Why a change of policy at Ibrox could save or earn big money

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

This is a warning from Ibrox Noise to Rangers’ Board of directors: Please don’t let Pedro get rid of too many players on the cheap or for free.

What if Harry Redknapp, Ray Wilkins, Terry Butcher and many others are right in predicting the current Rangers squad is still not right? They all know Pedro’s neck is on the line if it fails badly.

They all think he has signed too many untried foreigners who don’t speak English and will falter badly in the over robust SPL. Even current striker Kenny Miller has voiced his concerns that 4 Portuguese, 2 Mexicans and one Columbian do not speak any English. Indeed, he has had to learn some Portuguese and Spanish himself to help communicate. Rangers have no option but to employ a multi-linguist now.

What does the Rangers Board do if it all goes belly up? Should they sack him?

I will be full of dread, if Ped the Ted is instead found to be in over his head. What if he misread, and then mislead, the Board to believe that only good times were ahead? (see what I did there?)

According to all of those managers, everything he is doing is wrong. Pedro has taken another huge gamble with his idea of off-loading 14 unwanted Warburton signings and bringing in as many as 10 new players of his choice. DON’T DO IT!

Rangers should use Andy Halliday’s loan deal, as the way of reducing the wage bill, and is an excellent piece of business for Rangers and the player.

If a rejected player does much better than expected on his loan deal, he is still signed to Rangers. This method of offloading players is a win-win situation for Rangers and their loaned out players.

We think Pedro has handled the Barrie McKay situation very badly, and so does former Rangers and Scotland manager Alex McLeish. Get him out of the U20’s and back playing for the first team to sell him for decent money. This is history repeating itself with new managers making too many wrong decisions – just as Warburton handled the Barton saga dreadfully, and that ended up costing Rangers a lot of money.

Take Ally McCoist’s decision to sign older journeymen to win the Third Division. He completely ignored any young players on Rangers’ books aside Macleod and Aird. What a lost opportunity!

Mark Warburton’s decision was to play the same system as Barcelona, without the players to make it work. He also thought that if you were an English footballer you would be far too good for Scottish football. Look at how that worked out!

Back to taking the gamble out of the Ibrox Noise’s idea of protecting Rangers.

If Nottingham Forest pay good money for James Tavernier, sell him. If not, do a-5-month-loan-deal, to see if it works. They pay his wages and Rangers retain his contract. If it goes well, the ball lies with the ‘Gers to get the money they want.

Matt Crooks did well on loan at Scunthorpe and they would like to sign the versatile 6’ 4”, 23-year-old permanently. One team wants him and the other doesn’t. Give him another chance and fix another loan deal for the same reason as Andy Halliday.

On 19 Jul ‘16, Joe Dodoo cost a mere £250,000 development fee on a four-year deal. If he remains unused, loan him to an SPL club and watch how he develops. 

Give Michael O’Halloran back to St Johnstone on loan until Jan ’18 and let him get his confidence back.

Lee Hodson will be a good right back addition for many teams. Don’t sell him cheaply. Play him or loan him out until the Jan ‘18 transfer period.

Rob Kiernan, is not good enough for Rangers, so I suggest doing a loan swap deal with some decent team, to see how it works out for both clubs?

I like Josh Windass and feel he hasn’t been given a proper chance yet. Give him a-6-game-in-a-row-run and see if he has it for Rangers or another loan deal.

Martyn Waghorn and Harry Forrester on loan, rather than sell them cheaply.

This all seems like a more effective way of getting the dead wood off the wage bill at least, while giving them a second chance to prove their worth in a more forgiving environment.

What say you Bears? Would you prefer to sell this lot or loan them away and give them another crack at the Famous in time if they earn it?

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  1. There are risks involved either way – there is no guarantee that shipping these surplus players out on loan would be a success, in terms of allowing them to develop and increasing their actual value as an asset. This is a double-edged sword that could just as easily go the other way – lets be honest most would be likely to return to the club having made little impact on loan, and with their reputations diminshed even further. You then have players with little resale value, and still have to pay their wages for the remainder of their contract. I get where you're coming from but tbh I don't think we can actually afford to have these guys on the payroll come the start of the season. The aggression apprent in the way Pedro is handling these guys, indicates that the management team are well aware of this. The normalization of the SD contract will help in the long run, but it will be some time before we see real benefit from this. In the meantime we have a wage bill that's increasing by the day. Although there are no published accounts to speak of, our club simply has to be running at a loss, and that was before we signed every Mexican and Portuguese in Pedro's contacts list. If we don't do some serious cost cutting or qualify for the Europa League proper, I fear the club be trading on very thin ice indeed!

  2. There are some players we must keep hold of i for one would give BM another two years on better money with a view to selling him for top buck.

  3. Other Managers who have done what?

    Offer Barry McKay the increased wage and 2.5 years contract originally offered again. If he accepts all good and well. If not put out on loan until he realises that Rangers are no piddling wee club.

    Bin the rest.
    Why cling on to failures?

    As for the language barrier?

    Can Kiernan and Waghorn speak Kenny Millers language. I wonder.
    Ball, round, geeza it

  4. There is a few worth going on loan to either prove they should be part of the club or to try get some improved sale for the players and there is a few that just wont cut the grade, therefore Rangers would be as well letting go for anything that comes our way Clubs needing to think we are selling those players for little or nothing Every one has a price

  5. I spent some time looking at game videos since Pedro arrived and in particular the fighting draw achieved by Graham Murtrie at Parkhead and the disaster of the subsequent Celtic encounters under the Portuguese maestro and the conclusion l came to is that the guy is clueless .All the signs are there –no organisation–players out of position–it's everyone else's fault but his etc.The treatment of Barrie is terrible and should be stopped by the board now even if only for financial gain to the club.We will regret bitterly the signing of all these Sourh American unknowns,how do we know they are any better than Warburtons signings ,well the short and simple answer is we don't .Its my birthday in October l doubt Pedro will still be manager by that time –absolute plonker

  6. Why so negative about the new boys, most haven't even kicked a ball, the only one id loan is mackay, but his problems never been talent, its all attitude, as for the rest they just not good enough although i feel for hodson, he should be given a run, the long and short of it is that Ped will live and die by these signings and its not as though Butcher and Wilkins are authorities on football management in fact they are anything but, if there is no improvement by December then ill be more than happy to admit per got it wrong but til then, I've got my fingers crossed that these new boys will make massive in roads into Celtics overall advantage

  7. I agree completely with your idea with players who we know or has hinted at having potential. Players like Barrie MacKay, Forrester, Windass, Tavernier, O'Halloran and Dodoo are game changers, all four have shown ability to win games, so it makes sense to offload these players to see if they can kick start their careers to either return to the club as an asset or for us to make money on.
    We probably need to let Kiernan leave either on a free or for as much as we can get.
    One aspect I would almost certainly do for all players on or under 25, is for follow on transfer clauses. If we, for example, allow MacKay to go for £1.5 million and in 3 years time he moves on for £5 million and then £10 million, we will have secured another £1.5 million , if we used a 10% transfer clause.

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