1-1 – a ‘reality check’?


Rangers yesterday played a closed-door friendly at Auchenhowie against Welsh cracks The New Saints, and following on from the bright 5-0 demolition of Coleraine, the 1-1 draw against Wales’ finest came as something of a rude bump back to earth.

Indeed, Rangers’ goal itself came courtesy of an OG and while it is always a taboo to read too much into pre-season friendlies, the fact this comes only just over a week before Rangers’ long-awaited return to European competition is certainly not the most reassuring outcome.

Yes, the line up was cannibalised, but it is hard to actually see what difference this makes. With only eight or so days till Rangers take the field for real against Progres Niederkorn the preparation on the pitch has been a bit patchy.

While the convincing victory over Coleraine was welcome, it was an experimental 3×30 minute affair and it too had chopping and changing of the XI. Both of these matches were experimental, probably, but is right now the time to be experimenting?

One might argue if not now, when, and that is a fair comment, but unless Pedro is not taking the UEL overly seriously, the preparation for it on the pitch has been a bit…well…odd.

Off the pitch, sterling work has been done to replace a huge chunk of the team, and plaudits definitely go to the manager for getting so many players in and so quickly, but any fans assuming because we have players called ‘Cardoso’ and ‘Morelos’ that we are suddenly far better than we were might wish to hold that thought until competitive action verifies it.

Rangers are a work in progress, and the pre-season friendlies have been hard to judge. But a 1-1 draw at your training ground by way of an own goal is not an overly promising result.

Does it mean anything? Hopefully not. We can begin judging seriously a week on Thursday.

Here is hoping we have much to cheer come the end of the evening.


  1. The emphasis was probably on fitness but I watched the first 15 mins of the game and Waghorn was beyond woefully terrible, blazing over the bar and getting called offside 5 times in the first quarter of an hour, and ran around shaking his head at himself the rest of the time, a decent striker would have at least hit the target in that time. Taxi for Waghorn.

    • Fucking taxi?
      A rocket up his arsenal, towards the Tyne, soon.
      If Breadheed thought all the pish he threw together were "good sell on value" geez the Forest cash then.

      Ain't gonna happen because he was a tragic twat
      He shoulda stayed with Plan B
      Like Salmond, Couldn't do
      Coz like Bloated Alec
      He's not a Fucking clue

  2. Fuck the season hasn't even started yet and here we have question marks all ready!! Give them time Ibrox Noise it's only their 2nd game and it's still pre – season.. Got to remember Pena and Herrera are still to add to the squad – it's going to take a bit of time.. How long have they had 2 wks that's no time at all..WS and I'm pretty certain DA had a lot longer to get their squads together before a Euro game..

  3. I thought we could take a lot of positives from the game, big lad Cardoso looks a great buy and Jack and Rossiter looked good together! we still need a couple of players but they are on the way! our closing down was sharp and we dominated the whole game.

  4. Let's get the first real half dozen games behind us and the let's start to analyse where we are going. Drop the negative attitude.

    • Ibrox Noise.

      Not everyone can be wrong?

      Not unconstructive from any of the guys. Please note. We're all in it together Bud

      Cheers and mon Linfield

  5. Nah man I think you're looking into this too much. I think that in a competitive game they would have smashed TNS and this is a team that's just gelling.

    At the end of the day (as much as it sickens me) look at the Red Imps game at the start or the Septic's season and look how it ended 😒

  6. There's no way we won't progress against this first mob. Cypriot side in next round will be a real test.

  7. I don't think so. I watched the whole game and the problem was the exact same as last season, we had a lack of creativity and clinical finishing. We made one mistake, kenny gave the ball away 25 yards from goal, and they scored. Only Dalcio and Alfredo (for 25 minutes) played going forward. We still need to add the other portugese winger, the Mexicans, and potentially Walker and Dorrans.
    We dominated the game and Cardoso, Dalcio, and Jack all showed enough to show they will make a good contribution.
    I think we are in good shape and the gaffer has made the correct signings first (2CB's and a DM). Now we add that little bit of quality going forward and we will be looking stronger than we have in years.

  8. feck euro season could be over – you cant wait for six games!! The management should have planned for a proper pre-season before Europe!!!

    • And when would this 'proper pre-season' have happened? Most teams are still on holiday right now, the only teams in for pre season are teams in early qualifiers, this is the standard of opposition we will be up against over the next month.

