PHOTO: Mexican international jets in to complete deal


Rangers’ imminent capture Carlos Pena has been snapped at an airport over the past 18 hours with speculation he is set to arrive in Glasgow to wrap up his transfer.

The 27-year old Mexican international midfielder has been working on his switch from South America to Govan for some considerable time, and it appears the enforcer is finally ready to jet in and have his medical.

Rangers have been stocking up in midfield with Ryan Jack and Daniel Candieas already signed up, and with some recent doubts over Jordan Rossiter’s future and that of Harry Forrester, manager Pedro Caixinha has wasted little time bringing a player he knows well with him to Ibrox.

If and when the signature is announced it will be the seventh summer signing under Ped with only 8 days to go till the European adventure begins – hopefully Pena really is registered in time to be part of that.

We shall see.


  1. Hadn't heard about doubts over Rossiter's future. That's disconcerting, he's looked great in pre-season.

  2. Why is there recent doubts over Jordan Rossiter’s future? If he is fit, he is a great player and well worth keeping.

  3. Can't see the sense in punting Rossiter. Surely worth holding onto him as a punt if nothing else. £500,000 on wages alone. Supposedly the next Gerrard when he left Liverpool. Let's hope Peds new mariachi band signings can get the job done but I would still hope that there was enough room for youth

  4. The Daily Express reported recently that there were doubts over Jordan Rossiter, Andy Halliday and Matt Crooks' futures:

    We hope as much as you guys all do that this is pure paper talk and no more. Article was by Iain MacFarlane.

  5. I have been excited with the new signings and really getting behind the gaffer. But if we sell Rossiter I will be dissapointed, i think he could give us a lot next season if he stays fit. If he has a good year we could get several million for him long term just because of his CV. I don't think these reports are true.

  6. We need a blend of youth and experience to face the challenges ahead of us let's give Jordan a chance to develop further he was injured last season just one further point I wish to make its alright bring in a new team but we need them to gell quickly we may have a shorterror break than the rest but most of your newstarts areally only just linking up and weverything start our europa campagin at the end of the month against uknowen opposition so let's get behind Pedro and see what we can achieve all the best for our forth comming campaigns

  7. I hope Rossiter gets a wee chance. He just gets near being fit and there's rumours of him heading out the door. A bit disheartening

  8. I agree with most, Jordan needs an opportunity to show what he has got this season. Not the lads fault for not playing games, you cant predict injuries. Rangers have done the right thing and gave the lad time to properly heal,instead of chancing him, as Liverpool did. Paper talk is worthless. Pena is a player, no doubt about it, there seems to be a good solid spine developing in our team, hope we gel quick enough to get us to uefa group stages. Intriguing times ahead.

  9. Rossiter might want away from Rangers you've got to remember Warburton signed him and might not like Peds tactics… Don't keep a player if he's unhappy bad for the squad morale – if that's the case I hope his career goes down the shitter…

    On a happier note DOF has been announced Mark Allen from Man City – not just his football contacts but business contacts he brings to the Club… Where are all the haters now?
    Onwards & Upwards

  10. I can understand Pedros thinking as their were a lot of players last season playing for their wages and not for club hence the majour clearout we need to be celic face this season we took a year to settle back into the top now we need the team to play for the club and not what's going into their pockets the players Pedro letting go failed to live up to the clubs expectation we should never lost four games to our oldest rival let's hope it never happens again let's get behind Pedro and his boys this season let's also have no distracting boardroom mishaps as we have suffered in the past our season starts onext June 29 let's show our rivals we mean business in all competitions also if hearts don't won't to play ball over Jamie walker we shouldn't be ripped off we have a budget we need to stick to it Harris vaduic is available so is Mr Wisse Charlie Adams and what about nacho novo
    We can always get Jamie when he is out of contract and let's get Mr Dornans

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