Rangers considering prize player and cash deal for Scottish international; reports


 Article by: Ibrox Noise
Reports are increasing that in order to persuade Norwich
City to part with star midfielder Graham Dorrans, their interest in Rangers’
own rising star midfielder Jamie Barjonas is set to be exploited with the
youngster being suggested as a makeweight for the Canaries’ man.
While mainstream media claimed Rangers’ bid for Dorrans was
around £1.3M with addons, localised press at Carrow Road suggest the bid was
much lower, hovering at only half a million.

If this is true, Rangers would have next-to-no chance of
securing the Scottish international’s services, but manager Daniel Farke is
said to be a keen admirer of Rangers’ 18-year old engine room man, and while
there are claims they are still considering a bid, Rangers are reported to be
weighing up using him as a countermeasure as part of their bid for Dorrans.
At the moment the interest in Barjonas has only amounted to
an enquiry, but the highly-rated and highly-valued player is considered a big
part of Rangers’ future, and with Billy Gilmour already departed down south,
Rangers would have to think seriously about whether they wish the same fate for
The big question is whether Pedro Caixinha believes Dorrans
is worth that level of sacrifice. We shall see.


  1. I would rather have a young Barjonas than the 30 year old Dorrans. Obviously I'd prefer both but think Barjonas was impressive when given his chance last season and he's an investment for the future. Dorrans isn't a guarantee of success. Mon the Gers!However

    • Agree completely, there is no doubt in my mind that after seeing this boy a few times last season he can justifiably be categorised in the extremely positive prospect, which is why the English are keen on him in the first place.

      And has to be said that he is every bit as promising as Dorrans was when he went south for thirty bob & bag of crisps all those years ago, I am not a gambler in the least but to pick a winner between a short term 30 year old with no success guarantees over a similarly rated prospect with donkeys years in the game ahead of him is a NO BRAINER

      Ideally get both cause I do rate Dorrans highly but we simply cant afford to throw the wean out wi the bath water to get him

      We have paid plenty (exact costs undisclosed in some cases?) for foreign players and we as Glasgow Rangers and Scotland's historical leading club should make every effort to maintain our Scottish identity and as such ensure that core of squad is Scottish when and where possible and the current transfer pot, on day one, dictated that this saga certainly falls into that catagory


  2. Rather we kept a young talent with future value. Just spend the money on Dorans and have both. Based on euro tie we need them.m

  3. If norwich want our star youngster we should hold them to ransom as they are doing to us over Dorans if you want to play hardball we can play even harder we are here to sell on the cheap we must get true value for money weather we are buying or selling I would walk away from anyone taking the preverbal p xxx by over valuing their players Wether they are scotish/English / or forgien

  4. But you are the ones who want Dorrans, and he has two years on his deal. So its OK for you to buy on the cheap is it because you are some huge club – well you were once, but now you're no bigger than an English League One team. Either pay the asking price or go away.

    • We are a massive club Stephen and I for one don't care about Dorrans to the extent of selling our young talent in exchange for a 30 year old player.
      That shows no aspiration for a long term strategy.

      Dorrans is a good player and I agree with you. We should pay the going rate.

      But not a penny more.

      Not saying your club is in the same mind frame, but the English leagues in general pay stupid amounts of money when transferring 'in house' for basically mediocre standards of player.
      Yet when the same clubs want similarly skilled players from Scotland, Wales and Ireland they expect to pay a pittance.

      Take out the overseas players in all English leagues and what you are left with is not great.

      Has been since 1966

    • Bitter, bitter comment from a very smelly individual. Now run away to the piggery and take your bile with you. Honk! Honk!

    • Well you may be right and you are probably wrong but that all depends on your view of 'big'. You may want to have a rethink one. I dont see too many English league clubs (maybe just 6), in any of your leagues, able to match the size of crowds, season ticket holders, retail sales for example than Rangers or Celtic. If it wasn't for the 'squillions' given to the English Leagues by SKY etc then most would not be able to compete with the Old Firm and would be insignificant in size. Yes Rangers have been down that's a historical fact and are trying to rise up again. Credit to you if you always pay the asking price in your circle – not many other do and most will haggle – it's called business.

    • Thanks for that Stephen ..Norwich are a lovely little provincial club always 2nd best to Tractor Boys (won more !@!)well run and probably good cooking but on a level playing ground with Rangers your not even at the races money or titles or European experience .Keep Dorrans …Im sure he won't want to stay tho ..WATP 55 and counting

  5. No way should we be even thinking of selling Barjonas. He epitomises Rangers future.If it ever happened all we have to support is a feeder club for non Premier League second rate teams. Well I would be as well going to see Partick Thistle if that is now our ambition. To be honest this talk makes me angry. Barjonas must stay.

  6. We should NOT be selling ANY, exceptional players including young Barjonas…this is a player who could develope into a great player…AND we need that…

  7. If Mark Allen is going to be anything like a decent DoF this will never happen, this kind of decision should not be Caxinhia's to make. The DoF is supposed to be there to provide long term planning and managemnent of the clubs football development and Barjonas is critical to that.

    If it does happen…..well we might as well just pack it in now. This would be a huge downer especially after all the good news we've had over the past few weeks. I really hope this is nothing more than just rumours.

  8. Barones to me looks a poor player so if he has to be a make weight in a dorrans deal so be it same fans who think he's this exceptional talent are probably the same ones who thought kyle Hutton scored against man utd

  9. Rangers were and possibly could be a big club again butto be a big club again you have to think big.
    Why when you know the asking price for Dorran would you only offer a third of his value even the scottish press says he is worth £2m and city asking £1.3m with add on to £1.5m are your so called owners really that short of cash if so look out for a possible relegation fight.

    • Alex, where would your club be without SKY tv money. Could you survive on gate and merchandise money. Could you pay your players silly salaries(10,15,20,25 grand a week?)? Scottish football is looked down upon by english media and most fans because we don't get the promotion and parachute payments that you are gifted through the sky sponsorship. Yet English clubs still pay peanuts for talented players from the Scottish leagues because they know we have to sell to survive. Of course we're going to haggle over deals. If for some reason SKY tv went tits up then so would most of the clubs in England. Think about it. Mon the Gers

    • Yes I agree most clubs would struggle without the sky money city included we are owned by a local supporter that doesn't have the money that some clubs have and yes when in the prem you have to pay prem wages to get the players, Also scottish clubs and foreign clubs take advantage buy increasing prices when a prem club tries to buy a player.

      As you might have read Norwich are releasing the overpaid players to get the wage bill to a manageable amount, I understand the haggling part but why insult another club by offering a third of the valuation if the offer had been reasonable possible the deal would have been done, but look at your board are they short changing you again that is the question.

  10. I think young Barajanas is a fair player given his age and current development .I would keep him and leave Dorrans …lets get rid of the dead wood. It's disgraceful Hearts recent bid behaviour with Motherwells Garden then they demand silly money from us Fuck all Scottish Teams the treat us with no respect. Surely we can find some other players from better leagues

  11. If Kranjcar stays fit and plays to form, Dorrans might not get into our midfield starting 11 – just what happened to him at Norwich for part of the season. If we give Barajanas away cheaply, we might look stupid.

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