    • True Gary. Not to mention the season has only just finished.

      What more time has been available?

      Sod all.
      He is not exactly saying 'We don't need no stinkin matches. '

      Mon The Queens Eleven ft the magnificent 7

  9. I am sorry but this is ridiculous.

    Wtf are you looking for from a team thrown together for only the second time of meeting each after only 2 training sessions with one another, at most with difficulties with permits and travelling from a tad farther than Cess nock.

    I am losing faith in any of the validity of this method of disclosing anything worthy of an ambitious attempt to get back anywhere near where we were and should be.

    For a columnist/reporter daily or more often to provide information on current and future Gers staff, you need to actually have something to forward to us. Otherwise, my aunt Kittys cat could guess what is happening. Or copy and paste the Suns or Records suggestions. Let's face it, they're pushing in the dark and often with a slant against our Club.

    If Ibrox Noise is going to pass on valid and up to date information. Great.
    On top of that,the above 'Story' Cmon.

    Tim wants Bears to be downbeat

    Bears don't need to be brought down a few days before arrival European ties.

    Lastly you appear to question, again, The Rangers Manager. This time on 45 minute changes in selections?
    Personally I think considering the amount of absolute nonsense MW and DW did in the way of preseason preparation, Pedro Caixinha is to be applauded in that he began to prepare the minute we were guaranteed Europa League participation in my limited opinion.
    Not uninformed himself on who goes, stays or comes in and the personal time involved in himself travelling through bandit country lol to use his influence of ensuring that they are given an attractive demo of our fantastic club and superb support. This distraction during a tiny amount of gametime to assess at least 6 new players, plus others not seen due to injuries.
    So yeah, if you only have 180 minutes. Why not divided by 4?
    Give OUR man a flipping chance.
    And 'Smile ' and trust Gee up the Fans.
    They Fucking deserve everything piece of POSITIVE news.

  10. Surely too soon to be analysing the new signings. I think we have a good idea by now about what we can expect from last year's batch so Waghorn's control (or lack of it) is no great surprise. If Ped's signings are half decent and have a good work ethic then it's got to be an improvement but it's still an if for me. He has got to get it right and quick. Huge time for the Club. We simply cannot afford another rebuild if he can't deliver. Let's give them all a chance and keep our fingers crossed

  11. Hi Brian Clark, I'm guessing you are disappointed with Ed, for taking a pop at the kick about held at Rangers Training Facility. Don't forget that he is an excited blue nose who was expecting us to win a game against Welsh minnows.

    He just found it to be a very disappointing result and I believe Waghorn was dreadful again.

    I believe Rossiter had a good game and didn't get injured, that's got to be a plus.

    • I thought this article was both valid and realistic. I also watched the game with flashes of last season of cheaply losing the ball at times and impotent upfront. Yes, its bounce games to gel players and get fit.
      But some fans are jumping on the band wagon of euphoria, as opposed to being realistic. I agree with the article and question that the result is a reality check. Yes, several players still to arrive and leave, yes give players time, but my feet are firmly on the ground due to the past disappointments of pledges and promises. I'm sick of players saying how great it is to walk out to 50,000 fans, then don't produce the goods on the park. We are not there for their pleasure and ego, they are there to win games, or at least die trying for our club!!
      We are only 8 days away from our first euro tie, I will be firmly supporting my team and rallying them to win, but I will be realistic and not expect too much too soon as the players do need time to gel.

  12. Nothing changes lol it could be just a small blip as pedro molds his team if you going draw or lose then these are the games to do it in.

  13. It's funny I remember s tour in Germany we did with smith at the helm, and we lost every game against German 2nd and 3rd division teams.. and the best bit… no one cared cause preseason is about fitness etc not winning matches. Some people need to calm down jist a wee bit

    • You triggered a memory for me there Stuart. Did a little digging about that tour in Germany. Rangers pre-season tour of Germany 2007, prior to 2007/08 season. Unfortunately, the beggars won the league that season! I'm sure the pre-season German thrashings didn't give an insight of what was ahead of us back then either.
      Friendly or no friendly, it will be a cold day in hell when I don't care about Rangers losing any game!
      I do agree some people need to calm down a bit, calm down from euphoria and keep clear from ridiculous predictions before a ball is kicked in anger.

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