position slot, if there is better quality to bring in then I could see us selling Holt.

    9. Windass unfortunately was a bit of a liability when it came to the goals Progreś Niederkorn scored, he's a decent player but I think he's really going to need to prove himself.

    10: I think Niko has great ability and vision with the ball, hard to say whether or not he would start, if not he would be a useful player to bring on after 60 minutes.

    11. We need to play players who are scoring goals and if Kenny Miller scores goals and shows that form then there's no reason why not.

    12. Rangers could do better in my opinion, we may just see that now with a bit of presence such as Herrera and more threat in the team from midfield as well.

    13. This is perhaps my worry but I feel it's going to make a big difference having Alves and Cardoso at the back who are more than capable of defending, it is still a slight concern however.

    14. I think this is for the best so that our team can fully concentrate on aiming to close Celtic and compete for the title, I feel the first quarter of the season will be the determining factor whether Rangers have it in them or not to compete against Celtic.

    15. I think we've yet to see the best out of the players, the likes of Penã could still be catching up to speed and I'm sure that's where Pedro has been aiming to get him at so he can get the best out of him.

    16. I think Rangers should be more than capable to take the game to teams like Celtic and attack those teams away from home but also be able to defend much better.

    17. Delighted about this friendly fixture, I think it's the perfect opposition to bring to Ibrox and give the players the much needed test in preparation for the start of the season.

    18. Happy enough, I think it'll be another great test for Rangers away from home to see how the team performs, I would like to see Rangers out with a first team as it's very close to the Motherwell game away from home.

    19. I think the real judgement can only come within time this season with a squad of his own players, at pre season I'm not going to judge and I'm confident he can turn things around, with quality like Dorrans, Alves in the team and may see Jamie Walker we could see a big difference.

    20. I fear that it'll be around Christmas period, it'll depend on how Rangers can hold up this season.

  10. Not sure about Miller as manager, to be honest. I thought Fergie, but he needs a bit more shadowing of some good management.
    I've been desperate for Hardie to get a shout for a while, but I know on other forums he isn't rated too highly due to his lightweight nature.
    I still think if he gets the service, he'll score. The way we have set up in latter months though, it has been about passing the ball into the net and "unpicking" defences (completely unsuccessfully) rather than direct attack and cross.

    In another sidenote, I watched the DVD of the 6-1 Dunfermline game from some years back. What a team we had then. I couldn't quite believe the lineup: Klos, Moore, Amoruso, Numan, Ricksen, Ferguson, de Boer, Arveladze, Arteta, Mols and Caniggia. McCann and Thompson came on as subs. Made my mouth water just remembering it….

  11. 1. Yes, buy or loan, just get them to replace Wallace and Tav.

    2. No. Love the guy for his loyalty, but we need to challenge the beggars.

    3. Yes, take captaincy off him, but also thank him for his services.

    4. Yes, Alves is obvious choice for me.

    5. Difficult, did well last season. Would have to be a world class keeper to replace.

    6. Tav? Sell sell sell sell sell.

    7. Yes, cannot rely on Wilson and Bates, just totally unthinkable!

    8. Holt – Keep, good cover.

    9. Windass – sell sell sell sell sell sell.

    10. Kranchar – If he is fit, play him for the 90. But maybe needs building up on games first.

    11. Miller – Keep him on for the 90, he is fit enough!

    12. No where near good enough. Just didn't have the quality last season.

    13. And then some!

    14. Who says Dorrans would have made a difference to the result? We should have buried Progres with the players that were there, disgraceful attitude that night!

    15. Good question. They don't look fitter than other teams, and that's worrying!

    16. Our goals against was mostly down to poor quality of players from back to front (except Kenny), I just want the players to work and play hard, get in among the opposition and into their faces more. Fight for the jersey. Do that and the results will come.

    17. Good test. Players need this kind of game to gain match fitness. Has all the making of a Marseille win though, especially if Tav and Wallace are full backs!

    18. Again, good test for our players.

    19. I really hope he is. He has brought in some good players, But, his tactics, strategy and game plan thus far in all his games have been static. No flow to it and breaks down very easily. We give the ball away so cheaply and fail to regroup and help the defence out. Therefore, jury is still out on Pedro for me.

    20. If its obvious that results are in decline early in the season, we should punt him. I think he MUST beat shellic in the first old firm of the season. Time will tell.

  12. Keep Foderingham and hope Alnwick gets a chance to push him this year.

    Keep Wallace as starter and captain as I think his game will improve to previous high levels with better centre halves

    Play Tav as wing back or winger and bring in a new RB. I'd have bought Patterson or Whittaker.

    Dorrans before the Euro game. In hindsight, yes, but we should have had enough to beat the 4th best team in Luxembourg without him

    Holt needs to stay. If the foreign legion fail, we will need hard working young Scots and nobody works harder. If foreign legion succeed then Holt can leave next summer

    Krancjar and Miller – I think Miller starts and probably finishes every game initially but as the season develops I want the new players to be so good they keep him on the bench and he winds his career down. Krancjar can play 60mins or more if he is given a free role where he doesn't have to defend. If this is against Celtic then we'd need a Miller type performance as lone striker to make up for the lack of running…can be done though and Krancjar is vital to unlock defences

    Style of play should be hard to beat first and foremost. We need to concede the fewest goals and score the most (simple eh!!) But last season we did give away too many set piece goals. Alves should help with that.

    We scored far too few goals of any kind last year, never mind set piece ones. Why play two wingers with only one target to hit in the box (as teams do all too often)

    Two friendlies are fine and a good standard. Results don't matter it's all about fitness and sharpness so please not hysterics regardless of result

    Fitness of squad looks fine to me. It's the tactics that make some of them look slow sometimes as they had to do much more running that was necessary. Move the ball quicker and be more direct and you don't need to run as much so will be more energetic in the vital moments

    Pedro should not have been appointed due to lack of experience and knowledge of British game. However now he is here he needs out full support until Xmas.

