So far in the transfer window…and a few other things…

So far in the transfer window…and a few other things…
Article by: Richard Fillingham
Something a little different for our readers – a few opinions from fellow readers, friends of the site and Bears in general;

Caroline–a-pal-of-mine from Carntyne wants to know what Ibrox Noise and its readers think:

“Do you think that we are perhaps signing too many foreign players all at the one time?
Do you think they have enough time to gel as a team in only a few weeks?”

Sidney, who widnae kid ye, from Riddrie, comments:

“Is Richard right to say that the only reason Pedro got the Rangers job was because he convinced the board that he would bring Portuguese and Mexican players to join him during the summer transfer window?”

Donny plays poker, and is the joker from Yoker wants to know:

“Does Ibrox Noise think that Ped the Ted with all his foreigners will fare much better than the bread man did with his bunch of lower English league players?”

Jean Smart the tart with the heart from Cathcart points out:

“I have spoken to a load of supporters who are still divided on whether Jordan Rossiter and Niko Kranjcar should earn their places in the new starting line-up, if they can prove their fitness before the start of the SPL season. I suppose it depends on the early results with most of the foreigners that will probably play in the opening Europa Cup games.”

John, the prophet from Moffat, wants Ibrox Noise to know: 

“I have heard through the grapevine that Barrie McKay wants to leave Rangers this summer, but is reluctant to admit it. Seemingly, he wants more money and to work with a manager who rates him highly enough to buy him. I don’t necessarily blame him.”

Malcolm Auld who is bald, from Cumbernauld says:

“The Ibrox Noise team seem to be excited with so many new players coming to play their football in Glasgow. If most of them have a genuine quality playing in their favourite positions, we are in for a marvellous season. It may come together a little bit too late for the Europa games, but let’s be as positive as we can be. WATP.

Because of their enthusiasm, I believe that the site writers are all true Bears, as you can usually tell by the passionate way they all write about the Light Blues – am I right?”

Jim Hilt, who is splendid in his kilt is from Castlemilk, says:

“Hi Ibrox Noise, I appreciate the way you write your articles. I like the content and you tell it as it is and my good friend Richard Fillingham assures me that you are a very passionate Rangers supporter who only wants the best for Rangers. If you say that the manager is not good enough, then it is your honest opinion and you are not trying to upset any genuine Gers fans.

Ibrox Noise was definitely the first to say Warburton DID NOT have the ability to be a success at Rangers. At first the reply comments were not good, in fact some were derogatory, but you were all proven right in the end. You and Richard spotted his deficiencies early and pointed out his easy to read tactics were a reason for not winning enough games. He also continued to pick a lot of the same wrong players and all you guys did was point out all his faults to us. In other words, tell it as it is!”

Jimmy Ronald from Cardonald, wants this point to be known:

“I feel that Ibrox Noise on occasions can be a little bit negative with some of your articles because it prefers to be honest with the regular readers (well done, a huge asset). Honesty is how it should always be and I don’t want you to start using fake news like most of the newspapers do, when they are short of a story for their pressing editors. Keep up the good work with everything about Rangers.”

Something a little different for our readers – feel free to chuck in some of your own thoughts in the usual place folks!

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  1. Agree please do keep us in the truth we need to believe someone ad the SFA and other mefia give us pish and jealousy …Johnny Hayes !@@@@ lolololo

  2. ALL Rangers fans have a right to say what they Truelly think about our team,in every game we game..yes,their will be differences thought but usually the MAJORITY will get get things right…DONT care,what other so-called fans say…they ONLY want to show their hatred for our team. WATP!! Hope for a very good season this season, will ALWAYS wish,RANGERS the best…!!

  3. This has become the Rangers site i go to 1st when wanting to know any updates on all things Rangers. I agree with the assessment that the writers have Rangers/fans best interests at heart and i love reading the adverts. I feel comments are read by fellow bears and reply's to comments are fair and constructive generally covering all angles and different personalities of our fanbase. Its great to see and read our fans opinions on a site that seems to be followed by true blues. WATP

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