  13. I would be looking to sell both Hodson and Tav., (but in Tav's case only for £1m+. As for Wallace, he has to be replaced as captain and that could adversely affect his overall commitment but I would be looking for a much stronger, better defensive full back.

    No, but we have to buy a quality left back.


    Yes, either him or Dorrans, (but only because Miller is not guaranteed to start every game).

    We had our chance under McCoist to sign a quality keeper with Craig Gordon and like many other things, McCoist screwed up.

    Yes, unless we sell him for £1m+, and bring in a top quality full back.

    Not necessarily, we have Wilson and the young lad from Raith Rovers.

    He would be a squad player but not in the first eleven. Rossiter, if we can keep him fit, would be my preferred player for that role.

    I still think he has potential

    Good question, I would play him in some games but not in all games. We have a number of midfield players, it needs to be horses for courses.

    A lot depends on our Columbian and Mexican acquisitions. Miller is always likely to score goals but he will not last 90 minutes.

    No, we don't score enough goals full stop!

    Last season we lost too many goals from set pieces but then we lost two many goals and we need to tighten up our defence.

    Yes, but we didn't and we have him now. The players we had should have been good enough to win that game but they didn't.

    They have to be, and they should also be stronger and more willing to put in heavy tackles than they did under Warburton.

    I expect Rangers to win every game that they play. I expect them to fight for every ball, give 100% and die for the jersey. How they win is irrelevant so long as they win!

    I am too old to pull on my football boots so it is an irrelevance for me. The characters that manipulated the Marseille team to the final that we should have been in have gone just like the character that destroyed Rangers, has gone so I just want to see Rangers make enough money of that game to allow us to bring in a couple of new players before the season starts including a certain winger from Hearts.

    Sounds good. Hopefully a full house and we win.

    Well, given that Sir Alex has retired and we are not likely to secure the services of the current manager of Chelsea, Manchester United / City, Liverpool or Everton, I am happy to give him the opportunity to win us the treble!

    At least the coming Season. We are still a number of players short 9n terms of quality, but I still expect to win the league!

  14. 1: Don't care how they arrive but Tav and Wallace are not top flight standard or anywhere near it. Wallace gives plenty of effort but is terrible ability wise.

    2: Absolutely not.

    3: Yes – Alves has to be captain.

    4: Absolutely.

    5: No he is far from the worst. Other areas need addressing first.

    6: Give him away if it gets rid.

    7: In an ideal world yes but I get the impression money is extremely tight so it is about priorities.

    8: Again would give him away to get rid.

    9: Again would give him away to get rid.

    10: Start – if you bring him on after 60 mins he could break down by 80 mins so better to start and see how long he can go.

    11: Again start – see above – better to burn these guys out rather than them finishing games with something in the tank.

    12: No.

    13: Yes – 1 is too many.

    14: Not sure Dorrans would have made any difference.

    15: Probably.

    16: Could do with defending better everywhere.

    17: Marseille got done for a game they played in the French league before the European Cup final – I do not think it had any impact whatsoever on Rangers that season so I do not see any issue really.

    18: No thoughts – is there a history with Sheff Wed?

    19: Pedro is a disaster and it is a disaster that he has been given so much money to spend. The squad is split, half them do not trust him and their commitment has to be in doubt, the other half are gambles. How do you get shot though without letting him try to make it work as otherwise a load of players have landed with attachment to him who could be hard to shift on any way soon.

    20: Pedro will be gone by the end of Jan at the very latest. Maybe as soon as the week after the visit of Celtic.

  15. 1 – Buy a right back who can defend. Wallace just does enough for me.

    2 – Probably

    3 – Wallace has to remain club captain in my opinion, he has shown loyalty to the club, but as Liverpool used to do, you can have a team captain who can be nominated by the club.

    4 – As I said previously to me Wallace as club captain with maybe Kenny Miller before Alves as team captain. (The captain thing always annoys me, as I always thought a Rangers side had 11 captains playing).

    5 – No. He needs to be coached to be more commanding in his box.

    6 – Move him into midfield and keep him.

    7 – Possibly bring in a loan player or experienced older centre half like Clint Hill.

    8 – As part of a midfield 3, he is always on the move, makes great runs off the ball and has great vision, he lacks in scoring, but after he was subbed against Progres, and he wasn't playing that well, we just faded and let them come into the game. He didn't appear at all in Luxembourg and I felt he would make a difference. He is a supporting player to better and more gifted players around him, but we need players like him.

    9 – Squad player or back-up.

    10 – Both – start at Ibrox, sub away from home.

    11 – Both – start away from home an sub at home, except Celtic away would start him.

    12 – Never have, for many years.

    13 – Probably our biggest failing whoever has coached and managed us for years.

    14 – Probably.

    15 – Too early to tell – some players seem fitter than others.

    16 – Walter Smith Aden us a hard team to beat when it really mattered, some fans complained about his tactics, but we got results. Yet at other times we took teams apart. We need to be shrewd, tactically aware and with all new squads we can't let us look exposed at the back, but recent Rangers teams, especially last season we just didn't score enough goals.

    17 – We need to play games, so yes.

    18 – Same as question 17, we need to play games.

    19 – No.

    20 – I have always said, he has to the winter break to prove us as fans , the press and all other media wrong. I doubt it. I now give him to the end of the first round of premiership games; 11 games plus any league cup games to prove himself. We have to be still in contention to win the league and still be in the league cup competition.

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